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Detectors, Focal Plane Arrays, and Applications
Editor(s): William G. D. Frederick; Junhong Su; Marc Wigdor

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Volume Number: 2894
Date Published: 25 September 1996

Table of Contents
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Size restrictions of radiation detecting with semiconductor photodetectors
Author(s): Evgenij A. Salkov; George S. Svechnikov; Nikolai M. Krolevets
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Characterization of infrared detectors for space applications
Author(s): Didier Dantes
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Uncooled multispectral detectors and their applications
Author(s): Volkmar Norkus; Guenter Hofmann; Christian Schiewe
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Second-generation infrared detectors: present situation and prospects in France
Author(s): Daniel Amingual; Francis Bertrand
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Collective flip-chip technology for HgCdTe IRFPA
Author(s): Jean-Luc Tissot; Francois Marion
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Complete range of lightweight cryocoolers for integrated Dewar assembly (IDA)
Author(s): Patrick Curlier
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HgCdTe detector technology at Kunming Institute of Physics
Author(s): Junhong Su; Gehong Zeng
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Optically coupled quantum well infrared detectors
Author(s): Wen-Gang Wu; Liqiu Cui; De Sheng Jiang; Wei Liu; Chunying Song
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Study of GaAs/GaAlAs infrared photodectors with novel characteristics
Author(s): Chun-Xia Du; Jun Deng; Qun Li; Rui Kong; Dong-Feng Wang; Chen Xu; Guangdi Shen; Jie Yin
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Interface properties of HgCdTe passivated with the combination of CdS and ZnS
Author(s): Gehong Zeng; Jingshao Zhang; Tianzhu Shen
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Improved interconnect circuit for high Tc superconducting microbolometer
Author(s): Fang Qiao Zhou; Zhihong Mai; Xinjian Yi
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Real-time measurement of temperature field by colorimetric method
Author(s): Hua Zhang; Baojian Liao; Jiluan Pan
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Experimental investigation on thermal imaging by a high Tc super conducting microbolometer
Author(s): Fang Qiao Zhou; Jing Ju; Zhihong Mai; Xinjian Yi
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Double-band infrared image processing system using rosette scanning
Author(s): Haifeng Wan; Zhi Liang; Qingchuan Zhang ; Xinzhi Su
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Influence of growth conditions on the qualities of CdxHg1-xTe (0 x 1) layers grown by MOVPE
Author(s): Chaowang Liu; Bingwen Song; Yue Wang; Jingyu Wang; Yu Long Mo
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Numerical simulation and analysis of the new 8- to 14-um GaAs/GaAlAs quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Qun Li; Chun-Xia Du; Jun Deng; Rui Kong; Bao-Quan Liu; Guangdi Shen; Jie Yin
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Research on P+-GexSi1-x/p-Si heterojunction internal photoemission long-wavelength infrared detector
Author(s): Ruizhong Wang; Peiyi Chen; Peihsin Tsien; Guangli Luo; Kangli Zheng; Junming Zhou
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High Tc superconducting microbolometer detector arrays
Author(s): Zhihong Mai; Xinjian Yi; Xing-Rong Zhao; Fang Qiao Zhou; Luqin Liu
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Thermal analysis of thin film resistor arrays for dynamic IR scene simulation
Author(s): Bin Liu; Liping Wang; Baomin Zhang
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Reflectivities and electronic band structure of Hg0.8Cd0.2Te
Author(s): Runqing Jiang; Xierong Hu; Jiaxiong Fang; Jie Ma
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Pseudorandom encoding of fully complex modulation to biamplitude phase modulators
Author(s): Robert W. Cohn; Wenyao Liu
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Gain performance research and analysis of aluminized MCP in third-generation image tube
Author(s): Jinliang Yan
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Study of thermo-optical tunable reflecting filter based on dual interference effect
Author(s): Bing Zheng; Zheng Chen
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Theory of optical transfer function for photodetector arrays
Author(s): Dazun Zhao; Yong Zhang; Hua-Kuang Liu
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Photoelectric properties of a voltage-tunable two-color quantum well infrared photodetector
Author(s): Liqiu Cui; De Sheng Jiang; Yaohui Zhang; Wen-Gang Wu; Chunying Song; Wei Liu; Ruozhen Wang
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CCD camera application in the investigaton of optical materials damage processing
Author(s): Fei Chen; Shao-Xian Meng
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Measurement of peak power of laser pulses using avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Qianqian Wang; Jinghai Liu; Rongfu Xu; Youna Lin; Zhiyong Sun
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High-speed imaging by use of a photoswitch array
Author(s): Anshi Chen; Jing Zu
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New type of multijunction thermopile IR detector
Author(s): Tietun Sun; Li Hui Guo
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High-sensitivity photoelectric pressure sensor based on a monolithic dual photodiode
Author(s): Weimin Zheng; Tianning Cao; Junxia Qian
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High-integration CMOS vision chips
Author(s): Guoyu Wang
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Improving the measuring resolution of CCD by curve fitting
Author(s): Li Ding; Songcan Lai; Xinyi Wu
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Method of using pulse laser to calibrate transient surface temperature detectors
Author(s): Lieguo Liang; Hanchang Zhou; Deheng Pan
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Applications of a new time-frequency analysis in high-G accelerometer dynamic calibration by laser differential Doppler technique
Author(s): Zhijie Zhang; Jing Zu
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Measurement of noise of photovoltaic HgCdTe and InSb infrared detector
Author(s): Zhongyun Tian; Ruoxi Ji; Shengqiong Lei; Boqi Gu
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Influence of reverse bias voltage and light intensity on some properties of position-sensitive detector (PSD)
Author(s): Ai-ming Lu; Hong-xing Yuan; Anzhi He; Feng Gao; Jiaoshu Wang
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Characterization of HgCdTe epilayers grown on GaAs(211)B by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Shida Chen; Xianzhong He; Li Lin
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Four-unit composite thin film IR detector
Author(s): Zhen Pang; Ben-He Jiang; Huanjun Qi; Yuejin Ma
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Performance prediction and computer simulation of staring thermal imaging systems with OTL96
Author(s): Hongbing Fang; Jian Jiao; Defu Pi; Guowei Yan
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Detectivity limit of the LWIR photoconductive HgCdTe detector
Author(s): Wei-Jian Zheng
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Bridgman growth and assessment of CdTe and Cd1-yZnyTe crystals
Author(s): Yu Long Mo; Quanling Yue; Chaowang Liu; Hua Chen; Gang Wu
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8x8 silicon photodiode matrix module
Author(s): Dawei He; Jinggui Lu; Fuwen Zhang
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Experiment and research on the TDI CCD camera
Author(s): Haining Wang; Zhonghui Wei
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Imaging approach of pyroelectric FPAs using LCDs
Author(s): Huanjun Qi; Ben-He Jiang; Zhen Pang
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Coupling efficiency of metal gratings in a normal incident GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well infrared detector
Author(s): Yu Jun Yang; Guanqun Xia; Shichang Zou; Xun Wang
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Surface pretreatment of LPE HgCdTe epilayer for passivation technology of photodiode array
Author(s): Yi Li; Song He
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Ultraweak bioluminescence imaging and image processing
Author(s): Tianming Chen; Susheng Wang; Qin Li; Xin Yu
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Digital CMOS active pixel image sensor for multimedia applications
Author(s): Zhimin Zhou; Bedabrata Pain; Jason C.S. Woo; Eric R. Fossum
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