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Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures, and Implementations VI
Editor(s): Franklin T. Luk

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Volume Number: 2846
Date Published: 22 October 1996

Table of Contents
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VLSI digital signal processing: some arithmetic issues
Author(s): Graham A. Jullien
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Near canonic double-based number system (DBNS) with applications in digital signal processing
Author(s): Vassil S. Dimitrov; Saeid Sadeghi-Emamchaie; Graham A. Jullien; W. C. Miller
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Novel high-speed bit-parallel multiply accumulate arithmetic architecture
Author(s): Vishwas M. Rao; Behrouz Nowrouzian
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Low-power radix 2 division algorithm with minimum add/sub operations
Author(s): Emad N. Farag; M. Anwarul Hasan; Mohamed I. Elmasry
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High-speed CORDIC algorithm
Author(s): Fayez El-Guibaly; A. Sabaa
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Interleaved IIR filter on delta-sigma modulated signals
Author(s): David M. Lewis
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FIR filter implementation using bit-serial arithmetic and partial summation trees
Author(s): S. Gibb; P. J. W. Graumann; Laurence E. Turner
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Embedded-processor architecture for parallel DSP algorithms
Author(s): Rick F. Hobson; Peter S. Wong; S. A. Evenson
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DSP implementation of source location using microphone arrays
Author(s): Daniel V. Rabinkin; Richard J. Renomeron; A. J. Dahl; Joseph C. French; James L. Flanagan; Mike Bianchi
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One-sided algorithm for subspace projection beam-forming
Author(s): Mark A.G. Smith; Ian K. Proudler
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Modern microphone array for hearing aid and speech processing
Author(s): Arthur Wang; Kung Yao; Ralph E. Hudson; D. Korompis; Flavio Lorenzelli; S. Soli; S. Gao
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Arrays of randomly spaced sensors
Author(s): Flavio Lorenzelli; Kung Yao
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Signal processing algorithms by permutation test in radar application
Author(s): Francisco Alvarez-Vaquero; Jose L. Sanz-Gonzalez
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Time-sequenced adaptive filtering using a modified P-vector algorithm
Author(s): Robert L. Williams
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Adaptive algorithm for interference canceling in array processing
Author(s): Franklin T. Luk; Sanzheng Qiao
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Kalman filtering and time-frequency distribution of random signals
Author(s): P. G. Madhavan; William J. Williams
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Multiple window time-frequency and time-scale analysis
Author(s): Metin Bayram; Richard G. Baraniuk
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Time-frequency-based classification
Author(s): Berkant Tacer; Patrick J. Loughlin
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New approach for blind source separation using time-frequency distributions
Author(s): Adel Belouchrani; Moeness G. Amin
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Applications of time-scale methods to linear and nonlinear wave propagation in a one-dimensional disordered lattice
Author(s): David Hughes
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Topics in time-frequency representations
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Time-frequency analysis of a motor generator
Author(s): Robert Rohrbaugh
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Scale in images
Author(s): Gabriel Cristobal; Leon Cohen
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Separating desired image and signal invariant components from extraneous variations
Author(s): William J. Williams; Eugene J. Zalubas; Alfred O. Hero III
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Directional spatial frequency distribution of two-dimensional signals
Author(s): David E. Hollinberger; P. G. Madhavan
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Statistics for Cohen's class distribution of white Gaussian noise
Author(s): Christopher J. McCormack; Valdis V. Liepa; William J. Williams
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Window design for signal-dependent spectrogram using optimal kernel techniques
Author(s): Chad C. Carson; Richard G. Baraniuk
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Overview of digital wireless communication
Author(s): David L. Lyon
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Interactive communication
Author(s): Alon Orlitsky
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Video interface technology for wireless communications
Author(s): John A. Eldon
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All-pass identification with modulated cumulant sequences
Author(s): T. Kaiser
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Efficient orthogonal realization of image transforms
Author(s): Gerben J. Hekstra; Ed F. A. Deprettere; Richard R. Heusdens; Zhiqiang Zeng
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Stable construction of multiscale fuzzy-wavelet system for image recovery and compression
Author(s): Yi Yu; Shaohua Tan; Ed F. A. Deprettere
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Convergence results on adaptive approximate filtering
Author(s): Jeffrey T. Ludwig; S. Hamid Nawab; Anantha Chandrakasan
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General optimization algorithm useful in spatial filter design
Author(s): Robert R. Kallman
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Folding large regular computational graphs onto smaller processor arrays
Author(s): Kevin J. Page; Paul M. Chau
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Application of higher-order cepstral techniques in problems of fetal heart signal extraction
Author(s): Madiha Sabry-Rizk; Walid Zgallai; P. Hardiman; J. O'Riordan
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Parallel algorithms and architectures for subspace-based channel estimation for CDMA communication systems
Author(s): Chaitali Sengupta; Kishore Kota; Joseph R. Cavallaro
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Suboptimal symbol-by-symbol demodulation of continuous phase modulated signals with phase and frequency offset estimation
Author(s): Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian; M. P. Fitz; James V. Krogmeier
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Design and evaluation of automated checks for signal processing applications
Author(s): V. S. Sukumar Nair; Hyun Kim; N. Krishnamurthy; Jacob A. Abraham
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Integrated numeric and symbolic signal processing using a heterogeneous design environment
Author(s): Ramamurthy Mani; S. Hamid Nawab; Joseph M. Winograd; Brian L. Evans
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Binary openings and closings in one pass using finite-state machines
Author(s): Frederick M. Waltz
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