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Laser Applications in Medicine and Dentistry
Editor(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Fausto Chiesa; Herbert J. Geschwind M.D.; Raimund Hibst; Neville Krasner M.D.; Frederic Laffitte; Giulio Maira; Reinhard Neumann; Roberto Pini; Hans-Dieter Reidenbach; Andre Roggan; Montserrat Serra I Mila

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Volume Number: 2922
Date Published: 3 December 1996

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Age-related regional variations of human skin blood flow response to histamine
Author(s): Ethel Tur; Sarah Brenner
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Influence of pulsewidth on the efficiency of pulsed dye laser (PDL) treatment of port-wine stains
Author(s): Hartmut Strempel; Guy Klein
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Laser treatment of port-wine stains: reduced pain and shorter duration of purpura by epidermal cooling
Author(s): Elisanne Janne Fiskerstrand; Lill Tove Norvang Nilsen; Lars Othar Svaasand
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Cryogen spray cooling for spatially selective photocoagulation: a feasibility study with potential application for treatment of hemangiomas
Author(s): Bahman Anvari; B. Samuel Tanenbaum; Thomas E. Milner; Wendy Hoffman; Samireh Said; Cheng-Jen Chang; Lih-Huei L. Liaw; Sol Kimel; J. Stuart Nelson M.D.
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Reflectance measurements of port-wine stains: influence of selective cooling
Author(s): Lill Tove Norvang Nilsen; Elisanne Janne Fiskerstrand; Lars Othar Svaasand
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Q-switched ruby laser in cosmetic dermatology
Author(s): Daisy Kopera
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Picosecond and femtosecond laser ablation of hard tissues
Author(s): Alexander A. Serafetinides; Mersini I. Makropoulou; Ajoy Kumar Kar; Marouan Khabbaz
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Basics of the application of pulsed lasers in dentistry
Author(s): Thomas Hennig; Peter Rechmann D.D.S.
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Effects of an Er, Cr:YSGG laser on canine oral hard tissues
Author(s): Ioana-Mihaela Rizoiu; Andrew I. Kimmel; Lewis R. Eversole
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Patient's response to cavity preparation using Er:YAG laser
Author(s): Ulrich Keller D.D.S.; Raimund Hibst
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Er:YAG laser radiation etching of enamel
Author(s): Tatjana Dostalova M.D.; Helena Jelinkova; Otakar Krejsa M.D.; Karel Hamal; Jiri Kubelka; Stanislav Prochazka
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Er:YAG removal of subgingival calculi: efficiency, temperature, and surface quality
Author(s): Karl Stock; Raimund Hibst; Ulrich Keller D.D.S.
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Frequency-doubled Alexandrite laser for use in periodontology: a scanning electron microscopic investigation
Author(s): Peter Rechmann D.D.S.; Thomas Hennig
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Investigation of IR absorption spectra of oral cavity bacteria
Author(s): Andrei V. Belikov; Gregory B. Altshuler; Boris T. Moroz; Irina V. Pavlovskaya
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Controlled tooth surface heating and sterilization by Er:YAG laser radiation
Author(s): Raimund Hibst; Karl Stock; Robert Gall; Ulrich Keller D.D.S.
