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Advanced Technologies for Environmental Monitoring and Remediation
Editor(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh

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Volume Number: 2835
Date Published: 26 November 1996

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Bioremediation in oil-contaminated sites: bacteria and surfactant accelerated remediation
Author(s): Janet M. Strong-Gunderson; Francisco Guzman
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In-situ monitoring of biological growth on stone
Author(s): Eric Brechet; Daniel McStay; Rachael D. Wakefield; M. A. S. Sweet; M. S. Jones
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Optical biosensors for environmental monitoring
Author(s): Eiichi Tamiya
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Development and application of the lux gene for environmental bioremediation
Author(s): Robert S. Burlage; Zamin Yang; Robert J. Palmer Jr.; Gary S. Sayler; Yongho Khang
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Recent advances in Raman spectroscopic measurements of the environment
Author(s): Keith Carron; Robert Milofsky; Brian Kennedy; Jungfeng Jiang; Tim Deschaine; Matt Dickey; Mary Lewis
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Applications and mechanisms of laser ablation for elemental analysis of nuclear wastes and contaminated soils
Author(s): Steve C. Langford; Tom Dickinson
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Fiber optic multichannel laser spectrometer system for remote fluorescence detection in soils
Author(s): Sean J. Hart; Yu-Min Chen; Bob K. Lien; Jonathan E. Kenny
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Field deployment of a LIBS probe for rapid delineation of metals in soils
Author(s): Gregory A. Theriault; Stephen H. Lieberman
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Direct analysis of individual aerosol particles by mass spectrometry
Author(s): Murray V. Johnston
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Effect of sample compositions on chemical analysis using matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry
Author(s): David Schriemer; Yuqin Dai; Liang Li
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Chip-level solid state optical waveguide chemical sensor for detecting and measuring hydrocarbons
Author(s): Stanley M. Klainer; Steve L. Coulter; Michael E. Arrasate; Devinder P. Saini
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Demonstration of a VOC in-situ fiber optic sensor for use with a penetrometer analysis system
Author(s): Steven D. Hartenstein; Glenn A. Moore; Bruce N. Nelson; James Kane; Mark Lowe
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In-situ LIF analysis of polynuclear aromatic compounds (PAC) and mineral oils in soils
Author(s): Hans-Gerd Loehmannsroeben; Thomas Roch
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Sensitive wave-mixing detectors for capillary electrophoresis and liquid chromatography
Author(s): Hongjing Kan; Sandrine Berniolles; Jon A. Nunes; William M. Tong
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REMPI detection of volatile aromatic hydrocarbons in ambient air
Author(s): Orven F. Swenson; Gregory D. Gillispie
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Rate constants and atmospheric transformations of Air Force VOCs
Author(s): Ray Wells; Steve Baxley; Dale Williams
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Novel biological sources of electrochemiluminescence and potential applications to metals detection
Author(s): John G. Bruno; Sneed B. Collard; David J. Kuch; Jimmy C. Cornette
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Chemometric treatment of multimode laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) data of fuel-spiked soils
Author(s): Mark H. Van Benthem; Ben C. Mitchell; Gregory D. Gillispie; Randy W. St. Germain
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Method for near-real-time continuous air monitoring of phosgene, hydrogen cyanide, and cyanogen chloride
Author(s): Frank Gary Lattin; Donald G. Paul
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Transportable laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) instrument for field-based soil analysis
Author(s): David A. Cremers; Monty J. Ferris; Mathew Davies
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Cleanup of a jet fuel spill
Author(s): Steve Fesko
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Shipborne system for the detection of surface oil
Author(s): Ian Campbell; Daniel McStay
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Low-cost fiber optic pH sensor for the in-situ measurement of groundwater
Author(s): Roderick J. Lynch; Malcolm D. Bolton
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In-situ ammonia analyzer for process control and environmental monitoring
Author(s): Garth Monlux; Joel A. Brand; Patrick Zmarzly; M. Walker; K. W. Groff; Gregory J. Fetzer; Neil Goldstein; Fritz Bien; Steven C. Richtsmeier; Jamine Lee
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Sensitive absorbance measurement for gas-phase analytes based on multiwave mixing spectroscopy
Author(s): Sandrine Berniolles; Fritz K. Mickadeit; Michael J. Maniaci; William M. Tong
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Discrimination of vapors based on direct comparison of passive Fourier transform infrared interferograms
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Yulong Xun
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Natural gas leaks detection by spatial-resolvable cw-laser-based remote monitoring
Author(s): Ravil R. Agishev; Ravil A. Bajazitov; Marat M. Galeyev; Zufar B. Ismagilov
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Multicomponent gas analyzers based on tunable diode lasers
Author(s): Eugene V. Stepanov; Pavel V. Zyrianov; Amir N. Khusnutdinov; Andrian I. Kouznetsov; Yakov Ya. Ponurovskii
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Parameter determination for quantitative PIXE analysis using genetic algorithms
Author(s): Juan Aspiazu; E. Belmont-Moreno
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Optical background emission and structure in fuel/air flames seeded with diethyl sulfide, (C2H5)2S
Author(s): Theodore Denis Fay III; Ann K. Fay; D. Trees; K. Seshadri; K. Lund
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Fluorescence detection of petroleum contamination: evaluation of various lasers for SCAPS sensor
Author(s): David S. Knowles; John Kertesz
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