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Second Pacific Northwest Fiber Optic Sensor Workshop
Editor(s): Eric Udd

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Volume Number: 2872
Date Published: 5 August 1996

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Scintillating fiber applications in nuclear research
Author(s): Mary Bliss; Richard A. Craig
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Optical lightpipe sensor based on surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Shuai Shen; Kyle S. Johnston; Sinclair S. Yee
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Advanced strain measurement applications of fiber optic grating sensors
Author(s): Eric Udd
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Multiparameter sensing with fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Craig M. Lawrence; Drew V. Nelson; Eric Udd
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All-fiber grating sensors employing many-cycle directional couplers
Author(s): Robert P. Kenny
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Fiber optic sensing using low-coherence interferometry
Author(s): Wayne V. Sorin
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Low-cost fiber optic interferometric sensors
Author(s): Jeff Bush; Carol A. Davis; Fred P. McNair; Allen Cekorich; John A. Bostick
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Fiber optic components for single-mode fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Edward M. Schmidlin
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Fiber optic sensors at Sandia National Laboratories
Author(s): Craig M. Lawrence; Drew V. Nelson; Elizabeth A. Fuchs; Jay R. Spingarn; Thomas E. Bennett
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Effect of input polarization angle on force sensitivity of embedded single-mode polarimetric sensors
Author(s): Anand Krishna Asundi; H. K. Cheng; Siew-Lok Toh; Cho Jui Tay
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Intensity-modulated deformation sensor
Author(s): Alexandar Djordjevich; Marijana Boskovic
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Fiber optic components and systems at Oregon State University
Author(s): Thomas K. Plant; Mani Subramanian
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Efficient modeling of optical waveguides and fibers with chemical sensing applications
Author(s): Andreas Weisshaar; Kate A. Remley
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Fiber optic chemical sensors for volatile organics and metal ions
Author(s): J. D. Ingle Jr.; J. Louch; R. D. Waddle; E. V. Siemion
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Progress toward a large-area chemical sensor
Author(s): Mary Bliss; Richard A. Craig; Steven N. Kaganove; Debra S. Sunberg
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Industrial applications of fiber optic sensing
Author(s): Francois X. Desforges; Robert Blocksidge
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Optically powered sensors: are they really fiber optic sensors?
Author(s): Jan Gustav Werthen; A. G. Andersson; Ta-Chung Wu
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Application of etched fiber strain gauges to low-cost on-board vehicle load monitoring
Author(s): Beatrys M. Lacquet; Pieter L. Swart; Abraham P. Kotze
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Multimode optical fiber polymer-dispersed liquid crystal electric field sensor
Author(s): Beatrys M. Lacquet; Pieter L. Swart
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