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Imaging Spectrometry II

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Volume Number: 2819
Date Published: 13 November 1996

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Evolution of imaging spectrometry: past, present, and future
Author(s): James B. Breckinridge
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Subpixel target detection in HYDICE data from Cuprite, Nevada
Author(s): Alexander F. H. Goetz; Bruce C. Kindel; Joseph W. Boardman
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Use of hyperspectral imagery for broad-area detection of small targets
Author(s): Walter F. Kailey; Luanna R. Illing
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Geologic mapping using combined analysis of Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) and SIR-C/X-SAR data
Author(s): Fred A. Kruse
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Calcite and dolomite discrimination using airborne SWIR imaging spectrometer data
Author(s): Neil Rowlands; Robert A. Neville
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Development of an operational algorithm for removing atmospheric effects from HYDICE and HSI data
Author(s): Bo-Cai Gao; Curtiss O. Davis
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HYDICE data from Lake Tahoe: comparison to coincident AVIRIS and in-situ measurements
Author(s): Mary E. Kappus; Curtiss O. Davis; W. Joseph Rhea
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Lewis hyperspectral imager payload development
Author(s): Jay Marmo; Mark A. Folkman; Clyde Y. Kuwahara; Charles T. Willoughby
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Comparison of infrared imaging hyperspectral sensors for military target detection applications
Author(s): Michael T. Eismann; Craig R. Schwartz; Jack N. Cederquist; John A. Hackwell; Ronald J. Huppi
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LWIR/MWIR imaging hyperspectral sensor for airborne and ground-based remote sensing
Author(s): John A. Hackwell; David W. Warren; Robert P. Bongiovi; Steven J. Hansel; Thomas L. Hayhurst; Dan J. Mabry; Mazaher G. Sivjee; James W. Skinner
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Evaluation of BRDF modeling for statistical classification of remotely sensed images
Author(s): Patrick F. Valdez; Gregory W. Donohoe; Sheila E. Motomatsu
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Design and modeling of a low-f-number wide-field-of-view imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Chen Feng; Anees Ahmad
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Performance characterization and calibration of the TRWIS III hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Mark A. Folkman; Darrell A. Gleichauf; Charles T. Willoughby; Sveinn Thordarson; Bill H. Quon
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Medium-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MERIS) calibration sequence
Author(s): Gilles Baudin; Steven Matthews; Richard Bessudo; Jean-Loup Bezy
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Sensor suite for the Advanced Electro-Optical System (AEOS) 3.6-m telescope
Author(s): Michael L. Vigil; David J. Witte; Paul D. LeVan; Patricia J. Wallentine; David E. Briscoe; Danny L. Anderson
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Automated cloud cover assessment for Landsat TM images
Author(s): Ben V. Hollingsworth; Liqiang Chen; Stephen E. Reichenbach; Richard R. Irish
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Target detection using infrared spectral sensors
Author(s): Craig R. Schwartz; Jack N. Cederquist; Michael T. Eismann
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Selection of spectral bands for interpretation of hyperspectral remotely sensed images
Author(s): Patrick F. Valdez; Gregory W. Donohoe; Michael R. Descour; Sheila E. Motomatsu
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Characterization of the DOIS prototype: a diffractive optic image spectrometer
Author(s): Denise M. Lyons; Kevin J. Whitcomb
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Portable computed-tomography imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Curtis Earl Volin; Tim M. Gleeson; Michael R. Descour; Eustace L. Dereniak
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Image restoration by convex projections: applications to image spectrometry
Author(s): Andrzej K. Brodzik; M. Mooney; Myoung Hee An
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New MPE near-infrared astronomical imaging spectrometer:3D
Author(s): Alfred Krabbe
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Multispectral imaging system using acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF)
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Frederick Moreau; Dennis M. Hueber
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Multiphoton fluorescence excitation: new spectral windows for biological imaging
Author(s): Chris Xu; Jerome Mertz; J. B. Shear; Watt W. Webb
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Airborne visible hyperspectral imaging spectrometer: optical and system-level description
Author(s): Andrew D. Meigs; Eugene W. Butler; Bernard Al Jones; Leonard John Otten III; R. Glenn Sellar; Bruce Rafert
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Throughput advantage in imaging Fourier-transform spectrometers
Author(s): Michael R. Descour
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Measured performance of an airborne Fourier-transform hyperspectral imager
Author(s): Leonard John Otten III; Andrew D. Meigs; R. Glenn Sellar; Bruce Rafert
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Optical design for a high-etendue imaging Fourier-transform spectrometer
Author(s): Richard F. Horton
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Onboard image compression schemes for modular airborne imaging spectrometer (MAIS) based on wavelet transform
Author(s): Zhenyu Zhu; Jianyu Wang
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Information content exploitation of imaging spectrometer's images for lossless compression
Author(s): Jianyu Wang; Zhenyu Zhu; Kan Lin
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Best season for exploration of metal mineral under forests using imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Jiyou Wu; Xudong Yang; Fujun Zhang; Wenxin Tian; Liye Xie
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VIRTIS: Visible Infrared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer for the Rosetta mission
Author(s): Francis M. Reininger; Angioletta Coradini; Fabrizio Capaccioni; M. T. Capria; Priscilla Cerroni; M. C. De Sanctis; G. Magni; Pierre Drossart; Maria A. Barucci; D. Bockelee-Morvan; Jean-Michel Combes; J. Crovisier; T. Encrenaz; Jean-Michel Reess; Alain Semery; Didier Tiphene; Gabriele Arnold; Uri Carsenty; Harald Michaelis; Stefano Mottola; Gerhard Neukum; G. Peters; Ulrich Schade; Fredric W. Taylor; Simon B. Calcutt; Tim Vellacott; P. Venters; R. E.J. Watkins; Giancarlo Bellucci; Vittorio Formisano; Francesco Angrilli; Gianandrea Bianchini; Bortolino Saggin; E. Bussoletti; L. Colangeli; Vito Mennella; S. Fonti; Jean-Pierre Bibring; Yves Langevin; B. Schmitt; M. Combi; U. Fink; Thomas B. McCord; Wing Ip; Robert W. Carlson; Donald E. Jennings
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Calibration of the Modular Optoelectronic Scanner (MOS) flight models
Author(s): Karl-Heinz Suemnich; Andreas Neumann; Horst H. Schwarzer; Gerhard Zimmermann
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SFSI: the CCRS SWIR imaging spectrometer
Author(s): Robert A. Neville; R. Marois; Neil Rowlands; Ian P. Powell
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Definition of a product-source prediction capability (PSPC): sample results and future research directions
Author(s): Gary A. Duncan; William H. Heidbreder
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