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Photochemotherapy: Photodynamic Therapy and Other Modalities II
Editor(s): Stanley B. Brown; Benjamin Ehrenberg; Johan Moan

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Volume Number: 2924
Date Published: 4 December 1996

Table of Contents
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How many molecules of a photosensitizer are necessary to photosensitize a tumor cell?
Author(s): Joerg G. Moser; Franz-Peter Montforts; Dirk Kusch; Anja Vervoorts; Dieter Kirsch; Michael Berghahn; Nermin Akguen; Angelika C. Rueck; Sonja Andrees; Birgit Wagner
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Measurement and modelling of protoporphyrin IX photo-oxidation during superficial PDT
Author(s): Dominic J. Robinson; Mark R. Stringer; William R. Crum; P. Collins
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Energetics of chlorins as potent photosensitizers of PDT
Author(s): Anatoly P. Losev; I. N. Nichiporovich; Ivan N. Zhuravkin; Edvard A. Zhavrid M.D.
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Control of photosensitizer in tissue during photodynamic therapy by means of absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Alexander A. Stratonnikov; N. E. Edinac; D. V. Klimov; Kirill G. Linkov; Victor B. Loschenov; Eugeny A. Lukyanets; Gennadii A. Meerovich; Elena G. Vakoulovskaya M.D.
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Specific labeling of microtumors in the hen's egg test system by dimethoxyhematoporphyrin
Author(s): Anja Vervoorts; Joerg G. Moser; Gelii V. Ponomarev; H. Achim Rood
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Comparison of the photoactivation efficacy of two chlorin derivatives
Author(s): Alberto Colasanti; Annamaria Kisslinger; Dirk Kusch; Raffaele Liuzzi; Michele Mastrocinque; Franz-Peter Montforts; Maria Quarto; Patrizia Riccio; Giuseppe Roberti; Fulvia Villani
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Cyclic accumulation strategies for polyphasic photoimmunotherapy using the biotin-avidin system
Author(s): Joerg G. Moser; Marina V. Demcheva; Alexander P. Savitzki; Gelii V. Ponomarev; Eugeny A. Lukyanets
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In vitro phototoxicity of a new phthalocyanine-immunoconjugate for use in photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Michael Martin; Sepp Kaul; Ute Drechsler; M. Geyer; R. Kurek; Michael Hanack; Stefan Seeger; D. Wallwiener M.D.; Juergen M. Wolfrum
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Fine structure of carcinosarcoma cells and peritoneal macrophages activated by photodynamic therapy during their interaction in vivo
Author(s): Vasile F. Dima; Mircea D. Ionescu; Virgil V. Vasiliu; Niculina Coman; Stefan V. Dima
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In vivo uptake and biodistribution of lipophilic and hydrophilic photosensitizers
Author(s): Karin Kunzi-Rapp; Nermin Akguen; Herbert Schneckenburger; Angelika C. Rueck; Rudolf W. Steiner
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In vivo photodynamic therapy with meso-tetra(m-hydroxyphenyl)chlorin (mTHPC): influence of light intensity and optimization of photodynamic efficiency
Author(s): Hadjira Rezzoug; Ousama M. A'Amar; Muriel Barberi-Heyob; Jean-Louis Merlin; Francois H. Guillemin
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Flow cytometric studies of cellular uptake of PII, m-THPP and m-THPC: kinetics and cell density dependence
Author(s): F. D. Hanisch; Harald B. Steen; Johan Moan
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Photodynamic treatment with zinc poly-substituted phthalocyanines causes the release of tissue factor in an endothelial cell line
Author(s): Janet E. Cruse-Sawyer; B. Dixon; John Griffiths; Stanley B. Brown
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Interaction of photosensitizers with membranes of liposomes and of erythrocytes
Author(s): Gennady I. Klebanov; Eugeny Ph. Stranadko; Y. O. Teselkin; Irina V. Babenkova; Tatyana V. Chichuk
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Development of photodynamic therapy for Barrett's esophagus
Author(s): Tony Dix; Hugh Barr M.D.
