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Photorefractive Fiber and Crystal Devices: Materials, Optical Properties, and Applications II

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Volume Number: 2849
Date Published: 25 October 1996

Table of Contents
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Material characterization by holographic current, beam coupling and spin dependent conductivity
Author(s): Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; Natalia E. Noginova; H. John Caulfield; Tatiana V. Kukhtareva; Mikhail A. Noginov; Putcha Venkateswarlu; Partha P. Banerjee
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Acousto-optic materials and acousto-optic cell applications
Author(s): Victor V. Kludzin; Sergei V. Kulakov; Victor V. Molotok
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Optical control of domain structures in strontium barium niobate (SBN)
Author(s): Graeme W. Ross; Peter G. R. Smith; Paul T. Brown; Robert William Eason
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Anisotropic scattering ring caused by isotropic conical scattering in Cu:KNSBN
Author(s): Feng Wang; Liren Liu; Bo Liu
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Study of four-wave mixing based on excited state absorption
Author(s): Xinxian Bao; Chunfei Li
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Supergrating in triple-doped sillenite family photorefractive crystals
Author(s): George Eugene Dovgalenko; Irina I. Loutchkina
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Electro-optic effect of photorefractive hologram
Author(s): Jianzhong Zhang; Zhongkong Wu; Francis T. S. Yu
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Nonvolatile holographic storage methods
Author(s): Ernest Chuang; Demetri Psaltis
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Cross-talk noise in volume holographic memory
Author(s): Xianmin Yi; Pochi Yeh
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Extended reference method for cross-talk noise reduction in photorefractive holographic data storage
Author(s): Foster F. Dai; Claire Gu
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Holographic storage using phase-code and rotation multiplexing
Author(s): James Zhiqing Wen; Nan Li; Yu Xu; Xiangyang Yang
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Optical storage capacity of volume holograms with random phase-coded multiplexing
Author(s): Ren-Han Tsou; Ching-Cherng Sun; Jenq-Yang Chang; Ming-Wen Chang
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Fanning: noise-free double doped photorefractive LiNbO3 crystals used for 3D storage
Author(s): Guangyin Zhang; Qian Sun; Jingjun Xu; Simin Liu; Guoquan Zhang
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Fabrication of LiNbO3 photorefractive single crystal fibers and their applications
Author(s): Shizhuo Yin
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Segregation and inhomogeneities in photorefractive SBN fibers
Author(s): Sandor Erdei; Ludwig Galambos; Isao Tanaka; Lambertus Hesselink; Frank W. Ainger; Leslie Eric Cross; Robert S. Feigelson
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Characterization of a spatial and angular multiplexed volume holographic memory in terms of M/#
Author(s): Arthur E. T. Chiou; John H. Hong; Ian C. McMichael
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Nonlinear photorefractive volume holograms: spectral and spatial diffraction properties
Author(s): Feng Zhao; Hanying Zhou
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External ring cavity modes of semiconductor laser using photorefractive double phase-conjugate mirror
Author(s): Cunkai Wu; Yang Zhao
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Sensing dynamic phase perturbation by self-interference of a photorefractive interferometer
Author(s): Ching-Cherng Sun; Ren-Han Tsou; Jenq-Yang Chang; Ming-Wen Chang; Shinn-Fwu Wang
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Lensless holographic imaging using a bacteriorhodopsin film
Author(s): Qi Wang Song; Yu-He Zhang
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Thick-layered light-sensitive dichromated gelatin for 3D hologram recording
Author(s): Yuri N. Denisyuk; Nina M. Ganzherli; Irina A. Maurer
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Application of moving gratings in BSO to optical pattern recognition
Author(s): Guoguang Mu; Zhaoqi Wang
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Holographic memory with data file overlapping
Author(s): Andrei L. Mikaelian; E. H. Gulanyan; D. M. Abakoumov; Nariman A. Ashurbekov
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Photonic crystals built by three-dimensional additive lithography enable integrated optics of high density
Author(s): Hans W. P. Koops
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Holographic associative memory with parallel processing architecture
Author(s): Yimo Zhang; Wei Liu; He-Qiao Li
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Photorefractive crystal-based IR optical modulation
Author(s): Chii-Maw Uang; Wei-Feng Lin
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Rotation-invariant photorefractive correlator
Author(s): James Zhiqing Wen; Xiangyang Yang
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Photoinduced charge transfer in BSO:Cr3+ homegrown single crystal at room temperature during grating formation under Ar+ laser illumination in EPR experiment
Author(s): Abdalla M. Darwish; R. Sliz; Robert R. Copeland; Putcha Venkateswarlu; Jaeho Choi; Robert Metzl; Wen Shan Wang; Mohan D. Aggarwal; Alton Williams
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Selective switching in a 1x8 fiber coupler due to presence of photowritten grating
Author(s): Igor V. Alexandrov; V. O. Arkhirejev; Zinaida V. Nesterova; Daniel A. Nolan
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Construction of Hadamard phase-codes for holographic memories
Author(s): Xiangyang Yang; James Zhiqing Wen; Yu Xu
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Photorefractive incoherent-erasure joint transform correlator
Author(s): George Asimellis; Jehad Khoury; Charles L. Woods
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Self-organization in photorefractive crystals in the presence of transmittsion and refletion gratings
Author(s): Partha P. Banerjee; John O. Dimmock; Nickolai V. Kukhtarev
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Symmetry considerations in the formation and rotation of hexagonal scattering patterns in photorefractive KNbO3
Author(s): John O. Dimmock
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Real-time space/time processing with femtosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Pang Chen Sun; Yuri T. Mazurenko; Yeshaiahu Fainman
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Vibration modal analysis using all-optical photorefractive processing
Author(s): Thomas Chatters Hale; Kenneth L. Telschow
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