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Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing X
Editor(s): Michael K. Masten; Larry A. Stockum

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Volume Number: 2739
Date Published: 7 June 1996

Table of Contents
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Parametric study analyzing the impact of space-based sensors on Navy theater ballistic missile defense performance for theaterwide systems
Author(s): Roni G. Sullivan
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Active tracking of a ballistic missile in the boost phase
Author(s): Paul H. Merritt; Salvatore J. Cusumano; Mark A. Kramer; Shawn D. O'Keefe; Charles Higgs
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High-fidelity integrated active tracking and pointing simulations
Author(s): W. Michael Dimmler; Steven Baugh; Timothy J. Schneeberger
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Pointing, tracking, and acquisition through atmospheric turbulence utilizing reciprocal path techniques
Author(s): Stephen P. Reddy; James E. Harvey; Ronald L. Phillips
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Optimal guidance of proportional navigation
Author(s): Pin-Jar Yuan
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Line-of-sight pointing accuracy/stability analysis and computer simulation for small spacecraft
Author(s): Marcelo C. Algrain; Richard M. Powers
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Precision pointing and image stabilization for the transition region and coronal explorer solar observatory
Author(s): Darrell F. Zimbelman; Joseph Burt; Marilyn E. Bruner; Theodore D. Tarbell; Chris G. Edwards; J. Roger Chen
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Automated tracking for advanced satellite laser ranging systems
Author(s): Jan F. McGarry; John J. Degnan; Paul James Titterton Sr.; Harold E. Sweeney; Brion P. Conklin; Peter J. Dunn
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Object-oriented framework for multisensor system and optronic components assessment
Author(s): Patrick Thevenoux; Benoit Barrat; Serge Poirier; Gilles Laroche
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Pointing and sun-tracker system for the LPMA gondola
Author(s): Toufic-Michel Hawat; Roger J. Torguet; Claude Camy-Peyret; P. Jeseck; S. Payan
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Radar tracking of multitarget complexes using Hough transforms
Author(s): Thierry B. Copie; William J. Jacobson; Harold C. Payson
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Low-elevation monopulse radar and tracking simulator (LEMRATS)
Author(s): Jeffrey E. Conte; Gordon William Groves; W. Dale Blair
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Radar waveform requirements for reliable detection of an aircraft-launched missile
Author(s): W. Dale Blair; Maite Brandt-Pearce
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Adaptive CFAR techniques for signal detection in the Doppler domain
Author(s): Theodore R. Rice; Jeffrey E. Conte
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Absolute sensor alignment using GPS
Author(s): Ronald E. Helmick; Jeffrey E. Conte; Theodore R. Rice
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Genetic algorithm for multiple-target-tracking data association
Author(s): Jean-Yves Carrier; John Litva; Henry Leung; Titus K. Y. Lo
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Tracking direction-of-arrivals using a Hopfield neural network
Author(s): Henry Leung; Ban Quach
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Feedforward stabilization test bed
Author(s): James C. DeBruin; James M. B. Royalty; Marty Wand; Edwin Allen
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Determination of attitude jitter in small satellites
Author(s): Marcelo C. Algrain; Mark K. Woehrer
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Self-tuning controller for nonlinear inertial stabilization systems
Author(s): Bo Li; David A. Hullender
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Nonlinear-induced disturbance rejection in inertial stabilization systems
Author(s): Bo Li; David A. Hullender; Michael T. DiRenzo
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Active damping of beam-shaped mechanical systems
Author(s): Vicente Feliu; Fernando Yeves; Enrique Uzal
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Vehicle real-time attitude-estimation system (VRAES)
Author(s): John N. Sanders-Reed
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System architecture for a long range over the water target acquisition and tracking system
Author(s): Elmer F. Williams; John T. Caulfield
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Coordinated objective/subjective estimation approach to multitarget tracking
Author(s): Jason E. Lechak; Richard A. Jones
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Adaptive system noise covariance for performance enhancement of Kalman filter-based algorithms
Author(s): Vika Lee; Keith C. C. Chan; Henry Leung
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New image-stabilizing system
Author(s): Yuejin Zhao
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Real-time target acquisition for the Army's scout mission
Author(s): Philip David
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Miss-distance indicator for tank main guns
Author(s): Jonathan A. Bornstein; David B. Hillis
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Image registration of naval IR images
Author(s): Arne Jan Rodland
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Rapid star-pattern identification
Author(s): Brendan Quine; Hugh F. Durrant-Whyte
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Method for real-time face region tracking based on color histogram
Author(s): Tae-Woong Yoo; Il-Seok Oh
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Advanced systems for parametric imaging in the mid-IR region
Author(s): Narasimha S. Prasad; Allen R. Geiger
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Neural net target-tracking system using structured laser patterns
Author(s): Jae-Wan Cho; Yong-Bum Lee; Nam-Ho Lee; Soon-Yong Park; Jongmin Lee; Gapchu Choi; Sunghyun Baek; Dong-Sun Park
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Multiple-object deconvolution (MODE) in support of imagery-based ATP classification of nonstationary TBM astronomical objects
Author(s): Aleksandr N. Safronov; Andrew A. Pahomov
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Wavelet method to suppress angle measurement error in monopulse tracking radar
Author(s): Guoying Chen; Peikang Huang
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New generation of star trackers
Author(s): Vladimir S. Kouzmin; Victor I. Fedosseev; Vladimir Ivanovich Zaikin
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Miniature sun sensor
Author(s): Vladimir S. Kouzmin; Gennadi Semionovich Cheremoukhin; Victor I. Fedosseev
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New high-precision magnetic rheology drives for segmented primary mirror of adaptive telescope AST-10
Author(s): Valeri V. Anisimov; Eugeny A. Deouline; Victor P. Mikhailov; Valery B. Kaspersky; Victor V. Sytchev
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IR horizon sensor based on multielement pyroelectric detector
Author(s): Vladimir S. Kouzmin; Alexandre E. Rubovsky
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