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Technologies for Synthetic Environments: Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

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Volume Number: 2741
Date Published: 24 May 1996

Table of Contents
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Role of interceptor hardware-in-the-loop testing in ballistic missile defense programs
Author(s): Chet A. DeCesaris Jr.; Paul J. Millner; Jon Forst
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation at the U.S. Army Missile Command
Author(s): John S. Cole Jr.; Alexander C. Jolly
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Twenty years of hardware-in-the-loop simulation at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida: lessons learned
Author(s): Marion S. Skalka; William L. Gash; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.; Richard A. Woodard
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Contributions of hardware-in-the-loop simulations to Navy test and evaluation
Author(s): Michelle Bailey; Julie Doerr
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Formalism for analyzing spatial, spectral, and temporal effects in a hardware-in-the-loop system involving a pixelized projector and a passive imaging sensor
Author(s): David S. Flynn; Breck A. Sieglinger
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U.S. Army Missile Command imaging infrared system simulation (IIRSS)
Author(s): James A. Buford Jr.; Teri S. Dunavant
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512x512 WISP (wideband infrared scene projector) arrays
Author(s): Barry E. Cole; Robert E. Higashi; Jeff A. Ridley; J. Holmen; James W. Arendt; Charles L. Malone; Robert G. Stockbridge; George C. Goldsmith II; Lawrence E. Jones
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Investigation of the optical sampling between the infrared resistor array projector and the unit under test for hardware-in-the-loop testing
Author(s): Lawrence E. Jones; Eric M. Olson; Robert Lee Murrer Jr.
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Performance capabilities and utilization of MICOM's diode-laser-based infrared scene projector technology
Author(s): D. Brett Beasley; John B. Cooper
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Integration, calibration, and testing of resistor array dynamic infrared scene projector on the outer axis of a five-axis flight motion simulator for real-time hardware-in-the-loop simulations
Author(s): George C. Goldsmith II; Mary Amenda Amick; Lawrence E. Jones
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Real-time three-dimensional infrared scene generation utilizing commercially available hardware
Author(s): Dennis L. Garbo; Eric M. Olson; Charles F. Coker; Dennis R. Crow
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Low-cost real-time IR scene generation for image projection and signal injection
Author(s): Timothy A. Palmer; David E. King
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Real-time scene generator
Author(s): Eric Lord; David J. Shand; Allan J. Cantle
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Real-time infrared scene simulator (RISS)
Author(s): Brian E. O'Toole
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation using direct signal injection
Author(s): Breck A. Sieglinger; David S. Flynn; Charles F. Coker
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Real-time image visualization for sensors
Author(s): David C. Anding; Alexander Szabo
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High-fidelity phenomenology modeling of infrared emissions from missile and aircraft exhaust plumes
Author(s): Dennis R. Crow; Charles F. Coker
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Seascape: ray tracing synthetic marine clutter in the midwave infrared
Author(s): Kim T. Constantikes; Srcan Osmanagich
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Ground vehicle thermal signature modeling and validation for hardware-in-the-loop imaging infrared sensor testing
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Sanders
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SSGM: from serial to parallel processing using PVM
Author(s): Harry M. Heckathorn; Becky Popp; William R. Smith; David Conklin; D. A. Newman; Fred Wieland
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Real-time implementation of structural and aero-optical effects for hypervelocity missiles
Author(s): Rhoe A. Thompson; Walter J. Krawczyk; James R. Kircher; James W. Trolier
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Laser-based direct-write scene generation methods for closed-loop focal-plane-array diagnostics
Author(s): Sidney L. Steely; H. S. Lowery III; R. H. Fugerer
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W-band point-scatterer target models for HWIL simulations
Author(s): Annie V. Saylor; Douglas P. Barr; Bobby G. Woodruff; Larry T. Lowe
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U.S. Army Missile Command dual-mode millimeter wave/infrared simulator development
Author(s): Scott B. Mobley; John S. Cole Jr.; John M. Jarem; John B. Cooper
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Dual-mode infrared and radar hardware-in-the-loop test assets at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Author(s): Thomas E. O'Bannon; Scott A. Gearhart
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One aspect of multispectral scene projection (MSSG): radar-infrared scene combination for use in hardware-in-the-loop simulation test facilities
Author(s): Paul H. Amundson
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Hardware-in-the-loop simulation for a weapon system with active millimeter-wave, passive millimeter-wave, and infrared sensors
Author(s): William J. Sholes; Elizabeth A. Waites; David W. Linden
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Signal generation techniques for MMW seeker HWIL simulation
Author(s): Richard F. Olson Jr.
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Avionics simulator
Author(s): Minoru Shibata; Haruo Notoh
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Hardware-in-the-loop testing for the LOCAAS laser radar antimateriel munition
Author(s): Lawrence Y. Byrd III; Rhoe A. Thompson
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Validation of the real-time infrared scene simulator (RISS) for the AN/AAR-44 missile approach warning application
Author(s): Paul A. Acevedo
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Program risk reduction through HWIL GPS/INS testing: an example
Author(s): George B. Stupp; David S. Lehnus
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Use of hardware-in-the-loop (HWIL) testing from early software development through final system test to mitigate risk and to assure mission success for the Hera targets program
Author(s): Michael Marcin Jr.
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Adaptive load-stand design for real-time HWIL JSOW missile control section characterization
Author(s): E. Paul Strauss
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Space-based interceptor hardware-in-the-loop simulation featuring IR scene projection and dual-sensor IR and lidar signal injection
Author(s): Larry K. Harbor
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Design and calibration of the steerable laser projector
Author(s): James R. Kircher; Michael C. Cornell
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Fiber-optic-based infrared scene projector
Author(s): Robert Z. Dalbey
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Capability and integration test of the KHILS vacuum cryogenic chamber (KVACC)
Author(s): Jack R. Lippert; Virgil G. Timms
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Real-time range generation for ladar hardware-in-the-loop testing
Author(s): Eric M. Olson; Charles F. Coker
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Flight code validation simulator
Author(s): Brent A. Sims
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Intelligent electromechanical actuators
Author(s): Thomas Pfeufer; Rolf Isermann
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