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Micro-Optical Technologies for Measurement, Sensors, and Microsystems
Editor(s): Olivier M. Parriaux

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Volume Number: 2783
Date Published: 26 August 1996

Table of Contents
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Digital Light Processing and MEMS: reflecting the digital display needs of the networked society
Author(s): Larry J. Hornbeck
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Microlasers: key components for optical microsystems
Author(s): Serge Valette
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Impact of diffractive optics on the design of optical pick up
Author(s): Jean Claude Lehureau
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Active and passive optical components using liquid crystals
Author(s): Martin Stalder
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Stabilized microchip lasers fabricated by micro-optical technologies
Author(s): Marc Rabarot; Veronique Tarazona; Engin Molva; Corine Clement
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Micro-optical devices based on free-space optics with LIGA micro-optical benches: examples and perspectives
Author(s): Juergen Mohr; Jost Goettert; Andre Mueller
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Micro-optics for sensor applications
Author(s): Philippe Nussbaum; Reinhard Voelkel; Hans Peter Herzig; Rene Daendliker
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Carbon super tips on AFM probes as near-field PSTM sensors
Author(s): Michel Castagne; M. Benfedda; S. Lahimer; Jean-Pierre Fillard; L. Grimont
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Glass wafer direct bonding: a new technology for monomode optical integrated devices
Author(s): Serge Pelissier; Gregory Pandraud; Florent Pigeon; Alain Mure-Ravaud; Jean-Pierre Meunier; B. Biasse
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Assembly and interconnection technologies for electrical and optical microsystems
Author(s): Roland Mueller-Fiedler; J. Dutzi; Eberhard Moess; K. Kuettner; N. Kummer; M. Gundlach
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Absolute measurement of the fiber to waveguide distance during a coupling process by low-coherence interferometry
Author(s): Henri Porte; Wilhelm Elflein; Richard Ferriere
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Mounting, cementing, and handling of micro-optical elements
Author(s): Volker Guyenot; Ramona Eberhardt; Guenther Tittelbach; Stefan Risse
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Integrated motion system for self-alignment of micro-optical devices
Author(s): Dominique Collard; Y. Fukuta; T. Akiyama; Dominique Chauvel; Hiroyuki Fujita
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Beam steering without moving parts
Author(s): Vladimir Hinkov
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Challenges of a Digital Micromirror Device: modeling and design
Author(s): Richard L. Knipe
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Micro-optical beam deflectors and modulators: present state of development
Author(s): Rolf Goering; Steffen Gloeckner
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Micro-optomechanical devices: an electrostatically actuated bending waveguide for optical coupling
Author(s): Frederic Chollet; Michel de Labachelerie; Hiroyuki Fujita
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Microactuator for microwave antennas
Author(s): Dominique Chauvel; Dominique Collard; Hiroyuki Fujita
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High-resolution position encoder insensitive to misalignment
Author(s): Kai Engelhardt; Peter Seitz
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High-resolution heterodyne interferometric rotation encoder with frequency-modulated laser diode
Author(s): Pawel Drabarek; Michael van Keulen; Goetz Kuehnle; Siegbert Steinlechner
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Feedback interferometry with semiconductor laser for high-resolution displacement sensing
Author(s): Silvano Donati; Sabina Merlo; Francesco Micolano
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New high-resolution displacement sensor based on surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Giancarlo Margheri; Andrea Mannoni; Franco Quercioli
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High-resolution absolute position detection using a multiple grating
Author(s): Ulrich Schilling; Pawel Drabarek; Goetz Kuehnle; Hans J. Tiziani
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Smart image sensors: an emerging key technology for advanced optical measurement and microsystems
Author(s): Peter Seitz
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Photonic microsystems based on artificial retinas
Author(s): Xavier Arreguit; Patrick Debergh
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Integrated optical interferometers for refractometry and chemical sensing
Author(s): Albrecht Brandenburg
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Microspectrometer for the infrared range
Author(s): Peter Krippner; Juergen Mohr; C. Mueller; C. van der Sel
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High-resolution real-time adaptive optic microsensor for residual stress and vibration measurement in situ
Author(s): George Eugene Dovgalenko; Irina I. Loutchkina
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Optimizing the optics for evanescent wave analysis with laser diodes (EWALD) for monitoring chlorinated hydrocarbons in water
Author(s): Joachim F. Kastner; Maurus Tacke; S. Silverstein; Abraham Katzir
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Length-division-sensitive birefringent fiber FMCW remote strain sensor
Author(s): Gang Zheng; Michael Campbell; Peter A. Wallace
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FMCW birefringent fiber strain sensor with two forward-coupled beams
Author(s): Michael Campbell; Gang Zheng; Peter A. Wallace
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Range imaging sensor with no moving parts
Author(s): Janusz A. Marszalec; Risto A. Myllylae; Ilkka Moring; Jorma Lammasniemi
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New integrated optics displacement sensor in glass
Author(s): Thiemo Lang; Denis Genon-Catalot; Pascal Dandrea; Isabelle Schanen Duport; Pierre Benech
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E-beam tandem writes short-pitch DOEs and gratings for EU-922 FOTA and other optical microsystems
Author(s): Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Olivier M. Parriaux
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Replication of micro-optical profiles in ORMOCER and other polymers
Author(s): Ines Anke; Ernst-Bernhard Kley; Heike Huebner; Bernd Schnabel; Ruediger Poehlmann
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One-level gray-tone lithography: mask data preparation and pattern transfer
Author(s): Klaus Reimer; Hans Joachim Quenzer; Rita Demmeler; Bernd Wagner
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