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Fourth International Symposium on Optical Storage (ISOS '96)
Editor(s): Fuxi Gan

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Volume Number: 2931
Date Published: 3 September 1996

Table of Contents
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Size and electron-hole pair effects on the melting of phase-change optical memory materials
Author(s): Masahiro Okuda; Tatsuhiko Matsushita
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Evolution of the phase-change optical disk into the multimedia era
Author(s): Takeo Ohta; Nobuo Akahira; Isao Satoh; Ryoichi Imanaka
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Dynamic properties of a Ge-Sb-Te-based optical disk at 680nm
Author(s): Fusong S. Jiang; Chao Liu; Liqiu Q. Men; Huiyong Liu
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Garnet films for magneto-optical recording
Author(s): Defang Shen
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Study on the coercivity variation in Pt/Co multilayer films after vacuum annealing
Author(s): Ming Li; Zhihong Jiang; Defang Shen
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Magneto-optical disk system for color video recording
Author(s): Yong Luo; Zhangping Gao; Hongyou Cheng
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Optical storage using organic compounds as recording materials
Author(s): Fuxi Gan; Lisong Hou
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Manufacturing CD-R media
Author(s): Wlodek S. Mischke; Werner Hoffman; F. Bauer
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Development of CD-R with dye material
Author(s): Shiyong Wang; Shiji Wang; Weijie Wang; Huier Zhang
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Manufacturing of CD-recordable discs
Author(s): Gerard Ypma
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Study on the photo-oxidation of near-infrared absorbing cyanine dye
Author(s): Jun Li; Ping Chen; Deshui Zheng; Tsuneki Okazaki; Masaaki Hayami
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Optical recording performance of phthalocyanine thin films
Author(s): Donghong Gu; Qiying Chen; Xiaodong Tang; Fulong Tang; Fuxi Gan; Shuyin Shen; Kai Liu; Huijun Xu
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Spectroscopic properties of phthalocyanine dyes for optical recording medium
Author(s): Shuyin Shen; Kai Liu; Huijun Xu; Donghong Gu; Fulong Tang; Qiying Chen
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Optical storage performance of a cyanine-in-polymer film
Author(s): Fulong Tang; Donghong Gu; Qiying Chen; Xiaodong Tang; Congshan Zhu; Fuxi Gan; He Tian; Zuguang Yao
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Microstructural observation of recorded phthalocyanine thin films
Author(s): Qiying Chen; Donghong Gu; Xiaodong Tang; Fulong Tang; Fuxi Gan; Shuyin Shen; Kai Liu; Huijun Xu
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Mechanical and thermal properties of cured film and temperature field simulation in CD multilayers
Author(s): Yingmin Zhao; Congshan Zhu; Hao Wang
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Prospects of DVD
Author(s): J. A. Th. Verhoeven
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International standards of optical disks and DVD-RAM technology
Author(s): Ailun Rong; Yanwu Lu; Rui Wang; Kaihua Yuan; Zhonglin Zhang; Luqing Shi
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Microparticle-based persistent spectral hole-burning memory at room temperature
Author(s): Lingbing Chen; Yan Wang; Yongle Pan; Youyuan Zhao; Fuming Li; Jianhua Hu; Xuliang Lu; Shoukuan Fu
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Mastering and manufacturing of high-density optical disks
Author(s): Hermann Koop; Konrad Priess
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New method for image parallel storage
Author(s): Ruan Yu; Jinhui Zhai
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Short-wavelength optical storage properties of GeSb2Te4 phase-change thin films
Author(s): Liqiu Q. Men; Fusong S. Jiang; Chao Liu; Huiyong Liu; Fuxi Gan
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Study on parallel addressing/tracing techniques for holographic optical disk
Author(s): Jinhui Zhai; Ruan Yu; Guofan Jin; Minxian Wu; Yingbai Yan
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Recent improvements to optical disk drive technology
Author(s): Duanyi Xu; Zhongping Cai; Haichuan Zhang
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Digital versatile disk mastering using dye-polymer media
Author(s): John H. Rilum
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Dual-beam mastering for advanced formats
Author(s): Gerarous J. Verhaart; Harry Stockx; Josephus M. Wijn; Du-Seop Yoon
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Digital video disk mastering
Author(s): Josephus M. Wijn; R. B. J. M. Alink
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Quality control during data handling for mastering
Author(s): Ruud Broers
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Multimedia storage server
Author(s): Luojun Jin; Xiandeng Pei
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Data sharing through optical array in video-on-demand (VOD) system
Author(s): Haichuan Zhang; Longfa Pan; Duanyi Xu
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Phase-change optical disk data recovering
Author(s): Yuechuan Lu; Longfa Pan
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Video CD playback board for audio CD player
Author(s): Hong Gao; Liren Zhao; Duanyi Xu; Timothy J. Connors
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Testing of CD-recordable discs
Author(s): Chris Steenbergen; Rob van Dorp
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Design of main-body structure of laser-cutting machine for optical disks
Author(s): Hui-Qin Ge; Li-Ding Wang; Xiao-Dong Tong; Yuan Zhang; Li-Xin Liu
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Measurement of stress birefringence in optical disk substrates
Author(s): Xishan Li; Wendong Xu; Li Zhu
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Static testing system for optical disks with an argon ion laser
Author(s): Guoxuan Zhang; Wendong Xu; Hezong Ge; Liqiu Q. Men; Baihui Gan; Dunhe Yu
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Magnetic-field-modulated direct overwrite on a magneto-optical disk
Author(s): Rong Wang; Xishan Li; Fuxi Gan
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Redundant data strategy to improve seeking efficiency of optical array
Author(s): Haichuan Zhang; Duanyi Xu; Longfa Pan
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Adaptive image sequence coding scheme for CD-ROM application
Author(s): Jianping Fan; Liming Zhang; Dingjia Xing; Fuxi Gan
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Modulation recording method for 90-mm optical disk
Author(s): Rui Wang
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Computer simulation of the preformatted information on 130-mm optical disk cartridges
Author(s): Yuanying Xie; Wendong Xu; Xishan Li
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