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Developments in Optical Component Coatings
Editor(s): Ian Reid

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Volume Number: 2776
Date Published: 19 August 1996

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Optical thin film coating design
Author(s): H. Angus Macleod
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Global design of antireflection coatings
Author(s): Maria Luisa Rastello; Amedeo Premoli
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Transmission properties of a multilayer filter realized with Cantor-like code
Author(s): Mario Bertolotti; P. Masciulli; Concita Sibilia
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Thin film design using simulated annealing and study of the filter robustness
Author(s): Thierry Boudet; Patrick Chaton
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Laser optical coatings with different reflectance profiles
Author(s): Angela M. Piegari; Salvatore Scaglione; Gabriele Emiliani
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Design of multilayers featuring inhomogenous coating properties
Author(s): Alexander V. Tikhonravov; Michael K. Trubetskov
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Nonradioactive infrared coatings for single- and multispectral applications
Author(s): Colin Cole; Peter S. Jones; Desmond R. Gibson
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Developments in the design and production of error-sensitive smart coatings
Author(s): Henrik Fabricius
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Real-time monitoring by multiwavelength ellipsometry of the growth of silicon alloy multilayers and gradient index structures
Author(s): Morten Kildemo; S. Deniau; Pavel Bulkin; Bernard Drevillon; Ola D. Hunderi
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"Black art" of thin film coating: why this term is used and how to change this mind-set
Author(s): S. W. Jansen; Philip J. Hatchett; S. W. Hughes; D. Paul Jones; Desmond R. Gibson
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Application of oxygen IAD using a new high-power gridless plasma source
Author(s): Ronald R. Willey
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Approaches explored for producing a variety of ion-assisted deposited thin film coatings using an end-Hall ion source
Author(s): Michael L. Fulton; Davood Heshmaty-Manesh; Raymond Mitchell
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Advanced broadband AR coatings in the visible: a comparative study of different deposition technologies
Author(s): Harry H. Bauer
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SiO2 protective coatings on plastic optics deposited with plasma IAD
Author(s): Ulrike Schulz; Stefan Jakobs; Norbert Kaiser
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Infrared optical coatings by simultaneous evaporation
Author(s): Hansjoerg S. Niederwald; Peter Reimer; D. Erdelyi
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Infrared regular reflectance standards from NPL
Author(s): Frank J.J. Clarke
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Dependence of the surface morphology and scattering of optical coatings on film material, substrate roughness, and deposition process
Author(s): Stefan Jakobs; Torsten Feigl; Angela Duparre; Stephan Pichlmaier
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Polarizers at 1.053 um deposited on silica substrate for high laser flux applications in a vacuum
Author(s): Bernard Geenen; Herve Leplan; B. Pinot; W. Alexandre; P. Pally; Larry A. Roussel; Odile Lam
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Plasma-ion-assisted deposition: investigation of film stress
Author(s): Alfons Zoeller; Rainer Goetzelmann; K. Matl
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Study of thin film inhomogeneity with a fast-scanning acousto-optic spectrophotometer
Author(s): Alexander V. Tikhonravov; Michael K. Trubetskov; Andrew N. Tikhonov; Oleg B. Tcherednichenko; Boris G. Lysoi; Ksenia V. Mikhailova; Brian Thomas Sullivan; Jerzy A. Dobrowolski
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Rutherford backscattering measurements of structured surfaces of optical systems
Author(s): Vratislav Perina
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Microstructured multilayer dielectric coatings with binary optical functions
Author(s): Marcus Frank; Uwe B. Schallenberg; Norbert Kaiser
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Thin-film plate polarizer with Fabry-Perot filter design
Author(s): Uwe B. Schallenberg; Norbert Kaiser
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Shift-free narrowband filters for the UV-B region
Author(s): Hein Uhlig; Uwe B. Schallenberg; Norbert Kaiser
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Graded-index films using aluminum oxynitrides
Author(s): Francis Placido; John Russell; Zhenhui Gou
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Optical coatings for UV photolithography systems
Author(s): Harry H. Bauer; Matthias Heller; Norbert Kaiser
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Near-UV to IR optical characterization of YF3 thin films deposited by evaporation and ion beam processes
Author(s): Etienne Quesnel; M. Berger; J. Cigna; David Duca; Catherine Pelle; F. Pierre
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Dual ion beam sputtering deposition of silicon oxynitride thin films
Author(s): Francesca Sarto; Antonella Rizzo; Rossella Giorgi; S. Turtu; Salvatore Scaglione
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Residual stress, composition, and optical properties of SiOxNy thin films deposited by dual ion beam sputtering
Author(s): Jean-Yves Robic; Herve Leplan; M. Berger; Patrick Chaton; Etienne Quesnel; Oliver Lartigue; Catherine Pelle; Y. Pauleau; F. Pierre
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Structural, compositional, and optical characterization of thin TiOxNy coatings fabricated by dual ion beam sputtering
Author(s): Antonella Rizzo; L. Mirenghi; Leander Tapfer; Marco Alvisi; Lorenzo Vasanelli; Francesca Sarto; Salvatore Scaglione
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Ellipsometric analysis of quasirugate films: regularization technique revisited
Author(s): Jiri Hrdina; Jaroslav Sobota; Vratislav Perina
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Kinetics and Rutherford backscattering study of the photo-induced solid state chemical reaction between silver and amorphous As33S67 layers
Author(s): Tomas Wagner; Miroslav Vlcek; Miloslav Frumar; Vratislav Perina; Eero Rauhala; Jaakko Saarilahti; Peter J.S. Ewen
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Narrowband polarizing interference filter
Author(s): Jerzy Ciosek
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Dichroic mirror for diode-pumped YAG:Nd laser
Author(s): Andreea G. Dinca; Mihai E. Trifan; Voicu Lupei; Torben Skettrup; Mihai P. Dinca
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Fabry-Perot resonators for high-resolution infrared gas sensors
Author(s): Jesus Meneses; Fernando Lopez; Juan Melendez; Antonio J. de Castro; Salvador Bosch
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Pd-based films produced by PECVD for optical recording
Author(s): Konstantin P. Gritsenko
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Design, fabrication, and characterization of subwavelength periodic structures for semiconductor antireflection coating in the visible domain
Author(s): Philippe Lalanne; G. Michael Morris
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Structure characteristics of stratified and single fluoride optical coatings
Author(s): Miklos Adamik; G. Safran; P. B. Barna; Ute Kaiser; Sven Laux; W. Richter
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Broadband IR transparent rain and sand erosion protective coating for the AV8-B and GR-7 Harrier forward-looking infrared germanium window
Author(s): Hugh G. Blackwell; Ewan M. Waddell; Desmond R. Gibson; P. McDermott
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Numerical study of the design of beam splitters for the far-IR foruse in Fourier transform spectrometers
Author(s): Jerzy A. Dobrowolski; Wesley A. Traub
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Deposition of conventional and gradient optical coatings by ECR plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Pavel V. Bulkin; Pieter L. Swart; Beatrys M. Lacquet; Anatoli A. Chtcherbakov
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UV-VUV mirrors for storage ring FELs: present performances and requirements
Author(s): David Garzella; Marie-Emmanuelle Couprie; Michel Billardon
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