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Optical and Imaging Techniques for Biomonitoring II
Editor(s): Hans-Jochen Foth; Renato Marchesini; Halina Podbielska M.D.

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Volume Number: 2927
Date Published: 11 December 1996

Table of Contents
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Laser vibrometry for investigation of tympanic membrane implant materials
Author(s): Thomas Zahnert; Manfred Kuster; Uwe Vogel; Gert Hofmann; Karl-Bernd Huettenbrink
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Reflective coatings in optical interferometry for in vitro studies of the eardrum
Author(s): Joris J.J. Dirckx; Willem F. Decraemer
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Scanning photon density angiography of superficial vessels
Author(s): Juergen Helfmann; Rijk Schuetz; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Novel opthalmoscope incorporating a double axicon
Author(s): Bernhard Lau; Volker Bartel
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Optical measurements on human synovial fluid and its relevance to pathology
Author(s): Nicholas Stone; Hugh Barr M.D.; Rafi Ahmad
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PC-integrated laser Doppler blood flow measurements in skin
Author(s): Klaus Doerschel; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Photoacoustic location of optical absorbers in phantom tissue
Author(s): Christoph G.A. Hoelen; G. Hamhuis; Niko Pagoulatos; Iris van den Ham; Frits F. M. de Mul; Jan Greve
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Optical NIR monitoring of skeletal muscle contraction
Author(s): Paolo Lago; Andrea Gelmetti; Roberta Pavesi; Daniela Zambarbieri
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Approach to evidence of middle ear occlusion effect by laser vibrometry
Author(s): Uwe Vogel; Thomas Zahnert; Gert Hofmann; Karl-Bernd Huettenbrink
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Fiber optic approach to the fluorescence spectroscopy of cell cultures
Author(s): Wolfgang Hoehne; Werner Schramm; V. Moritzen; U. Burgmann; Heinz Detlef Kronfeldt
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Noninvasive NADH measurements for clinical applications
Author(s): Werner Schramm; Wolfgang Hoehne; Herbert G. Stepp; Andreas Leunig
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Optical characterization of a new photodiode array ocular fluorometer
Author(s): Jose P.P. Domingues; Francisco A.M. Pinto; Carlos M.B.A. Correia; Jose G. Cunha-Vaz
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Investigation of local heterogeneity of hbO2 and hb in working dog heart in situ under isovolemic hemodilution and critical coronary stenosis
Author(s): Alfons Krug; Manfred D. Kessler; Raja Khuri; Robert Lust; Randolph Chitwood
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3D dynamics of a nerve fiber
Author(s): Alexander V. Goroshkov; R. I. Gronskaya; Igor V. Markhvida; V. N. Shibko
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Early diagnosis of cancers using fluorescence imaging of tissues
Author(s): Kamila Khemis; Dominique Lignon; V. Louis; Edouard Yvroud; Francois H. Guillemin
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Autofluorescence properties of colonic mucosa: dependence on excitation wavelength
Author(s): Giovanni F. Bottiroli; Piera Balzarini; Anna Cleta Croce; Raffaella Rizzo; Marco Dal Fante; Renato Marchesini
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NADH fluorescence/UV reflectance ratio provides a semi-quantitative measure for NADH fluorometry of blood-perfused rat heart
Author(s): J. M. C. C. Coremans; C. Ince; Hajo A. Bruining; Gerwin J. Puppels
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High-speed imaging and image processing in voice disorders
Author(s): Monika Tigges; Thomas Wittenberg; Frank Rosanowski; Ulrich Eysholdt
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Tissue segmentation on CT image
Author(s): Ning Li; Dezong Wang; Paul S. Y. Wu
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Characterization of human skin using optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Valentin M. Gelikonov; Alexander M. Sergeev; Grigory V. Gelikonov; Felix I. Feldchtein; Natalia D. Gladkova; John Ioannovich; K. Frangia; T. Pirza; V. Zhegalov; D. Aleinik; I. Vazina; Ludmila Snopova; Ioannis Antoniou
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Speckle intensity correlation analysis as a method of tissue structure imaging
Author(s): Dmitry A. Zimnyakov; Kirill V. Larin; Alexey A. Mishin; Valery V. Tuchin
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In vivo human skin autofluorescence: color perception
Author(s): Sergei R. Utz M.D.; Peter Knuschke; Albert H. Mavlyutov; Helena A. Pilipenko; Yurii P. Sinichkin
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Sol-gel materials as possible devices for tissue biomonitoring
Author(s): K. Maruszewski; Halina Podbielska M.D.; Przemyslaw Andrzejewski; Wieslaw Strek
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High-accuracy corneal topographer
Author(s): Matthias Rottenkolber; Halina Podbielska M.D.
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Dynamic observation of facial movements by moire topography video
Author(s): Koji Yuen; Manabu Maeta; Hirofumi Akagi; Kazunori Nishizaki; Yu Masuda
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Synthesis and characterization of cyanine dyes as contrast agents for near-infrared imaging
Author(s): Kai Licha; Bjoern Riefke; Wolfhard Semmler
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In vivo characterization of cyanine dyes as contrast agents for near-infrared imaging
Author(s): Bjoern Riefke; Kai Licha; Wolfhard Semmler; Dirk Nolte; Bernd Ebert; Herbert H. Rinneberg
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Optical tomography at the microscopic scale by means of a numerical low-coherence holographic technique
Author(s): Etienne Cuche; Patrick Poscio; Christian D. Depeursinge
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