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Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing IV

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Volume Number: 2817
Date Published: 21 October 1996

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ALADIN: an atmospheric laser Doppler wind lidar instrument for wind velocity measurements from space
Author(s): Rodolphe Krawczyk; Jean-Bernard Ghibaudo; Jean-Yves Labandibar; David V. Willetts; M. Vaughan; Guy N. Pearson; Michael R. Harris; Pierre H. Flamant; P. Salamitou; Alain M. Dabas; F. Lieutaud; Remi Charasse; Thierry Midavaine; Michel Royer; H. Heimel
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PRISM: processes research by imaging space mission
Author(s): Jean-Yves Labandibar; Yves Delclaud; Umberto Del Bello; Roland Meynart; Reiner Garrels; Giorgio Adami
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CYCLOPE remote sensing: a multipurpose optronic payload and the associated subsystem
Author(s): Christian H. Hamon
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CIRCE: a new approach to performance management of optical instruments
Author(s): Sandrine Philoreau; Denis Simeoni; Didier Miras; Y. Papegay; J. De Sousa
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ASTER science mission overview
Author(s): Hiroji Tsu; Yasushi Yamaguchi; Anne B. Kahle
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Evaluation of ASTER input radiance considering the aerosol effect
Author(s): Kazuhiko Masuda; Tsutomu Takashima
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Operational procedure for atmospheric correction on ASTER-radiance data allowing for the adjacency effect
Author(s): Tsutomu Takashima; Kazuhiko Masuda
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Temperature and emissivity separation from Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) images
Author(s): Alan R. Gillespie; Tsuneo Matsunaga; Shuichi Rokugawa; Simon J. Hook
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ASTER along-track stereo experiment: a potential source of global DEM data in the late 1990s
Author(s): Harold R. Lang; Roy Welch; Yoshinori Miyazaki; G. Bryan Bailey; Glenn Kelly
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New approach to ASTER orthoimage generation
Author(s): Kiyonari Fukue; Hiroyuki Fujisada; Mitsuharu Tokunaga
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Restoration of satellite images based on atmospheric MTF
Author(s): Norman S. Kopeika; T. Sheayik; Zachi Givati; N. Corse; Itai Dror; Dan Sadot; Arnon Karnieli
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ASTER polar cloud mask
Author(s): Rand E. Feind; Ronald M. Welch; Todd A. Berendes
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ASTER observations for the monitoring of land surface fluxes
Author(s): Thomas J. Schmugge
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Low-noise, low-power HgCdTe/Al2O3 1024 x 1024 FPAs
Author(s): Lester J. Kozlowski; Kadri Vural; Donald E. Cooper; C. Y. Chen; D. M. Stephenson; Scott A. Cabelli
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Affordable pulse-tube cryocooler with clearance seal linear drive compressor for scientific space applications
Author(s): Patrick Curlier
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Piezoresistive microcantilever optimization for uncooled infrared detection technology
Author(s): Slobodan Rajic; Boyd M. Evans III; Panos G. Datskos; Patrick Ian Oden; Thomas G. Thundat; Charles M. Egert
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Image simulator for the Wide-Field Infrared Explorer
Author(s): David L. Shupe; A. Kris Huber; Perry B. Hacking
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Infrared Telescope in Space (IRTS) mission
Author(s): Toshio Matsumoto; Hiroshi Murakami
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Flight performance of the Near-Infrared Spectrometer
Author(s): Manabu Noda; Toshio Matsumoto; Hiroshi Murakami; Mitsunobu Kawada; Masahiro Tanaka; Shuji Matsuura; Hongfeng Guo
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Flight performance of the Mid-Infrared Spectrometer on the Infrared Telescope in Space mission
Author(s): Thomas L. Roellig; Kenji Mochizuki; Takashi Onaka; Toshihiko Tanabe; Issei Yamamura; Lunming Yuen
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Flight performance of the Far-Infrared Line Mapper (FILM)
Author(s): Hiroshi Shibai; Takao Nakagawa; Shin'ichiro Makiuti; Hideo Matsuhara; Norihisa Hiromoto; Kenichi Okumura; Yasuo Doi; Takanao Toya; Haruyuki Okuda
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Flight performance of the Far-Infrared Photometer (FIRP)
Author(s): Takanori Hirao; Toshio Matsumoto; Shuji Sato; Ken Ganga; Andrew E. Lange; Beverly J. Smith; Minoru M. Freund
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Phenomena in low-background IR detectors under high-energy particles
Author(s): Boris I. Fouks
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Star-field identification algorithm in the observatory environment
Author(s): Marija S. Scholl
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Camera equation for an optical system with an on-axis obscuration
Author(s): Gonzalo Paez-Padilla; Marija S. Scholl
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Spaceborne imaging spectrometer for environmental assessment of the coastal ocean
Author(s): Curtiss O. Davis
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Water vapor and wind-velocity measurements from space using 2-um wavelength
Author(s): Jean-Bernard Ghibaudo; Jean-Yves Labandibar; Errico Armandillo; Callum J. Norrie
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A multispectral hybrid HgCdTe FPA/dewar assembly for remote sensing in the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument
Author(s): James H. Rutter Jr.; Dave Jungkman; James A. Stobie; Eric E. Krueger; James D. Garnett; Marion B. Reine; Brian Denley; Mark Jasmin; Anthony Sofia
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Applicability of rotationally sheering interferometers to the testing of the optical systems without rotational symmetry
Author(s): Marija S. Scholl
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Ray tracing in the design of micro-optical sensors used for the determination of refractive index of surrounding media
Author(s): Victor de Leon Paredes; Sergei N. Khotiaintsev Dus
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