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Tenth Feofilov Symposium on Spectroscopy of Crystals Activated by Rare-Earth and Transitional-Metal Ions
Editor(s): Alexander I. Ryskin; V. F. Masterov

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Volume Number: 2706
Date Published: 3 January 1996

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Energy transfer and up-conversion in rare-earth doped dielectric crystals
Author(s): Alexandra M. Tkachuk
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Nature of electron excitation-energy transfer Cr3+--TR3+ in garnet crystals
Author(s): Tasoltan T. Basiev; Yurii V. Orlovskii; Vasiliy G. Ostroumov; Yu. S. Privis; Ivan Alexandrov Shcherbakov
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Practical models for energy transfer between ions in solids
Author(s): Stanley R. Rotman; E. Luria; N. Yitzhaki; Avishay Eyal
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Nonradiative energy back transfer from erbium in silicon by impurity Auger process
Author(s): Jorg Palm; F. Gan; Lionel C. Kimerling
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Some aspects of the excited state absorption spectroscopy of doped ions in crystals
Author(s): B. K. Sevastyanov
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Double exchange between chromium ions in the KZnF3:Cr3+,Cr2+ crystal
Author(s): M. V. Eremin; Sergey I. Nikitin; N. I. Silkin; A. I. Tsvetkov; R. V. Yusupov
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Luminescence of rare-earth ions in epitaxial fluoride layers
Author(s): Nikolai S. Sokolov; Nikolai Leopoldovich Yakovlev
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Bleaching effects in photoluminescence of rare-earth ions in fluoride heterostructures
Author(s): S. V. Gastev; J. C. Alvarez; V. V. Vitvinsky; Nikolai S. Sokolov; A. Yu. Khilko
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Study of photoinduced charge transfer in SrTiO3: luminescence, photoconductivity and photo-EPR
Author(s): S. A. Basun; U. Bianchi; V. E. Bursian; Alexander A. Kaplyanskii; W. Kleemann; L. S. Sochava; V. S. Vikhnin
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Photochromism of Bi12SiO20 crystals doped with transition-metal ions of Fe group
Author(s): T. V. Panchenko; N. A. Truseyeva
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Vibronic coupling in optical spectra of small-radius impurity centers in crystals
Author(s): Alexander I. Ryskin; V. A. Kremerman
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Vibronic structure and g-tensor temperature dependence of K2ZnF4:Cu2+ impurity center
Author(s): A. Yu. Zaharov; A. E. Nikiforov; S. Yu. Shashkin
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Oscillating field model in the theory of optical spectra
Author(s): Andranik G. Avanesov; V. V. Zhorin; V. F. Pisarenko
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Study of spin-lattice relaxation of ytterbium ions in glasses
Author(s): V. S. Vikhnin; I. A. Gromov; S. B. Orlinskii; R. M. Rakhmatullin; Yu. K. Rozentsvaig; B. M. Epel
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Electron-lattice interaction of localized states in solids
Author(s): Marek Grinberg; Czeslaw Koepke
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Nonequilibrium terahertz phonons in spatially confined aluminum oxide crystalline materials studied by the Cr3+ fluorescent phonon detector
Author(s): S. P. Feofilov; Alexander A. Kaplyanskii
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Resonant vibronic effect in the luminescence spectra of europium compounds
Author(s): V. D. Savchenko; V. I. Tsaryuk; V. F. Zolin; Yu. K. Gusev
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Electron vibrational suppression of magnetic-dipole electronic transitions in MeF2:Tm2+ crystals
Author(s): I. V. Ignatev; V. V. Ovsyankin
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Physics and application of x-ray storage phosphors
Author(s): A. Winnacker
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Fast lanthanide-doped inorganic scintillators
Author(s): C. W.E. van Eijk
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X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies of the off-center Ni2+ ions in NicMg1-cO solid solutions
Author(s): N. Mironova; A. Kuzmin; J. Purans; A. Rodionov
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Luminescence of Cs2NaLa1-xCexCl6 crystals
Author(s): E. N. Mel'chakov; Ian H. Munro; S. V. Petrov; Piotr A. Rodnyi; A. S. Voloshinovsky; N. G. Zakharov
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Rare-earth spectroscopic probe in physics of magnetics
Author(s): Marina N. Popova
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Theory of isotopic effects in the optical spectra of lanthanide ions in crystals
Author(s): Boris Z. Malkin; S. K. Saikin
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Exothermal spectral diffusion in media with large diagonal disorder of 4f-states: the role of phenomenology models in cooperative and coherent optical phenomena
Author(s): V. G. Davydov; V. V. Ovsyankin; A. A. Fedorov
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Influence of external electric field on the optical spectra of LiNbO3:Nd3+ and LiNbO3:Cr3+ crystals
Author(s): Alexander P. Skvortsov; A. M. Tveritinov; Vladimir A. Trepakov; K. Polgar; L. Jastrabic
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Quantum up-conversion dynamics of Pr3+ pairs in CsCdBr3
Author(s): J. Neukum; J. Heber
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Quasi-vacancy model for impurity centers with partially filled d- and f-shells
Author(s): N. P. Ilyin; V. F. Masterov
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Two novel mechanisms of f-f-luminescence resonance excitation in semiconductors
Author(s): Georgy G. Zegrya; V. F. Masterov
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Multiphonon-assisted energy transfer between rare-earth 4f-shells and semiconductor hosts
Author(s): Akihito Taguchi; Kenichiro Takahei
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1.54-um emission enhancement in silicon doped with erbium
Author(s): D. E. Onopko; Nikolai T. Bagraev; Alexander I. Ryskin
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Room-temperature photoluminescence of erbium-doped amorphous hydrogenated silicon
Author(s): Mikhail S. Bresler; Oleg B. Gusev; V. K. Kudoyarova; A. N. Kuznetsov; Petr E. Pak; E. I. Terukov; Irina N. Yassievich; B. P. Zakharchenya
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Luminescent rare-earth complexes in ion-implanted GaAs
Author(s): V. M. Konnov; T. V. Larikova; N. N. Loyko; V. A. Dravin; V. V. Ushakov; A. A. Gippius
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Electroluminescence and excitation mechanism of erbium ions in erbium-doped crystalline silicon
Author(s): Mikhail S. Bresler; Oleg B. Gusev; M. I. Macoviichuk; Petr E. Pak; Evgenii O. Parshin; Elena I. Shek; Nikolai A. Sobolev; Irina N. Yassievich; B. P. Zakharchenya
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Energy transfer processes in semiconductors doped with transition metals and rare-earth elements
Author(s): Victor I. Sokolov
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Spectroscopy of 3d-impurities in quantum structures
Author(s): Konstantin A. Kikoin; L. A. Manakova
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Covalent effects and optical spectra of transition metal impurities in semiconductors
Author(s): V. Fleurov; P. Dahan
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Pseudo-Zeeman factors for transition ions in silicon
Author(s): C. A.J. Ammerlaan; P. N. Hai; T. Gregorkiewicz
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Internal photo-oxidation reduction of impurity ions in crystals: extension of an early Feofilov experiment
Author(s): Donald S. McClure
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