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Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays IV

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Volume Number: 2746
Date Published: 17 June 1996

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Design and performance of the ULTRA 320x240 uncooled focal plane array and sensor
Author(s): Robert J. Herring; Philip E. Howard
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Status of uncooled focal plane detector arrays for smart IR sensors
Author(s): Kevin Charles Liddiard; Ulf Ringh; Christer Jansson
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Amber's uncooled microbolometer LWIR camera
Author(s): Bill Meyer; Robert F. Cannata; Arthur Stout; Andrew Gin; Peter Taylor; Eric Woodbury; John Deffner; Fred Ennerson
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Design of uncooled infrared imaging arrays
Author(s): Paul W. Kruse
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Uncooled infrared sensors with digital focal plane array
Author(s): Charles A. Marshall; Neal R. Butler; Richard J. Blackwell; Robert Murphy; Thomas B. Breen
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Sol-gel-derived ferroelectric films as pyroelectric detectors in imaging applications
Author(s): Gimtong T. Teowee; K. McCarthy; Donald R. Uhlmann
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High-sensitivity pyroelectric linear arrays and their applications
Author(s): Volkmar Norkus; Helmut Budzier; Torsten Sokoll; Guenter Hofmann; Uwe Hoffmann; Norbert Hess
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320x240 silicon microbolometer uncooled IR FPAs with on-chip offset correction
Author(s): William A. Radford; Daniel F. Murphy; Michael Ray; Steven H. Propst; Adam Kennedy; J. K. Kojiro; James T. Woolaway II; Kevin L. Soch; R. Coda; G. Lung; Edgar A. Moody; D. Gleichman; Stefan T. Baur
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Analysis of optimal bolometer sensitivity with linear approximation
Author(s): Jin-Shown Shie; Yeong-Maw Chen; Chin-Shown Sheen
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Long-wavelength 256x256 QWIP handheld camera
Author(s): Sarath D. Gunapala; John K. Liu; Mani Sundaram; Sumith V. Bandara; C. A. Shott; Theodore R. Hoelter; Paul D. Maker; Richard E. Muller
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Nuclear radiation effects on GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Hui Chun Liu; P. H. Wilson; Margaret Buchanan; Shyam M. Khanna
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Infrared detection with spontaneous pulsing in multiquantum well structures
Author(s): A. G. Unil Perera; S. G. Matsik; M. H. Francombe
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Near-room-temperature performance of an SWIR InGaAs/Si hybrid 96 elementx25 TDI high-performance FPA
Author(s): Richard C. McKee; Donald Lampe; James Halvis; Timothy F. Henricks; Thomas E. Wilson; William E. Kleinhans; Krishna Rao Linga; Michael J. Lange
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Photoelectric memory in GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Michail A. Dem'yanenko; Victor N. Ovsyuk; Valerii V. Shashkin; Aleksandr I. Toropov
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Infrared photocurrent study of PZT/YBCO and PMSZT/YBCO heterostructures
Author(s): Naijuan Wu; D. Liu; Y. S. Chen; H. Lin; A. R. Zomorrodian; Alex Ignatiev
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Progress on the development of multiwavelength imaging pyrometer
Author(s): Michael B. Kaplinsky; Jun Li; Nathaniel J. McCaffrey; Edwin Sui Hoi Hou; Walter F. Kosonocky
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Fabrication and characteristics of long-wavelength infrared planar photodiodes on molecular beam epitaxial p-HgCdTe films
Author(s): Victor N. Ovsyuk; S. A. Studenikin; A. O. Suslyakov; N. Kh. Talipov; Vladimir V. Vasilyev; T. I. Zahariash; Yuri G. Sidorov; Sergey A. Dvoretsky; Nikolay N. Mikhailov; Vasily S. Varavin
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Current and projected state of Joule-Thomson cooling technology
Author(s): Robert G. Hansen
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Low-cost cryocooler review for intermediate cooling temperature
Author(s): Patrick Curlier
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Principles of Z-plane technology and on-sensor processing for photoelectric structures with memory
Author(s): Sergey L. Vinogradov; Vitaly E. Shubin
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Detector Dewar cooler assemblies trade-off with equipment needs: a key issue for cost reduction
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Chatard
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1/f noise-estimation method based on wavelet transformation and likelihood estimation
Author(s): Zhiyong Li; Zhenkang Shen; Weiping Yang
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AEG PtSi modules: a summary
Author(s): Wolfgang A. Cabanski; R. Koch; Horst Maier; G. Pahler; C. Joachim Wendler; Johann Ziegler; Karl C. Hofmann; Kurt Eberhardt; Peter P. Deimel; U. Prechtel; K. Kapser
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Fabrication and properties of two-dimensional hybrid array sensor on epitaxial n-InAs films
Author(s): Georgue L. Kurishev; A. P. Kovchavtzev; V. M. Bazovkin; I. M. Subbotin; I. M. Zakharov; Yu. A. Shlapunov; L. S. Kogan; A. V. Bekhterev
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Infrared photoconductors fabricated on Hg1-xCdxTe film grown by molecular beam epitaxy
Author(s): Victor N. Ovsyuk; A. O. Suslyakov; T. I. Zahariash; S. A. Studenikin; Vladimir V. Vasilyev; Yuri G. Sidorov; Sergey A. Dvoretsky; Vasily S. Varavin; Nikolay N. Mikhailov; V. G. Liberman
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X-ray photoelectronic spectroscopy on telluride crystal grown in tube with carbon film
Author(s): Su-ying Zhang; Pulin Liu; Jie Shen
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SWIR staring FPA performance at room temperature
Author(s): Lester J. Kozlowski; William E. Tennant; Majid Zandian; Jose M. Arias; John G. Pasko
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Producibility advances in hybrid uncooled infrared devices II
Author(s): Robert A. Owen; James F. Belcher; Howard R. Beratan; Steve N. Frank
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NightMaster: a new compact IR imaging system
Author(s): Gregory R. Leonard; R. Karaus; Harold Al Timlin; J. Brian Toft; Dave Grebe
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Micromachined uncooled VO2-based IR bolometer arrays
Author(s): Hubert Jerominek; Francis Picard; Nicholas R. Swart; Martin Renaud; Marc Levesque; Mario Lehoux; Jean-Sebastien Castonguay; Martin Pelletier; Ghislain Bilodeau; Danick Audet; Timothy D. Pope; Philippe Lambert
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IR detector system based on high-Tc superconducting bolometer on Si membrane
Author(s): M. Burnus; G. Hefle; T. Heidenblut; Igor A. Khrebtov; J. Laukemper; W. Michalke; Helmut Neff; B. Schwierzi; Olga K. Semtchinova; Erwin Steinbeiss; A. D. Tkachenko
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