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Laser inactivation of periodontal bacteria using photosensitizing dyes
Author(s): Paul S. Golding; L. Maddocks; Terence A. King; D. B. Drucker
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Quality assurance in laser-Doppler flowmetry applied to dentistry
Author(s): Theodor W. Kaulich; Erich Koerber
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Influence of deposition conditions of hydroxylapatite films formed on Ti6Al4V substrates by excimer laser ablation on biological properties
Author(s): Tatjana Dostalova M.D.; Miroslav Jelinek; Lucia Himmlova; Christos Grivas
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Dentine ablation dependency on incident Er:YAG (2.94-um) laser irradiation conditions
Author(s): Simon R. Farrar; David C. Attrill; Mark Russell Dickinson; Terence A. King; A. S. Blinkhorn; R. M. Davies
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Effects of a surface water film on the interaction of Er:YAG radiation with dental hard tissues in vitro
Author(s): David C. Attrill; Simon R. Farrar; A. S. Blinkhorn; R. M. Davies; Mark Russell Dickinson; Terence A. King
Hard tooth tissue acoustic response under contact of YAG:Er laser radiation processing
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Andrei V. Belikov; Andrew V. Erofeev; Alexei V. Scrypnik
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Threshold and efficiency analysis in Er:YAG laser ablation of hard dental tissue
Author(s): Boris Majaron; Matjaz Lukac; Dusan Sustercic; Nenad Funduk; Uros Skaleric
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Influence of peak power in ablation rate of dental hard tissues: mathematical model
Author(s): Carmen Colojoara; Shimon Gabay; Freerk W. van der Meulen; Martin J. C. van Gemert
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Temperature monitoring of tissue preparation processes
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Andrew V. Erofeev; Constantin V. Prikhodko; Gregory O. Matyzhev; Roman V. Gerasimov
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Changes of optical tissue properties over laser processing
Author(s): Andrew V. Erofeev; Constantin V. Prikhodko; Gregory O. Matyzhev
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Holographic measurement on deformation of mandible with dental implants due to occlusion
Author(s): Toshiro Matsumoto; Kentaro Tamamura; Tadataka Sugimura; Joji Inada
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Effect of free electron laser (FEL) irradiation on tooth dentine
Author(s): Seiji Ogino; Kunio Awazu; Takio Tomimasu
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In-vitro investigations to compare various laser wavelengths for laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy (LITT)
Author(s): Ingolf Mesecke von Rheinbaben; Andre Roggan; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Nd:YAG laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy using a beam splitter
Author(s): M. Niedergethmann; Thomas Oliver Henkel M.D.; Peter Voehringer; K. U. Koehrmann; Peter Alken
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First experiences with the interstitial Nd:YAG laser therapy in the treatment of upper-aerodigestive-tract carcinoma
Author(s): Burkard M. Lippert; Stefan Gottschlich; Benedikt J. Folz; Jochen A. Werner
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Preclinical studies on the use of interstitial laser photocoagulation in the lung parenchyma
Author(s): D. I. Fielding; Giovanni A. Buonaccorsi; A. Hanby; M. R. Hetzel; Stephen G. Bown
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Partial response to laser-induced thermotherapy: incidence of biliary structures
Author(s): Michel Prudhomme M.D.; Simone Rouy; Jing Tang; Guilhem Godlewski M.D.; Guy P. Delacretaz; Klaus Schoenenberger; Klaus Rink
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Radio-frequency current application in bipolar technique for interstitial thermotherapy (rf-ITT)
Author(s): Kai Desinger; Thomas Stein; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Experimental and clinical evaluation of a spectroscopy system for fluorescence-guided excimer laser angioplasty
Author(s): Andreas J. Morguet; Ruth E. Gabriel; Arnd B. Buchwald
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Impact of low-power red laser light on restenosis following balloon angioplasty
Author(s): Nicholas Kipshidze; Joseph B. Horn; Harry Sahota; Ahmet Zulich; Sean Keane; John E. Baker; Richard Komorowski; Victor Nikolaychik; Michael H. Keelan Jr.
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Photobiomodulation of vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells in vitro with red laser light
Author(s): Nicholas Kipshidze; Michael H. Keelan Jr.; Joseph B. Horn; Victor Nikolaychik
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Endoscopic application of Nd:YAG laser in general surgery: technique and results
Author(s): K. Dinstl; S. Kriwanek; Kay W. Dittrich; F. Hoffer
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New application system for laser and ultrasonic therapy in endoscopic surgery
Author(s): Kai Desinger; Juergen Helfmann; Thomas Stein; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Photothermal ablation of metaplastic columnar-lined (Barrett's) esophagus, experimental studies for safe endoscopic laser therapy
Author(s): Tony Dix; Hugh Barr M.D.
