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Photonics and Radio Frequency
Editor(s): Brian M. Hendrickson

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Volume Number: 2844
Date Published: 22 November 1996

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Applications of domain inversion in advanced integrated optic components
Author(s): Ramu V. Ramaswamy; Robert F. Tavlykaev
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New class of optoelectronic oscillators (OEO) for microwave signal generation and processing
Author(s): Lute Maleki; X. Steve Yao
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Performance and applications of wide-temperature DFB lasers
Author(s): Caroline M. Gee; Tirong R. Chen; Joel S. Paslaski; Thomas P. Schrans; Nadav Bar-Chaim
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Investigation and demonstration of enhanced I/O modulators incorporating optical carrier reduction
Author(s): Gregory J. McBrien; Glen W. Drake
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Novel planar electroabsorption waveguide modulator for rf applications
Author(s): Qizhi Z. Liu; Robert B. Welstand; Richard Joseph Orazi; Stephen A. Pappert; Paul K. L. Yu; S. S. Lau
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Phase noise and dynamic range of analog fiber links using electroabsorption modulators
Author(s): Robert B. Welstand; Richard Joseph Orazi; Chen Kuo Sun; Hemonth G. Rao; Yet Zen Liu; Stephen A. Pappert; Paul K. L. Yu
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Modeling of multiple quantum well lasers with electro-optical interaction
Author(s): Alberto De Deus Sarmento
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Multiwavelength two-dimensional optically controlled phased-array antenna
Author(s): Dennis T. K. Tong; Ming C. Wu
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Laser-array to single-mode-fiber coupling module with increased tolerance budget using polymer waveguide tapers
Author(s): Dominic J. Goodwill; Regis S. Fan; Darja Tomic; Nina D. Morozova; R. Brian Hooker; Alan Rolf Mickelson; Yung-Cheng Lee
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Modulation characteristics of injection-locked laser diodes
Author(s): Thomas B. Simpson; Jia-ming Liu
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High-efficiency 1.3-um multiple quantum well electroabsorption waveguide modulators for microwave photonic links
Author(s): Kwok Kwong Loi; X. B. Mei; Charles W. Tu; William S. C. Chang
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Diode ring lasers for integration with microwave circuits
Author(s): Joseph M. Ballantyne; Stanley Lau; James J. Liang
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Design of millimeter wave optical modulators with monolithically integrated narrowband impedance matching circuits for 1.3-um photonic links
Author(s): Hsin Hsing Liao; X. B. Mei; Kwok Kwong Loi; Charles W. Tu; Paul K. L. Yu; Peter M. Asbeck; William S. C. Chang
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High-power microwave photodiode for improving performance of rf fiber optic links
Author(s): Joel S. Paslaski; Pei Chuang Chen; Jan-Shing Chen; Caroline M. Gee; Nadav Bar-Chaim
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High-saturation-power waveguide photodetectors for analog fiber optic links
Author(s): Hao Jiang; J. T. Zhu; Albert L. Kellner; Paul K. L. Yu; Yet Zen Liu
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High-speed high-power waveguide photodetector with distributed absorption
Author(s): Serge Jasmin; Alain Enard; Jean Charles Renaud; Nakita Vodjdani
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Radio frequency optoelectronic receiver for high-performance analog systems
Author(s): Daniel Yap; Y-M. Xie; Robert H. Walden; Y. K. Brown; M. B. Kardos; F. Williams
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High-power characteristics of ultrawideband surface-normal photodetectors
Author(s): Chi-Kuang Sun; I. Hsing Tan; John Edward Bowers
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Array transmitters and their application in rf photonics systems
Author(s): Willie W. Ng; S. Bourgholtzer; David L. Persechini; Hui Pin Hsu; Huan-Wun Yen; Gregory L. Tangonan; Andrew J. Negri; Paul O. Haugsjaa; Marvin J. Tabasky
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Tunable narrowband filter using single crystal photorefractive fiber
Author(s): Shizhuo Yin; Jianzhong Zhang; Francis T. S. Yu; Suganda Jutamulia; David Y. Lou; Richard Fedors
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Microwave optical splitter/amplifier integrated chip (MOSAIC) using semiconductor optical amplifiers
Author(s): Charles Zmudzinski; E. Twyford; Lawrence J. Lembo; Roosevelt Johnson; Fernando D. Alvarez; Doyle T. Nichols; John C. Brock
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Fiber optic Bragg grating true-time-delay generator for broadband rf applications
Author(s): Michael G. Wickham; Lawrence J. Lembo; Lawrence A. Dozal; John C. Brock
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Switched grating devices for phased-array applications
Author(s): Thomas W. Stone; Michelle S. Malcuit; Jeffrey A. Kleinfeld
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Recirculating photonic filter: a wavelength-selective time delay for optically controlled phased-array antenna
Author(s): Siva Yegnanarayanan; Paul D. Trinh; Bahram Jalali
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Waveguide binary photonic true-time-delay lines using polymer integrated switches and waveguide delays
Author(s): Wenshen Wang; Yongqiang Shi; Weiping Lin; James H. Bechtel
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High-dynamic-range rf fiber optic link for passive antenna remoting
Author(s): Michael J. LaGasse; Suwat Thaniyavarn
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True-time-delay beam forming using Bragg grating resonators
Author(s): Leslie H. Gesell; Stephen M. Evanko
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Photonics for phased-array antennas
Author(s): Robert Y. Loo; Gregory L. Tangonan; Huan-Wun Yen; V. L. Jones; Willie W. Ng; Jack B. Lewis; J. J. Lee; Stan Livingston
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Optically controlled ultrawideband transceiver
Author(s): Eric E. Funk; Stephen E. Saddow; Louis J. Jasper Jr.; Chi H. Lee
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Photistors: bias-free optoelectronic switches
Author(s): Kris W. Turk; Richard C. Dempsey
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Video broadcast using an optically controlled serially fed phased-array antenna
Author(s): David Cohen; Anthony F. J. Levi; Yian Chang; Harold R. Fetterman; Irwin L. Newberg
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Fiber optic delay-line radar test target unit
Author(s): Irwin L. Newberg
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Advances in three-dimensional reversible photonic modules for phased-array control
Author(s): Nabeel A. Riza
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Analog OE module development TRP status report
Author(s): Harry T.M. Wang; Huan-Wun Yen; Daniel Yap; Hui Pin Hsu
Reduced dynamic range requirement for in-building fiber optic wireless signal distribution using distributed antenna network
Author(s): David M. Cutrer; John B. Georges; Kam Y. Lau
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Photonic rf processing systems
Author(s): John H. Hong; Tallis Y. Chang; George A. Sefler
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Photonic radio frequency synthesizer
Author(s): Ron T. Logan Jr.
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Tunable photonic radio frequency filter using wavelength-selective true-time delay
Author(s): Frederic Coppinger; Siva Yegnanarayanan; Paul D. Trinh; Bahram Jalali; Irwin L. Newberg
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Optical rf architecture
Author(s): Michael D. St. John
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