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Missions to the Sun
Editor(s): David M. Rust

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Volume Number: 2804
Date Published: 25 November 1996

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Advanced Solar Probe Experiment Module (AD SOLEM)
Author(s): Ralph L. McNutt Jr.; Robert E. Gold; Edwin P. Keath; David M. Rust; Stamatios M. Krimigis; Lawrence J. Zanetti; Cliff E. Willey; Bruce D. Williams; William S. Kurth; Donald A. Gurnett; Mario H. Acuna; L. F. Burlaga; George Gloeckler; Fred M. Ipavich; Alan J. Lazarus; John T. Steinburg; Guenter E. Brueckner; Dennis George Socker; Tom E. Holzer; Peter A. Bochsler; Reinald Kallenbach; Alain Roux
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Concept for a miniature solar magnetograph
Author(s): Christoph U. Keller; John W. Harvey
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Heliospheric Links Explorer (HELIX)
Author(s): David M. Rust; N. U. Crooker; Leon Golub; A. J. Hundhausen; L. J. Lanzerotti; Alan J. Lazarus; Norbert Seehafer; Lawrence J. Zanetti; Ron W. Zwickl
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STEREO: a solar terrestrial event observer mission concept
Author(s): Dennis George Socker; S. K. Antiochos; Guenter E. Brueckner; John W. Cook; Kenneth P. Dere; Russell A. Howard; Judith Tobi Karpen; James A. Klimchuk; Clarence M. Korendyke; Donald J. Michels; J. Daniel Moses; Dianne K. Prinz; N. R. Sheely; Shi Tsan Wu; Andrew Buffington; Bernard V. Jackson; Barry Labonte; Philippe L. Lamy; H. Rosenbauer; Rainer Schwenn; L. F. Burlaga; Joseph M. Davila; John M. Davis; Barry Goldstein; Henry M. Harris; Paulett C. Liewer; Marcia Neugebauer; E. Hildner; Victor J. Pizzo; Norman E. Moulton; J. A. Linker; Z. Mikic
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Tomography of the solar corona and the inner heliosphere: the solar imaging of coronal extended structures (SLICES)
Author(s): Joseph M. Davila
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High-spectral-resolution x-ray measurements of solar flares and gama ray bursts on two new small satellites
Author(s): Upendra D. Desai; Mario H. Acuna; Thomas L. Cline; Brian R. Dennis; Larry E. Orwig; Jacob I. Trombka; Richard D. Starr
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Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI)
Author(s): Stephen L. Keil; Richard C. Altrock; Stephen Kahler; Bernard V. Jackson; Andrew Buffington; Pierre Paul Hick; George Michael Simnett; Christopher James Eyles; David F. Webb; Peter Anderson
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Problem of designing a solar stereoscopic observatory
Author(s): Victor M. Grigoryev; P. Papushev; V. Konovalov; George Uspensky; V. Chebotarev; V. Kosenko
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Conceptual design for a solar instrument on the proposed Spartan Lite spacecraft
Author(s): Michael James Amato; Roger J. Thomas; Joseph M. Davila; Ronald S. Polidan
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Measuring storage and release of magnetic free-energy
Author(s): Juan M. Fontenla
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Software configurable CCD camera for SOHO mission
Author(s): J. Patrick Haas; Leslie J. Payne
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Online analysis and compression of spectra-spectroheliograms
Author(s): Harrison P. Jones
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Compact particle detector for low-energy particle measurements
Author(s): Ralph L. McNutt Jr.; Donald G. Mitchell; Edwin P. Keath; Nicholas P. Paschalidis; Robert E. Gold; Richard W. McEntire
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New high-thermal-conductivity composite material for high-precision space optics
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Ozaki; Chihiro Ikeda; Minoru Isoda; Saku Tsuneta
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General purpose solid state camera for SERTS
Author(s): Leslie J. Payne; J. Patrick Haas
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LASCO spectrometric Lyot coronagraph tunable passband filter
Author(s): Dennis George Socker; Guenter E. Brueckner; Clarence M. Korendyke; D. N. Lilley; James Henry Steenson; Preston Mitchell Kohn; Gail Marie Lyons; Michael Lawrence Owens; Norman E. Moulton; Robert W. Moye II; Rainer Schwenn; P. Hemmerich
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Time series restoration from ground-based solar observations
Author(s): John H. Seldin; Richard G. Paxman; Christoph U. Keller
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Enhancing the spatial resolution of solar coronagraph images using dynamic imaging
Author(s): Margarita Karovska; T. S. Zaccheo; John W. Cook; Guenter E. Brueckner; Russell A. Howard
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Evaluation of the total dose and single event upset effects on JPEG/DPCM LSI device and 16Mb-DRAM for space application
Author(s): Masatoshi Tohno; Hideo Masuzawa; Yukio Sohma
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Notes on the filter magnetograph project
Author(s): Nikolai I. Kobanov; Victor M. Grigoryev
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High-Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager (HESSI)
Author(s): Brian R. Dennis; Robert P. Lin; Richard C. Canfield; Carol Jo Crannell; A. Gordon Emslie; Gordon D. Holman; Hugh H. Hudson; Gordon J. Hurford; James C. Ling; Norman W. Madden; Reuven Ramaty
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Measurement of the Sun's changing sizes
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Rozelot
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High-resolution spectral imaging of the Sun in the far ultraviolet
Author(s): Marilyn E. Bruner; Theodore D. Tarbell; Alan M. Title; Jean-Pierre Wuelser; Brian N. Handy; Muamer Zukic
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Flare Genesis Experiment
Author(s): Graham A. Murphy; David M. Rust; Kim Strohbehn; Harry A. Eaton; Stephen L. Keil; Christoph U. Keller; P. H. Wiborg
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Next-generation EUV imaging spectrometer for solar flare observations
Author(s): J. Daniel Moses; Guenter E. Brueckner; Kenneth P. Dere; Clarence M. Korendyke; Norman E. Moulton; Dianne K. Prinz; John F. Seely; Dennis George Socker; Marilyn E. Bruner; James R. Lemen
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Japanese sounding rocket experiment with the solar XUV Doppler telescope
Author(s): Taro Sakao; Saku Tsuneta; Hirohisa Hara; Ryouhei Kano; Tsuyoshi Yoshida; Shin'ichi Nagata; Toshifumi Shimizu; Takeo Kosugi; Katsuhiko Murakami; Wakuna Wasa; Masao Inoue; Katsuhiro Miura; Koji Taguchi; Kazuo Tanimoto
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Solar x-ray imaging telescope
Author(s): Carl C. Gaither III; Upendra D. Desai
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Solar Chromospheric and Coronal Explorer
Author(s): Arthur B. C. Walker II; Philip H. Scherrer; Richard B. Hoover; Einar Tandberg-Hanssen; Troy W. Barbee Jr.; James C. Ling; R. M. MacQueen; J. Gethyn Timothy; Paul Adamson; Mike T. Mennzel; John C. Petheram; Paul L. Shattuck
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Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO)
Author(s): Joseph M. Davila; David M. Rust; Victor J. Pizzo; Paulett C. Liewer
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