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Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery III
Editor(s): Edmund G. Zelnio; Robert J. Douglass

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Volume Number: 2757
Date Published: 10 June 1996

Table of Contents
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Image-focus quality indicators for efficient inverse synthetic aperture radar phase correction
Author(s): Benjamin C. Flores; Salim Tariq; Jae Sok Son
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Selective motion compensation in ISAR imagery using time-frequency filtering
Author(s): Gabriel Thomas; Sergio D. Cabrera; Benjamin C. Flores
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SAR classification and polarimetric fusion
Author(s): Andrew Hauter; Kuo-Chu Chang; Sherman Karp
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Building 2D wide-area site models from single- and multipass single-polarization SAR data
Author(s): Shyam Kuttikkad; Rama Chellappa; Leslie M. Novak
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Broad-area search for targets in SAR imagery with context-adaptive algorithms
Author(s): Tim J. Patterson; Scott R. Fairchild
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Automatic change detection in spaceborne SAR imagery
Author(s): Douglas G. Corr; Simon W. Whitehouse; David H. Mott; Jim F. Baldwin
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Using APES for interferometric SAR imaging
Author(s): Jian Li; Marzban Palsetia
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Ambiguity resolution in SAR interferometry by use of three phase centers
Author(s): Charles V. Jakowatz Jr.; Daniel E. Wahl; Paul A. Thompson
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GeoSAR program: IFSAR validation and terrain classification from polarimetry
Author(s): Robert G. Carlisle; Mark E. Davis
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Three-dimensional ground truth reconstruction using 2D ISAR imagery
Author(s): Sharon X. Wang; Yishuo Huang; Victor C. Chen
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Three-dimensional target feature extraction via interferometric SAR
Author(s): Jian Li; Zheng-She Liu; Peter Stoica
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P-3 ultrawideband SAR: system applications to foliage penetration
Author(s): Norm VandenBerg; Dan R. Sheen; Stan Shackman; David L. Wiseman
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Foliage penetration data collections and investigations utilizing the P-3 UWB SAR
Author(s): Michael F. Toups; Loretta A. Bessette; Bradley T. Binder
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Spectral correlation of wideband target resonances
Author(s): Vincent Sabio
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Automatic detection and cueing for foliage-concealed targets
Author(s): D. MacDonald; Chung-Fu Chang; Juan Roman; Richard Koesel
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Efficient approach to physics-based FOPEN-SAR ATD/R
Author(s): Mark R. Allen
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ATR performance using enhanced resolution SAR
Author(s): Leslie M. Novak; Gerald R. Benitz; Gregory J. Owirka; Loretta A. Bessette
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Composite correlation filters for SAR image recognition
Author(s): Daniel W. Carlson; Bhagavatula Vijaya Kumar; Robert R. Mitchell; Michael Hoffelder
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Scene matching with radar images
Author(s): M. N. V. Rao; D. Sita
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Feature space trajectory (FST) neural network for SAR detection, classification, and clutter rejection
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Rajesh Shenoy; Leonard Neiberg
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SAR ATR via pose-tagged partial evidence fusion
Author(s): Barry K. Hill; David Cyganski; Richard F. Vaz
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Model-based SAR ATR system
Author(s): Katsushi Ikeuchi; Mark D. Wheeler; Taku Yamazaki; Takeshi Shakunaga
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Search algorithms for model-based SAR ATR
Author(s): John Wissinger; Robert B. Washburn; Noah S. Friedland; Anthony Nowicki; Douglas R. Morgan; Chee Chong; Robert Fung
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Signature prediction for model-based automatic target recognition
Author(s): Eric R. Keydel; Shung Wu Lee
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Unified approach to feature extraction for model-based ATR
Author(s): John Stach; Rajesh Sharma; Scott W. Shaw
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Probabilistic optimization approach to SAR feature matching
Author(s): Gil J. Ettinger; Gregory A. Klanderman; William M. Wells III; W. Eric L. Grimson
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SAR target indexing with hierarchical distance transforms
Author(s): Thomas W. Ryan; B. Egaas
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Complex SAR phase history modeling using two-dimensional parametric estimation techniques
Author(s): Chinghui J. Ying; Hung-Chih Chiang; Randolph L. Moses; Lee C. Potter
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Automatic classification of targets in synthetic aperture radar imagery using topographic features
Author(s): Reuven Meth; Rama Chellappa
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Noncooperative target classification using hierarchical modeling of high-range resolution radar signatures
Author(s): Kie Bum Eom
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Polarmetric classification of scattering centers
Author(s): Emre Ertin; Lee C. Potter
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SAR imagery segmentation using probabilistic winner-take-all clustering
Author(s): Hossam M. Osman; Steven D. Blostein
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Clipping service: ATR-based SAR image compression
Author(s): David L. Rodkey; Stephen P. Welby; Larry D. Hostetler
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High compression of SAR imagery for battlefield surveillance
Author(s): Nasser M. Nasrabadi; Joseph P. Sattler; Heesung Kwon; Syed A. Rizvi
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SAR image compression with the Gabor transform: a comparison of different quantizers and bit allocation methods
Author(s): Robert A. Baxter; Michael Seibert
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Evaluation of a new wavelet-based compression algorithm for synthetic aperture radar images
Author(s): Jun Tian; Haitao Guo; Raymond O. Wells Jr.; C. Sidney Burrus; Jan Erik Odegard
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New CFAR stencil for target detections in synthetic aperture radar imagery
Author(s): Munchurl Kim; John W. Fisher III; Jose C. Principe
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Spaceborne interferometric synthetic aperture radars
Author(s): YuLong Shao; Zhaoda Zhu
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Feature characterization in the context of model-based search
Author(s): Noah S. Friedland
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MSTAR extended operating conditions: a tutorial
Author(s): Eric R. Keydel; Shung Wu Lee; John T. Moore
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Lognormal approximation for quantifying performance of Bayesian target classifier in presence of pose uncertainty
Author(s): William W. Irving; Robert B. Washburn; Robert R. Tenney
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