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Endoscopic and interstitial Nd:YAG laser therapy to control duodenal and periampullary carcinoma
Author(s): Hugh Barr M.D.; Aiden L. Fowler
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Nd:YAG laser and rectal stents in the treatment of colorectal cancer
Author(s): Ladislav Horak; L. Denemark; K. Dvorak
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980-nm diode laser and fiber optic resectoscope in endourological surgery
Author(s): Walter Cecchetti; Stefano Guazzieri; Andrea Tasca; M. Dal Bianco; Filiberto Zattoni; Francesco Pagano
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Photodynamic therapy (PDT) in advanced inoperable bronchial carcinoma
Author(s): Keyvan Moghissi; Kate Dixon; Mark R. Stringer; Stanley B. Brown
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Arthroscopic laser in intra-articular knee cartilage disorders
Author(s): Hany R. Nosir; Werner E. Siebert
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Photolasertherapy for the treatment of infections in neurosurgery: experimental and clinical study
Author(s): Gian Francesco Lombard M.D.
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Photoablation of meningiomas and neurinomas by holmium YAG laser radiation
Author(s): Sigrun Anke Leyser; Hermann-Josef Koenig; Hans-Jochen Foth; Dirk H. Meyer
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Supratentorial meningiomas of the skull base
Author(s): G. Maira; P. R. Amante; C. Anile; S. Carletti
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Quantity change in collagen following 830-nm diode laser welding
Author(s): Jing Tang; David O'Callaghan; Simone Rouy; Guilhem Godlewski M.D.; Michel Prudhomme M.D.
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Repair of articular cartilage and meniscal tears by photoactive dyes: in-vivo study
Author(s): Millard M. Judy; Robert W. Jackson; Hany R. Nosir; James Lester Matthews; David E. Lewis; Ronald E. Utecht; Dongwu Yuan
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Theoretical model simulating CO2 laser welding of tissues
Author(s): Avi Ravid; Abraham Katzir
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Preliminary experiences on diode laser welding in corneal transplantation
Author(s): Luca Menabuoni; B. Dragoni; Roberto Pini
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Estimation of the neuromotor system functional state after sciatic nerve neurorrhaphy in experimental conditions of intravenous laser irradiation of blood
Author(s): N. I. Nechipurenko; Leonid Victorovic Tanin; Ignatii P. Antonov; Lyudmila A. Vasilevskaya; P. A. Vlasyuk
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Blood-stimulatory and biochemical effects of intravenous laser irradiation of blood with low-active laser radiation in rabbits with peripheral nerve damage
Author(s): Leonid Victorovic Tanin; G. G. Petrovsky; Raisa Michailovn Tanina
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Laser Doppler vibrometry: new ENT applications
Author(s): Norbert Stasche M.D.; M. Baermann; C. Kempe; Karl Hoermann M.D.; Hans-Jochen Foth
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Fluorescence photodetection of head and neck cancer following topical or systemic application of 5-aminolevulinic acid
Author(s): Andreas Leunig; Kai Rick; Herbert G. Stepp; Ralph Gutmann; Alwin E. Goetz; Reinhold Baumgartner; Jens Feyh
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Endoscopic machine vision system for blood-supply estimation of the nasal mucosa
Author(s): Constantin J. Balas; P. N. Christodoulou M.D.; E. P. Prokopakis; Emmanuel S. Helidonis M.D.
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Therapy and treatment with a high-energy laser in case of a periodontal disease treatment instead of physiotherapy or low-level laser treatment
Author(s): Friedhelm R. Buerger
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Quantitative assessment of port-wine stains using chromametry: preliminary results
Author(s): Claire Beacco; Jean Marc Brunetaud; Guy Rotteleur M.D.; D. A. Steen; F. Brunet
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Laser treatment for skin disease
Author(s): Laima Bloznelyte-Plesniene M.D.; Vytautas Cepulis; Igor V. Ponomarev
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Propagation of intensive laser radiation in human tooth dentin
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Nickolai R. Belashenkov; Vitali V. Bezzubik; Anatoly A. Solounin
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Laser in digestive endoscopy: 1975 to 1996
Author(s): Jean Marc Brunetaud; Vincent Maunoury M.D.; Dominique Cochelard
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