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Nonlinear Optics of Low-Dimensional Structures and New Materials
Editor(s): Vladimir I. Emel'yanov; Vladislav Ya. Panchenko

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Volume Number: 2801
Date Published: 10 June 1996

Table of Contents
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Quasi-zero-dimensional semiconductor structures: optical nonlinearities and hole-burning effects
Author(s): Sergey V. Gaponenko
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Mid-IR nonlinear spectroscopy of low-dimensional semiconductor structures using an OPG
Author(s): Konstantin L. Vodopyanov; Christopher C. Phillips
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Picosecond nonlinear spectroscopy of quantum-size PbTe films
Author(s): A. G. Kornienko; V. M. Petnikova; Vladimir V. Shuvalov; Ludmila N. Vereshchagina; Alexander N. Zherikhin
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Four-photon scattering and nonlinear susceptibility of semiconductor nanocrystals
Author(s): A. G. Belyaev; V. I. Bogdanov; Alexander G. Spiro
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Resonance hyper-Raman and second-harmonic scattering by semiconductor quantum dots embedded in a dielectric medium
Author(s): A. V. Baranov; Kuon Inoue; K. Toba; Akio Yamanaka; V. I. Petrov; A. V. Fedorov
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Mechanisms and dynamics of optical nonlinearities in semiconductor nanocrystals
Author(s): Daniel Ricard; M. Ghanassi; Marie C. Schanne-Klein; Christos Flytzanis
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Fluctuation mechanism of spectral broadening in quantum-well heterostructures
Author(s): Dmitrii V. Karasev; Valerii K. Kononenko
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Optical Stark effect in double-resonance conditions in semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): E. Yu. Perlin; A. V. Fedorov
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X-ray diffuse scattering in multilayer nanostructures
Author(s): Anatoli V. Andreev; Yu V. Ponomarev; Yuriy Ya. Platonov; Nikolai N. Salashchenko
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Effect of local optical excitation on semiconductor heterostructures with 2D electron gas
Author(s): Vladimir A. Sablikov; Oleg A. Ryabushkin
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Giant nonlinear magneto-optical Kerr effect
Author(s): Theo Rasing; M. Groot Koerkamp
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Second-harmonic generation in localized modes of a truncated dielectric periodic structure
Author(s): Ramon Alavedra Vilaseca; J. Trull; Jordi Martorell; Ramon Corbalan
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Optical second-harmonic generation from ultrathin niobium films
Author(s): Anatoly V. Zayats; Evgenyi A. Vinogradov; Ole Keller; Kjeld Pedersen; Ansheng Liu; Fedor A. Pudonin
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Nonlinear optical properties of hydrogenated amorphous silicon studied by excitation spectra analysis
Author(s): Igor Malinovsky; Fikret N. Hajiev; S. Ugur; H. Ugur
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Photophysics processes in insulator-semiconductor-adsorbed dye molecule structures by second-harmonic generation method
Author(s): Anatolii N. Baranov; B. T. Mukushev; Vitali V. Polonsky; A. M. Saletsky
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Nonlinear optical characterization of zinc oxide thin films on MgO substrates
Author(s): Leonid L. Kulyuk; I. V. Kravetsky; A. Micu; E. Koryaev; V. Moshnyaga; I. Horoshun; I. Muscutariu; V. Socoliuc
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Interaction of laser radiation with Cantor fractal multilayers
Author(s): Sergio De Nicola
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Nonlinear dynamics of self-diffraction in Wood's anomalies
Author(s): Raimondas Petruskevicius; Z. Kuprionis; S. Norvaisas
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Nonlinear effects in SEW excitation in Ag/fullerene thin film structures in Kretschmann configuration
Author(s): N. N. Il'ichev; Yuriy Y. Petrov; V. A. Yakovlev
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Near field effect in nonlinear optics of surfaces
Author(s): Oleg N. Gadomsky; I. V. Gadomskaya; S. V. Emelyanov
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Cubic susceptibility of thin films of pseudoisocyanine J-aggregates
Author(s): Fedor A. Zhuravlev; Natalja A. Orlova; Alexander I. Plekhanov; Sergei G. Rautian; Vladimir P. Safonov; Pavel A. Chubakov; V. V. Shelkovnikov
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Synthesis, properties, and crystal structures of some new solid solutions in the systems KTiOPO4-TlTiOPO4, RbTiOPO4-TlTiOPO4, and KTiOPO4-KGeOPO4
Author(s): Natalya Sorokina; Dong Yoon Lee; I. A. Verin; V. I. Simonov; V. I. Voronkova; V. K. Yanovsky
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Third-order optical nonlinear response of new epoxy-based linear polymer
Author(s): Oleg M. Buryn; A. S. Kutzenko; Vladyslav I. Volkov; Anatoly A. Borshch; Michail S. Brodyn; Sergei M. Maloletov
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Optical and nonlinear optical properties of the Al(IO3)3 8H2O single crystal
Author(s): B. I. Kidyarov; I. V. Nikolaev; Efim V. Pestryakov; V. M. Tarasov
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Photorefractive properties of doped sillenite crystals
Author(s): Stanislav M. Shandarov; A. Emelyanov; Oleg V. Kobozev; A. Reshet'ko; Vladimir V. Volkov; Yuri F. Kargin
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Nonlinear optical properties of substituted stilbenes
Author(s): Yurii O. Yakovlev; Bergen A. Kalakov
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Photoinduced and electroabsorption spectroscopy studies of a highly stable form of transpolyacetylene
Author(s): Dmitri Yu. Paraschuk; T. A. Kulakov; Rostislav I. Rokitski; Valerii M. Kobryanskii
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Local field effects in laser ablation of foam graphite
Author(s): Sergei I. Kudryashov; Alexander A. Karabutov; N. B. Zorov; S. V. Kuznetsov; Yu. Ya. Kuzyakov
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Nonreciprocities in modification and etching of polymer films by Nd laser fifth-harmonic radiation
Author(s): Alexander P. Alexandrov; A. A. Babin; Nikita M. Bityurin; N. G. Bronnikova; Sergey V. Muraviov; Lev V. Soustov; Felix I. Feldchtein
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Optical diagnostics of laser-induced melting and defect formation at the surface of cadmium telluride
Author(s): Leonid A. Golovan; Viktor Yu. Timoshenko
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Formation of poly-Si films on glass substrates using excimer laser treatments
Author(s): M. D. Efremov; V. V. Bolotov; Vladimir A. Volodin; E. A. Lipatnikov; L. I. Fedina; I. G. Neizvestny
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Plasma-strain instability and formation of ultrashort-period surface structures in semiconductors subjected to action of picosecond laser pulses
Author(s): Vladimir I. Emel'yanov; Melanie Ledgerwood; Henry M. van Driel
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Nonlinear reflection of medium-infrared light from a structure containing highly doped GaAs layers
Author(s): Alexander I. Voronko; Gennady N. Shkerdin; Johan H. Stiens; Roger A. Vounckx
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