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Space Telescopes and Instruments IV
Editor(s): Pierre Y. Bely; James B. Breckinridge

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Volume Number: 2807
Date Published: 12 October 1996

Table of Contents
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Design and predicted performance of the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
Author(s): David J. Sahnow; Scott D. Friedman; William R. Oegerle; Henry W. Moos; James C. Green; Oswald H. W. Siegmund
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Lyman Imaging Telescope Experiment
Author(s): Barry Y. Welsh; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Patrick N. Jelinsky
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Midinfrared optimized resolution spacecraft
Author(s): Lawrence A. Wade; Gerald W. Lilienthal; Susan Terebey; Hiroshi Kadogawa; Timothy G. Hawarden; Kenneth Rourke
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POINTS: high astrometric capacity at modest cost via focused design
Author(s): Robert D. Reasenberg; Robert W. Babcock; Marc A. Murison; Martin Charles Noecker; James D. Phillips; Bonny L. Schumaker; James S. Ulvestad; William McKinley; Robert J. Zielinski; Charles F. Lillie
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Separated-spacecraft interferometer concept for the New Millennium Program
Author(s): M. Mark Colavita; James P. McGuire Jr.; Randall K. Bartman; Gary H. Blackwood; Robert A. Laskin; Kenneth H. Lau; Michael Shao; Jeffrey W. Yu
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Kilometric baseline space interferometry
Author(s): Pierre Y. Bely; Robin J. Laurance; Sergio Volonte; Alain H. Greenaway; Christopher A. Haniff; Mario G. Lattanzi; Jean-Marie Mariotti; Jacco C. Noordam; Farrokh Vakili; Oskar von der Luehe; Herve Lambert; Bertrand Calvel; Richard J. Scaddan; Paul Vangasse
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Extrasolar planetary detection via stellar occultation: a novel "smaller, cheaper, faster" concept employing the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): F. Hadley Cocks; Jeffrey E. Bischoff; Seth Alain Watkins; Ken Higuchi; Pierre Y. Bely
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TopHat series of top mounted balloon-borne telescopes
Author(s): Neil Martin; Michael James Amato; Matthew M. Buchko; Rodger Farley; Mark Frigaard; Joseph Generie; Mark A. McGinnis; Rene Engel Kristansen; Josef Polny; Richard E. Dame
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High throughput x-ray spectroscopy mission
Author(s): Jay A. Bookbinder; Harvey D. Tananbaum; Leon P. Van Speybroeck; Nicholas E. White; Steven M. Kahn; Tom Guffin
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Hard x-ray telescope mission
Author(s): Paul Gorenstein; D. M. Worrall; Karsten Dan Joensen; Suzanne E. Romaine; Martin C. Weisskopf; Brian D. Ramsey; James W. Bilbro; Richard A. Kroeger; Neil A. Gehrels; Ann M. Parsons; Robert K. Smither; Finn Erland Christensen; Oberto Citterio; Peter von Ballmoos
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Four-meter diameter adaptive optical system technology demonstration
Author(s): Charles D. Cox; Mark E. Furber
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Metrology for spatial interferometry III
Author(s): Yekta Gursel
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Two-laser heterodyne metrology for a separated spacecraft interferometer
Author(s): Rhonda M. Morgan; Stuart B. Shaklan; Jeffrey W. Yu
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Design of the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer mirror assemblies
Author(s): Michael Joseph Kennedy; Scott D. Friedman; Robert H. Barkhouser; Jeffrey Hampton; Paul Nikulla
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Advanced camera for the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Holland C. Ford; Paul D. Feldman; David A. Golimowski; Zlatan I. Tsvetanov; Frank Bartko; James H. Crocker; Pierre Y. Bely; Robert A. Brown; Christopher J. Burrows; Mark Clampin; George F. Hartig; Marc Postman; Marc D. Rafal; William Brian Sparks; Richard L. White; Tom Broadhurst; Garth D. Illingworth; Tim Kelly; Robert A. Woodruff; Edward S. Cheng; Randy A. Kimble; Carolyn A. Krebs; Susan G. Neff; Michael P. Lesser; George Miley
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Imaging interferometric spectroscopy for advanced missions
Author(s): Jerry Edelstein
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Two-mirror planetary camera with an off-Rowland UV spectograph for the Rosetta space mission
Author(s): Giampiero Naletto; Enrico Marchetti; Roberto Ragazzoni
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Determining interstellar hydrogen and deuterium column densities by means of the Lyman channel of the SPECTRUM UV Rowland spectrograph: a pre-launch feasibility study
Author(s): Mariagrazia Franchini; Carlo Morossi; G. Vladilo
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Low-mass low-power ultraviolet telescope-imaging spectrograph for planetary atmospheric remote sensing
Author(s): William E. McClintock; George M. Lawrence
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Development and testing of diffraction gratings for the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph
Author(s): David A. Content; Rene A. Boucarut; Charles W. Bowers; Timothy J. Madison; Geraldine A. Wright; Don J. Lindler; L. K. Huang; Bernard Peter Puc; Clive Standley; Todd A. Norton
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Measuring structural displacements and deformations in long distance by CCD high-accuracy position detection
Author(s): Xiaoyuan He; Hanguo Yang; Wei Gao
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Possible optics of two-mirror telescopes: optical design of the Big Space Telescope
Author(s): Gennadi M. Popov
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Synthesis of optical system from reflective surfaces
Author(s): Victor A. Zverev; Irina I. Pozhinskaya; Kirill Sobolev; Svetlana Jurova
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Synthesis of catadioptric telescope with the aberration corrector in converging beam of light
Author(s): Anna V. Gavriljuk; Svetlana Jurova; Victor A. Zverev
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Dynamic analysis of a one-meter primary mirror for a space telescope
Author(s): Hyun Kyu Kim; Woo Gun Kwon; Je Sun Gu
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Laser guide star in the atmospheric partial correction system
Author(s): Jixiang Yan; Xin Yu; Dazun Zhao
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Calibration database system for the Hubble Space Telescope and the World Wide Web
Author(s): Calvin Tullos
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Advanced novel photonic instrumentation for adaptive and interferometric astronomy
Author(s): Nabeel A. Riza
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Concept approach for the VIS-UV imager STARS
Author(s): Hermann Bittner; Matthias Erdmann; Roland Graue; Oscar Pace; Fabio Favata
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Combined fast steering and alignment mirror for space-based interferometers
Author(s): Lawrence M. Germann; Gary H. Blackwood; T. Iskenderian; Steven M. Gunter; Dale A. Lawrence
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Development of the calibrated infrared source for the Hubble space telescope near-infrared camera and multiobject spectrometer
Author(s): Paolo A. Carosso; Paul H. Geithner
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Next Generation Space Telescope
Author(s): John C. Mather; Bernard D. Seery; Pierre Y. Bely
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Precision pointing mechanism for laser communication mission
Author(s): Douglas A. Harvison; Bruce Hardy
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Next generation space telescope: a monolithic mirror candidate
Author(s): James Roger P. Angel; Hubert M. Martin; David G. Sandler; Nick Wolf; Pierre Y. Bely; Piero Benvenuti; Robert A. E. Fosbury; Robin J. Laurance; James H. Crocker; Riccardo Giacconi
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