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Photodynamic therapy of recurrent cancer of oral cavity: an alternative to conventional treatment
Author(s): Eugeny Ph. Stranadko; Oleg K. Skobelkin; Nikolai A. Markichev; Michail V. Riabov
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Four-year clinical experience in photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Eugeny Ph. Stranadko; Oleg K. Skobelkin; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov; Andrei F. Mironov; Nikolai A. Markichev; Michail V. Riabov
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Intraoperative photodynamic therapy in laryngeal part of pharynx cancers
Author(s): Erwin V. Loukatch; Vasily Trojan; Vjacheslav Loukatch
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Photodynamic therapy of head and neck tumors
Author(s): Elena G. Vakoulovskaya M.D.; Victor V. Shental M.D.; N. A. Abdoullin; Yury P. Kuvshinov; T. D. Tabolinovskaia; N. J. Edinak; Boris K. Poddubny; V. L. Lioubaev; V. P. Boikov; T. T. Kondratjeva; Gennadii A. Meerovich; Alexander A. Stratonnikov; Kirill G. Linkov; Valery V. Agafonov
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Experimental PDT: studies on new Si-phthalocyanines and Si-naphthalocyanines in Cremophor emulsions
Author(s): Maria Shopova; Vanya Mantareva; Dieter Woehrle; Silke Mueller
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Ozone-photodynamic effect in the experiment in vitro
Author(s): L. E. Loginov; A. A. Budzinsky; Nadezgda L. Torshina; Anna M. Posypanova; Anna I. Volkova
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Possibility of deep photodynamic action on tumor tissues using aluminium phtalocyanine
Author(s): Gennadii A. Meerovich; Elena G. Vakoulovskaya M.D.; Victor V. Shental M.D.; Vitaliy V. Misin; Boris Ya. Kogan; Alexander V. Butenin; Sergei G. Kuzmin
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Photodynamic activity of a number of photosensitizers in vitro
Author(s): Raisa I. Yakubovskaya; Victor K. Oganezov; Larisa A. Shytova; Tatyana A. Karmakova; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov; Sergei G. Kuzmin
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Photosensitizer for PDT based on phosphonate phthalocyanine derivative
Author(s): Gennadii A. Meerovich; Eugeny A. Lukyanets; Olga A. Yuzhakova; Oleg L. Kaliya; Georgy N. Vorozhtsov; Victor B. Loschenov; Nadezgda L. Torshina; Alexander A. Stratonnikov; Eugenia A. Kogan
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Spectroscopic studies of photosensitizer-human serum albumin complexes and their photostability
Author(s): A. Jasaitis Jr.; Giedre Streckyte; Ricardas Rotomskis
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Multi-course PDT of malignant tumors: the influence on primary tumor, metastatic spreading and homeostasis of cancer patients
Author(s): Victor V. Sokolov; Valery I. Chissov; Raisa I. Yakubovskaya; E. V. Filonenko; Garry M. Sukhin; E. R. Nemtsova; T. A. Belous; Natalia N. Zharkova
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Pharmocokinetical study of Al- and Zn-sulphonated phthalocyanines
Author(s): Natalia I. Kazachkina; Natalia N. Zharkova; Galina I. Fomina; Raisa I. Yakubovskaya; Victor V. Sokolov; Eugeny A. Lukyanets
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Aggregation and hemolysis of human erythrocytes at photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Alexander V. Priezzhev; Nikolai N. Firsov; Eugeny Ph. Stranadko; Olga M. Ryaboshapka; Tatyana V. Chichuk; O. V. Suschinskaya
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Novel effective sensitizers for photodynamic cancer therapy on the base of chlorin p6 and its derivatives
Author(s): Andrei F. Mironov; Ol'ga A. Efremova; Raisa I. Yakubovskaya; Natalia I. Kazachkina; Galina I. Fomina; Larisa A. Shitova; Natalia N. Zharkova
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Combined treatment of photodynamic therapy and the topoisomerase I inhibitor camptothecin in growing V79 and NHIK 3025 cells
Author(s): Jean-Michel Gaullier; Siv Kjersti Rodal; Johan Moan; Kristian Berg
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Enhancement of photosensitization efficiency by various combinations with radiosensitization in an experimental Ehrlich ascites tumor
Author(s): Zivile Luksiene; G. Kaspariunaite; E. Aleknavicius; Konstantinas Povilas Valuckas
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Quantitative analysis of anthracyclines kinetics in cells varying in drug responsiveness
Author(s): Alberto Colasanti; Annamaria Kisslinger; Raffaele Liuzzi; Michele Mastrocinque; Maria Quarto; Patrizia Riccio; Giuseppe Roberti; Fulvia Villani
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Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy of AlPc4 and liposomal ZnPc in a rat bladder tumor model and correlation with PDT efficiency
Author(s): N. J. Edinak; Angelika C. Rueck; Rudolf W. Steiner; Felicitas Genze; Victor B. Loschenov
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Comparison of meso-tetrahydroxyphenyl-chlorin and meso-tetrahydroxyphenyl-bacteriochlorin with respect to photobleaching and PCT efficiency in vivo
Author(s): Li Wei Ma; Johan Moan; Michael F. Grahn; Vladimir Iani
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Kinetic studies of porphyrin distribution in suspensions of tumor cells
Author(s): Vladimir P. Zorin; Sergey B. Mel'nov; Valery P. Savitsky; Tatyana E. Zorina
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Bioelectric response of single neuron to photodynamic action of chlorin e6
Author(s): Anatoly B. Uzdensky; Olga Y. Kutko; Natalya V. Pasikova; N. V. Volbushko; Anatoly P. Losev
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Intravesical dosimetry applied to laser positioning in photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Guillaume Beslon; Philippe Ambroise; Bernard Heit; Jacques Bremont; Francois H. Guillemin
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Laser fluorescence investigation of chlorin e6 pharmacokinetics
Author(s): Vladimir A. Hovanessian; Asatour Lalaian; Grigor Gyulkhandanyan
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Establishment of treatment parameters for ALA-PDT of plaque psoriasis
Author(s): Mark R. Stringer; Dominic J. Robinson; P. Collins
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Photodynamic therapy in patients with advanced breast cancer: preliminary results
Author(s): Elena G. Vakoulovskaya M.D.; V. V. Khailenko; Victor V. Shental M.D.; D. V. Komov; Gennadii A. Meerovich; Y. V. Bouidenok
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Kinetics of self-sensitized oxidation of dye for photodynamic therapy and of sensitized protein oxidation in aqueous solutions
Author(s): Boris Ya. Kogan; Alexander V. Butenin; Oleg L. Kaliya; Eugeny A. Lukyanets
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How to determine an appropriate dose when using various light sources in photodynamic therapy
Author(s): Harry Moseley
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Nd: YAG laser destruction together with PDT in head and neck
Author(s): Laima Bloznelyte-Plesniene M.D.
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Colorful story of phototherapy for neonatal jaundice
Author(s): Giovanni Agati; Franco Fusi; Riccardo Pratesi; Simone Pratesi; Gian Paolo Donzelli
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