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ICONO '95: Fundamentals of Laser-Matter Interaction
Editor(s): Konstantin N. Drabovich; Nikolai I. Koroteev

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Volume Number: 2796
Date Published: 6 May 1996

Table of Contents
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Interference stabilization of Rydberg atoms induced by a strong laser field
Author(s): Mikhail V. Fedorov
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Strong-field stabilization effect
Author(s): Qichang C. Su
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Multiphoton detachment of halogen negative ions with elliptically polarized light
Author(s): C. Blondel; F. Dulieu; C. Delsart
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Two-color infrared-UV atomic photoionization
Author(s): Alfred Maquet; Richard Taieb; Valerie Veniard
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Coulomb-Volkov correction for a strong-field approximation
Author(s): Howard R. Reiss; Vladimir P. Krainov
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Stabilization of a classical system with short-range potential in an intense electromagnetic wave field
Author(s): A. M. Popov; O. V. Tikhonova
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Linear and circular dichroism in two-step photoionization of barium atoms
Author(s): Sergei V. Bobashev; N. A. Cherepkov; A. Yu. Elizarov; V. V. Korshunov
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Discovery of new kinds of resonances in multiphoton ionization of Ba atoms in two laser fields
Author(s): Ivan Bondar; Vasil Suran; Marianna Dudich
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Three-photon ionization of aligned Ba atoms
Author(s): Vasil Suran; Ivan Bondar; Marianna Dudich
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Dynamic shift in single-color two-step three-photon ionization
Author(s): Yongjoo Rhee; A. S. Choe; Jongmin Lee; Marina A. Kuzmina; Vladimir A. Mishin
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Double-dip in ionization due to Autler-Townes effect
Author(s): A. S. Choe; Yongjoo Rhee; Jongmin Lee
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Photon polarization effects in laser-assisted electron-atom scattering
Author(s): N. L. Manakov; S. I. Marmo; Vladimir V. Volovich
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Lyapunov exponents and order-to-chaos transitions in the interaction of two-level atoms with their own radiation field
Author(s): Leonid E. Kon'kov; Sergey V. Prants
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Excitation of oscillations in gas and formation of dissipative solitons by light-induced drift
Author(s): F. Kh. Gel'mukhanov; T. I. Privalov
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Kinetic phenomena at multiphoton resonance in Rydberg atoms
Author(s): Igor M. Beterov; Igor I. Ryabtsev
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Computer simulations of new magneto-optical effects in alkaline atoms
Author(s): Tamara Ya. Karagodova
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Generation of coherent VUV and XUV radiation
Author(s): Bernd Wellegehausen; H. Eichmann; S. Meyer; Carsten Momma; Kasem Mossavi; Herbert Welling; Boris N. Chichkov
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Influence of atomic core resonances on high harmonic generation
Author(s): A. V. Birulin; V. T. Platonenko; G. Ferrante
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High-order harmonic generation in Raman-active media in strong laser fields
Author(s): E. M. Belenov; Vladimir A. Isakov; Andrei P. Kanavin; Igor V. Smetanin
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High-efficiency generation of high-order harmonics in intense laser fields with coherent Raman self-scattering
Author(s): I. P. Prokopovich; A. A. Khrutchinsky
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Harmonics emission during forced oscillation of an atomic electron under strong laser field action
Author(s): R. V. Karapetyan; V. B. Fedorov
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Elementary classical analysis of optical harmonic generation and four-wave mixing in strong light fields
Author(s): D. A. Akimov; G. Ferrante; Nikolai I. Koroteev; M. Zarcone; Alexei M. Zheltikov
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Phase-matching effects in harmonic generation and nonlinear optical frequency mixing in low-temperature laser-produced plasma
Author(s): Andrei B. Fedotov; Nikolai I. Koroteev; A. N. Naumov; Alexei M. Zheltikov
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Kinetic laser model on 3s-2p transition of Li-like nitrogen ion
Author(s): A. V. Karelin; R. V. Shirokov; Sergey I. Yakovlenko
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Electromagnetic waves generated by a spike pulse of hard radiation
Author(s): V. V. Borisov; E. I. Ivanov; I. I. Simonenko; V. B. Smirnov
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Dynamics of amplified spontaneous emission in the laboratory x-ray laser with random optical inhomogeneities
Author(s): Fedor A. Starikov
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Point defect formation wave, ultrafast cluster nucleation, and damage in laser-excited dielectrics
Author(s): Vladimir I. Emel'yanov
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Optical rectification, circular photogalvanic effect, and five-wave mixing in optically active liquids
Author(s): Nikolai I. Koroteev
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Photostructural transformation of chalcogenide glasses under nonlinear absorption of laser radiation
Author(s): Oleg M. Efimov; Yurii A. Matveev; Andrei M. Mekryukov; A. V. Belykh; Leonid B. Glebov; Mikhail D. Mikhailov; M. J. Soileau
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Nonlinear coloration and damage of wide-gap glasses by femtosecond laser at 0.85 um
Author(s): Oleg M. Efimov; Leonid B. Glebov; Serge V. Garnov; M. J. Soileau; Martin C. Richardson; Kai Gaebel; Steve E. Grantham
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Effect of resonance on rare-earth ions in second-order nonlinear susceptibility recording in glasses
Author(s): Victor I. Kopp; Igory V. Mochalov; L. A. Smirnova; T. V. Zarubina
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New mechanism of glass structure ordering by two harmonics irradiation
Author(s): Victor I. Kopp
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Visualization of transient phenomena during the interaction of pulsed CO2 laser radiation with matter
Author(s): R. Schmitt; Manfred Hugenschmidt
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Photoinduced extrinsic electrical conduction of nematic liquid crystal
Author(s): O. V. Dedov; V. A. Krivoschekov
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Laser-induced formation of fractal structures in silver colloids and their spectroscopic appearance
Author(s): S. V. Karpov; Alexander K. Popov; Vitaly V. Slabko
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Generation of nonequilibrium paraexcitons due to orthoparaexciton conversion
Author(s): A. I. Bobrysheva; S. A. Moskalenko; M. I. Shmiglyuk; S. S. Russu
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IR-laser-stimulated reflection and conduction wave in different crystals including ones transparent in the visible region
Author(s): Eugene M. Kudriavtsev; Sergey D. Zotov; Emma N. Lotkova; Michel L. Autric
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Sum-frequency generation in light reflection from the surface of an isotropic gyrotropic medium
Author(s): Nikolai I. Koroteev; Vladimir A. Makarov; S. N. Volkov
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Location and width of morphology-dependent resonances in microspheres
Author(s): D. Braunstein; Alexander M. Khazanov; Gennady A. Koganov; Reuben Shuker; Eugeni P. Gordov
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Absorption and refractive nonlinearity in heavily doped A3B5 semiconductors below the fundamental absorption edge
Author(s): Ilya A. Utkin; Fedor V. Karpushko; V. L. Malevich; George V. Sinitsyn
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