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Laser Radar Technology and Applications
Editor(s): Gary W. Kamerman

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Volume Number: 2748
Date Published: 26 June 1996

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Application of angle-resolved laser radar to industrial processes
Author(s): Harrison Kevin Roberts; Leo J. vanWezel
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Depth-sounding lidar: performance and models
Author(s): Ove K. Steinvall; Kurt R. Koppari; Ulf Lejdebrink; Johan Winell; Magnus Nilsson; Rutger Ellsen; Einar Gjellan
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Compact 625-channel scannerless imaging laser radar receiver
Author(s): Hoyt N. Burns; Todd D. Steiner; David R. Hayden
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Emerging versatility of a scannerless range imager
Author(s): John T. Sackos; Bart D. Bradley; Robert O. Nellums; Carl F. Diegert
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Laser radar focal plane array for three-dimensional imaging
Author(s): Richard D. Richmond; Roger Stettner; Howard Bailey
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Dual-beam dual-frequency scanning laser radar for investigation of ablation profiles
Author(s): Vasyl V. Molebny; Ioannis G. Pallikaris; Leonidas P. Naoumidis; Gary W. Kamerman; Eugene M. Smirnov; Leonid M. Ilchenko; Vadym O. Goncharov
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Doppler lidar experiences for the determination of the wind profile in the atmospheric boundary layer
Author(s): Christian Werner; Friedrich Koepp; Rolf Heilmann; Stephan Rahm; Juergen Streicher
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Recent modifications, enhancements, and measurements with an airborne lidar system
Author(s): Robert J. DeCoursey; Mary T. Osborn; David M. Winker; David C. Woods
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Improved airdrop capabilities using a 2-um laser radar system
Author(s): Richard D. Richmond; Pat D. Woodworth; Jay Alan Overbeck; Michael S. Salisbury; Robert H. Fetner; Ernest E. Armstrong; Leonard T. Masters; Dale T. Brodbeck
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Robust coherent laser radar design and signal processing for vibrometry
Author(s): Mille C. Millnert; Christina Carlsson; Christer Karlsson; Dietmar Letalick; Ingmar G. E. Renhorn
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New phase method of measuring particle size with laser Doppler radar
Author(s): Vladimir M. Zemlianskii
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Laser radar instrument for the Near-Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) mission
Author(s): Timothy D. Cole; Mark T. Boies; Ashruf S. El-Dinary
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Testing and space qualification of the NEAR laser range finder
Author(s): Ashruf S. El-Dinary; Timothy D. Cole; Mark T. Boies; R. Alan Reiter; Daniel E. Rodriguez
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Design, development, and flight qualification of the optical receiver for the NEAR laser range finder
Author(s): Mark T. Boies; Timothy D. Cole
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Eye-safe imaging and tracking laser scanner system for space applications
Author(s): Denis G. Laurin; Francois Blais; J. Angelo Beraldin; Luc Cournoyer
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Status report of an airborne CO2 transceiver for remote sensing employing direct and coherent detection
Author(s): Subrata Ghoshroy; J. DiMercurio; Richard S. Eng; Howard Stowe; Yu-Lin Wang; Francis J. Corbett; Victor H. Hasson; Mark A. Kovacs; Marsha J. Fox; Richard Wendt
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Ladar image synthesis with comprehensive sensor model
Author(s): Michael R. Wellfare; Leslie A. Love; Karen A. McCarley; Lee Prestwood
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Computer simulation of a multiple-aperture coherent laser radar
Author(s): Kevin J. Gamble; Arthur Robert Weeks
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End-to-end laser radar range code for coherent cw lasers
Author(s): M. John Yoder; Dima Seliverstov
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Signal processing for coherent laser radar: integration of multiple pulses and effects of pointing errors
Author(s): Philip E. Cassady; Ronald N. Murata
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Speckle imaging of coherent sources
Author(s): David R. Gerwe; Martin A. Plonus; Bahira H. Elsebelgy
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Identification of vehicle targets from low-cost ladar-seeker imagery
Author(s): Michael R. Wellfare; V. Todd Holmes; Scott Pohlman; Duane Geci; Karen Norris-Zachery; Ronald Patton
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Directional wind measurement derived from elastic backscatter lidar data in real time
Author(s): David S. Moore; Stephen W. White; Robert R. Karl Jr.; Brian Emerson Newnam
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Selective resonance excitation in remote laser spark spectroscopy
Author(s): Dmitry Yu. Tsipenyuk; Michail A. Davydov
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Overview of the field ladar demonstration program developing high-resolution imaging and remote sensing
Author(s): Victor H. Hasson; Richard Wendt; Stanley R. Czyzak
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Field ladar demonstration (FLD) system, algorithms, and Phase I/Phase II test results
Author(s): Mark A. Kovacs; Subrata Ghoshroy; Victor H. Hasson; Richard H. Pohle; Francis J. Corbett; Gordon L. Dryden; Donald Ruffatto; Stanley R. Czyzak; Richard Wendt
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Recent laser radar field-test results gathered with the rapid optical beam steering (ROBS) system
Author(s): Bruce MacDonald; Murray Dunn; David W. Herr; Howard Hyman; Daniel H. Leslie; Lewis F. DeSandre
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Multichannel variable optical control systems for large coherent optical arrays
Author(s): Nabeel A. Riza
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Long-term observations of the midlatitude stratospheric aerosol from the Mount Pinatubo eruption
Author(s): David C. Woods; David M. Winker; Otto Youngbluth Jr.; Mary T. Osborn; Robert J. DeCoursey
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Characterization of passively Q-switched microchip lasers for laser radar
Author(s): William J. Mandeville; Kenneth M. Dinndorf; Norman E. Champigny
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Semiconductor diode-pumped optical parameter oscillator and amplifier-based compact range finder
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Allen R. Geiger; Richard D. Richmond
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Miniature and high-repetition-rate eye-safe Q-switched Er:glass transmitters for radar applications
Author(s): Ruikun Wu; Michael J. Myers; John D. Myers; Scott J. Hamlin
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Thickness of the mixed atmosphere layer above the sea surface determined by means of the lidar method
Author(s): Tymon Zielinski; Andrzej Zielinski
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Daimler-Benz Aerospace/Dornier SAR interferometric sensing system: experimental study
Author(s): N. P. Faller; Brian D. Fritsch; Erich H. Meier; Alois Josef Sieber
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