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Optical Spectroscopic Techniques and Instrumentation for Atmospheric and Space Research II
Editor(s): Paul B. Hays; Jinxue Wang

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Volume Number: 2830
Date Published: 31 October 1996

Table of Contents
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Satellite instrument to measure stratospheric winds
Author(s): Neil Rowlands; Gary J. Buttner; A. Raab; Gordon G. Shepherd; William A. Gault; Mark W.P. Cann; S. Dobbie; Stoyan I. Sargoytchev; William E. Ward; Reza Mani; Yves J. Rochon; David W. Tarasick
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Divided-mirror scanning technique for a small Michelson interferometer
Author(s): William A. Gault; Stoyan I. Sargoytchev; Gordon G. Shepherd
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Laser source for space-flight elastic backscatter, differential absorption, and wind speed Doppler lidar
Author(s): Jack A. McKay; Thomas D. Wilkerson
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Characterization of a Fourier transform spectrometer for the Network for Detection of Stratospheric Change
Author(s): William G. Mankin; M. T. Coffey; James W. Hannigan
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Ground-based remote sensing of atmospheric O3, N2O, HNO3, and CH4 with a tunable diode laser heterodyne spectrometer at Syowa Station, Antarctica
Author(s): Michihiro Koide; Makoto Taguchi; Hiroshi Fukunishi; Shoichi Okano
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Use of Fabry-Perot annular summing spectroscopy to acquire geocoronal hydrogen Balmer-alpha line profile data
Author(s): Susan M. Nossal; Fred L. Roesler; Monica M. Coakley; Ronald J. Reynolds
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Thermospheric metal emissions: update on GLO Mg+ measurements
Author(s): James A. Gardner; Edmond Murad; David J. Knecht; Rodney A. Viereck; Charles P. Pike; A. Lyle Broadfoot
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Reviewing atmospheric radiative transfer modeling: new developments in high- and moderate-resolution FASCODE/FASE and MODTRAN
Author(s): Gail P. Anderson; F. X. Kneizys; James H. Chetwynd Jr.; Laurence S. Rothman; Michael L. Hoke; Alexander Berk; Lawrence S. Bernstein; Prabhat K. Acharya; Hilary E. Snell; Eli Mlawer; Shepard A. Clough; Jinxue Wang; Szu-Chia Lee; Henry E. Revercomb; Tatsuya Yokota; L. M. Kimball; Eric P. Shettle; Leonard W. Abreu; John E. A. Selby
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Atmospheric infrared fast transmittance models: a comparison of two approaches
Author(s): Scott E. Hannon; L. Larrabee Strow; W. Wallace McMillan
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Fast computation of monochromatic infrared atmospheric transmittances using compressed look-up tables
Author(s): L. Larrabee Strow; Robert G. Benson; Scott E. Hannon; Howard E. Motteler
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Tropospheric ozone sensing Fabry-Perot interferometer: I. Space-based feasibility assessment
Author(s): Allen M. Larar
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Tropospheric ozone sensing Fabry-Perot interferometer: II. Recent laboratory advancements
Author(s): Allen M. Larar; Stephen P. Sandford; William S. Luck; William B. Cook; Jonathan M. Reeves; Paul B. Hays; Jeffery J. Puschell; Donald H. Ceckowski
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Information content and optimization of high-spectral-resolution measurements
Author(s): Clive D. Rodgers
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Retrieval of stratospheric temperature profiles in the presence of non-LTE radiance contributions
Author(s): George H. Lindquist; William B. Cook; Hilary E. Snell
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Analysis and characterization of the retrieval algorithm for measuring tropospheric CO using the MOPITT instrument
Author(s): Liwen Pan; John C. Gille; Clive D. Rodgers; David P. Edwards; Paul L. Bailey; Laurie Ann Rokke; Jinxue Wang
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Retrieval of the carbon monoxide column densities using AIRS on EOS: validation of a prototype retrieval algorithm
Author(s): W. Wallace McMillan; L. Larrabee Strow; Bruce G. Doddridge; William L. Smith; Henry E. Revercomb; Hung-Lung Huang
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Conceptual design of the High-Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS) for the EOS chemistry mission
Author(s): John C. Gille; John J. Barnett
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High-Resolution Doppler Imager: instrument performance in orbit since late 1991
Author(s): Wilbert R. Skinner; Paul B. Hays; Heinz J. Grassl; David A. Gell; Mark D. Burrage; Alan R. Marshall; Julie F. Kafkalidis
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New design of a Multi-Order Etalon Sounder for measuring stratospheric temperature profiles
Author(s): William B. Cook; George H. Lindquist
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Calibration of the MOPITT instrument for EOS
Author(s): James R. Drummond; Gurpreet S. Mand; George V. Bailak
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Science instrumentation for the Student Nitric Oxide Explorer
Author(s): Scott M. Bailey; Charles A. Barth; Michael J. Erickson; Richard A. Kohnert; Aimee W. Merkel; Erica M. Rodgers; Stanley C. Solomon; Stanley D. Straight; James E. Vian; Thomas N. Woods
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Lloyd's mirror for MTF testing of MISR CCD
Author(s): Eric B. Hochberg; Nadine Lu Chrien
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Optical testing of MISR lenses and cameras
Author(s): Eric B. Hochberg; Mary L. White; Robert P. Korechoff; Cesar A. Sepulveda
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OPERA: a small-size concept for earth radiation budget scanning radiometers
Author(s): Thierry Batut; Xavier Bozec; Jean-Louis Carel; Renaud Mercier-Ythier; X. Truchot
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Extended-bandwidth spacecraft attitude determination using gyros and linear accelerometers
Author(s): Marcelo C. Algrain; Richard M. Powers; Mark K. Woehrer
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Prototype broadband/high-resolution spectrometer designed for the study of planetary atmospheres
Author(s): William B. Cook
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Imaging spectrometer with a large field of view
Author(s): Bart Snijders; Huib Visser
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Liquid crystal tunable birefringent filters
Author(s): Greg A. Kopp; Michael J. Derks; Alan Graham
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Customized altitude-azimuth mount for a raster-scanning Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Jed E. Durrenberger; William M. Gutman; Troy D. Gammill; Dennis H. Grover
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Improved quasi-monochromatic depolarizer
Author(s): Senlu Xu; Hao Chi; Jun Gao
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Calibration of a length-modulated radiometer
Author(s): Boyd T. Tolton; James R. Drummond
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Two-laser differential absorption for wide molecular bands
Author(s): Richard W. Fox; Y. Rudich; Ranajit K. Talukdar; A. R. Ravishankara; Leo W. Hollberg
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First results using NCAR research retrieval algorithm on Upper Atmospheric Research Satellite/Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer blocker 3 level 1 extracted radiances
Author(s): Arun Gopalan; John C. Gille; Paul L. Bailey
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Three-wavelength sun photometer for aerosol characterization
Author(s): Jorge O. Tocho; Carmen Esteban; Amilcar Fasulo; Edmundo J. Rodriguez
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Data processing and sensitivity studies of the GOMOS instrument
Author(s): Johanna Tamminen; Elina Sihvola; Heikki Haario
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Star-pointing spectrometer for measurements of atmospheric ozone
Author(s): Liisa Oikarinen; Heikki K. Saari; Kari Rainio; Jussi Graeffe; Heikki Astola
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Spectral Airglow Temperature Imager
Author(s): Rudolph H. Wiens; Stephen Brown; Stoyan I. Sargoytchev; R. N. Peterson; William A. Gault; Gordon G. Shepherd; Adrian Moise; Tyler Ivanco; George B. Fazekas
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