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Fiber Optic Gyros: 20th Anniversary Conference
Editor(s): Eric Udd; Herve C. Lefevre; Kazuo Hotate

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Volume Number: 2837
Date Published: 12 November 1996

Table of Contents
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Fundamentals of the interferometric fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Herve C. Lefevre
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Commercial applications of mass-produced fiber optic gyros
Author(s): Hiroshi Kajioka; Tatsuya Kumagai; Hisanori Nakai; Takumoto Dohsho; Hirokazu Soekawa; Toshiya Yuhara
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Future evolution of fiber optic gyros
Author(s): Kazuo Hotate
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Closed-loop fiber optic gyros
Author(s): George A. Pavlath
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Fiber optic gyros for space, marine, and aviation applications
Author(s): Glen A. Sanders; Bogdan Szafraniec; Ren-Young Liu; Clarence L. Laskoskie; Lee K. Strandjord; George Weed
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Application of fiber optic gyros at JAE
Author(s): Kazuhiro Sakuma
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Miniaturized, low-cost IFOG IMU for tactical weapon applications
Author(s): Ren-Young Liu; Tamim F. El-Wailly; Mathew Olson; Gary W. Adams; Joseph E. Carroll
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Design of a commercial small-volume fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Manfred W. Kemmler; Guenter Spahlinger; Juergen Kunz; Mauricio A. Ribes; Steffen Zimmermann
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Design of an ASIC for a commercial small-volume fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Juergen Kunz; Manfred W. Kemmler; Guenter Spahlinger; Mauricio A. Ribes
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Reduced minimum configuration fiber optic gyro for land navigation applications
Author(s): Steven R. Emge; Sidney M. Bennett; Richard B. Dyott; J. Brunner; D. E. Allen
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IFOG technology for embedded GPS/INS applications
Author(s): Ralph A. Patterson; Eric L. Goldner; David M. Rozelle; Neal J. Dahlen; Thomas L. Caylor
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Passive FOG IMU for short-range missile application: from qualification toward series production
Author(s): Gert F. Trommer; R. Mueller; S. Opitz
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FOG multiplexing by time-shifted phase modulation
Author(s): Thierry P. Gaiffe; J. Morisse; Pascal Simonpietri; Philippe Martin; Herve C. Lefevre
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Multiplexing of fiber optic gyroscopes
Author(s): Wei Jin; Brian Culshaw; Yuanzhong Xu
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Fiber optic rate gyros
Author(s): Joung C. Ha; Jeffrey L. Duryea; Carol A. Davis; Jeff Bush
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Current sensors based on the Sagnac interferometer
Author(s): James N. Blake
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Secure fiber optic communication system based on the Sagnac interferometer
Author(s): Eric Udd
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FMCW birefringent fiber strain sensors based on Sagnac rings
Author(s): Gang Zheng; Michael Campbell; Peter A. Wallace; A. S. Holmes-Smith
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Experiment to separate the Fresnel drag and Sagnac effects in a fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Ricardo T. de Carvalho; James N. Blake
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Inertial-grade IFOG development status at JAE
Author(s): Eiichi Asami; Yasuyuki Sasaki; Hidetoshi Hisa; Yuichi Yamada; Yoshiyuki Itoh
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0.1-deg/h DSP-controlled fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Mauricio A. Ribes; Guenter Spahlinger; Manfred W. Kemmler
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Progress in navigation-grade IFOG performance
Author(s): Amado Cordova; Ralph A. Patterson; John Rahn; Leo K. Lam; David M. Rozelle
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Error compensation via signal correlation in high-precision closed-loop fiber optic gyros
Author(s): Guenter Spahlinger; Manfred W. Kemmler; Markus Ruf; Mauricio A. Ribes; Steffen Zimmermann
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Finite element model of thermal transient effect in fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Olivier F.J. Tirat; Jean-Michel Euverte
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Scale-factor variations due to wavelength-dependent optical losses in fiber optic gyros
Author(s): James A. Hammond
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Reduction of light-source-induced scale-factor nonlinearities in low-cost fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Wolfgang Ecke; Klaus Hilpert; Andreas Holz; Rudolf Mueller; Michael Neukirch; Reinhardt Willsch
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Closed-loop operation in the resonator fiber optic gyro using Faraday effect with a twisted single-mode-fiber resonator
Author(s): Toshiharu Ito; Kazuo Hotate
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New gyroscope concept using fiber laser interferometer
Author(s): Hyo-Sang Kim; Byoung Yoon Kim
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Bidirectional Er-doped fiber ring laser for RLG application
Author(s): Seung Kwan Kim; Sun Hyok Chang; Byoung Yoon Kim
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Mode-locked fiber laser gyroscope using an antireflection-coated laser diode
Author(s): Bong Wan Lee; Ho Jin Jeong; Byoung Yoon Kim; Moon Soo Oh
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Polarization impulse response function of a single mode fiber gyro coil
Author(s): James N. Blake; Bogdan Szafraniec
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Simulation of the characteristics of 850 nm superluminescent diodes
Author(s): Hiroaki Yoshidaya; Kiyokazu Murakami; Fujio Tsuchiya; Haruo Nagai
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Source module with IOC and detectors for low cost fiber optic gyro
Author(s): Kuniyoshi Watanabe; Ryuichiro Sasaki; Sadaomi Sakuma; Shigeru Nakamura; Takeshi Hojo
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Miniature optic fiber couplers for fiber optic gyros applications
Author(s): Anton Hu; Doug Ferrell; Marco Antoni Hernandez
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Lithium niobate-based integrated optic chip utilizing digital electrode layout for use in a miniature fiber optic rate sensor
Author(s): Manjeet S. Ner; Manfred W. Kemmler; Guenter Spahlinger
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Progress in miniaturizing fiber optic gyroscope components for tactical weapon systems
Author(s): Paul B. Ruffin; Janet G. Sawyer; Chi C. Sung; Jeff Bush
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Auto-aligning and splicing PM-fibers of different types with a passive method
Author(s): Wenxin Zheng
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Biconical all-fiber crystal polarizer
Author(s): Alexander J. Birman
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Wavelength stabilization of an erbium-doped fiber source with a fiber Bragg grating for high-accuracy FOG
Author(s): Thierry P. Gaiffe; Pascal Simonpietri; J. Morisse; Nathalie Cerre; Edouard M. Taufflieb; Herve C. Lefevre
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Noise effects in high sensitivity fiber optic gyros
Author(s): William K. Burns; Robert P. Moeller
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Experiment of fiber optic gyroscope for railway positioning and trackage inspection use
Author(s): Yi Yao; Fengping Yan; Shuisheng Jian; Zhijun Geng; Weixu Zhang; Jin Jiang; Henchun Lu; Wu Xiao
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Depolarized single-mode fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Fengping Yan; Yi Yao; Shuisheng Jian; HongJie Xu; Xinzhen Du; Weixu Zhang
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Characteristics investigation of a Lyot optical fiber depolarizer for the depolarized I-FOG
Author(s): Fengping Yan; Yi Yao; Shuisheng Jian
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Fail self-diagnosing technique in closed-loop I-FOG and its application in redundant strapdown inertial measure unit
Author(s): Yuanhong Yang; Jing Ma; Weixu Zhang; Yi Yao
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Optical waveguide geodesic lenses without singularity in curvature
Author(s): Ji Liu; BangRren Shi; Lianwen Wu; Mei Kong
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Closed-loop fiber optic gyroscope and related components
Author(s): Shiqin Zhou; Yanji Wu; Lingqin Xia; Rui Lin Li; Qiu Lin Shang; Hu Li; Cai Hong Chen; Zhen Bai Jang
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