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Quantum Well and Superlattice Physics VI
Editor(s): Gottfried H. Doehler; Theodore S. Moise

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Volume Number: 2694
Date Published: 19 April 1996

Table of Contents
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GaInSb/InAs superlattice-based infrared lasers
Author(s): Richard H. Miles; Tom C. Hasenberg; Alan R. Kost; L. West
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Novel quantum cascade lasers based on type-II multiple quantum well heterostructures
Author(s): Rui Q. Yang; Shin Shem Pei; Jerry R. Meyer
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Population inversion in asymmetrical step quantum wells and infrared intersubband lasers
Author(s): Xiangkun Zhang; Chunyung Sung; Theodore B. Norris; George I. Haddad
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Modeling of multiple quantum well lasers and study of the coupling effects between wells
Author(s): Alberto de Deus Sarmento
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Bandfilling and bandgap shrinkage in the femtosecond spectroscopyof GaAs
Author(s): Weizhu Lin; Fei-Peng Pi; Zhong Chen; Yuchuang Chen; Xiangyang Zheng; Tianshu Lai; Dang Mo
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Strain-engineered semiconductor heterostructures for novel optoelectronic devices
Author(s): Hongen Shen
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Spin relaxation in GaAs multiple quantum wells: well-width dependence
Author(s): Peggy Perozzo; Alan Miller
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High-wafer yield high-performance vertical cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Gabriel S. Li; Wupen Yuen; Sui F. Lim; Constance J. Chang-Hasnain
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Tuning of the exciton-photon coupling in semiconductor quantum microcavities by external electric and magnetic fields
Author(s): T. A. Fisher; Maurice S. Skolnick; A. M. Afshar; D. M. Whittaker; P. Kinsler; John Stuart Roberts; Geoff Hill; M. A. Pate
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Waveguide effect in quantum well infrared photodetectors
Author(s): Grachik H. Avetisyan; Vladimir B. Kulikov; Igor Dmitrievich Zalevsky; Vladimir V. Kovalevsky; A. F. Plotnikov
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Resonant tunneling devices and circuits
Author(s): Jun Shen; Saied N. Tehrani; Herb Goronkin; Gary Kramer
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Influence of double-barrier quantum well asymmetry on RTD switching time
Author(s): Hector J. De Los Santos; Joel N. Schulman
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Modeling of optically switched resonant tunneling diodes
Author(s): Paul Sotirelis; Dejan Jovanovic; Vijit Sabnis; Theodore S. Moise
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Photocurrent anomaly in double-barrier quantum well structures
Author(s): Stefan Ehret; Harald Schneider; Eric C. Larkins
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Impact of lattice mismatch on the electrical properties of AlAs/InGaAs/InAs resonant tunneling diodes
Author(s): Theodore S. Moise; Yung Chung Kao; Francis G. Celii
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Transfer efficiency of guided electron waves in coupled quantum wells
Author(s): Rui Q. Yang; C.H. Thompson Lin; Shin Shem Pei
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Optoelectronic integration of quantum well intersubband photodetectors for two-dimensional array fabrication
Author(s): Hui Chun Liu; Jianmeng Li; Zbigniew R. Wasilewski; Margaret Buchanan
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Fast electro-optic modulation with selectively contacted n-i-p-i structures
Author(s): Uli Pfeiffer; Michael Kneissl; Peter Kiesel; Gottfried H. Doehler; John Stephen Smith
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Fast MSM modulators based on the two-dimensional Franz-Keldysh effect in MQW structures
Author(s): Michael Kneissl; Peter Kiesel; Norbert Linder; Angela Thranhardt; Helmut Grothe; Gottfried H. Doehler
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AlxGa1-xAs/AlyGa1-yAs multiple quantum well structures for visible wavelength optical modulator applications
Author(s): Fredrick J. Towner; K. J. Ritter; John W. Little; T. L. Worchesky
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Infrared photodetectors based on n-i-p-i InAs structures grown by MOCVD
Author(s): Grachik H. Avetisyan; Vladimir B. Kulikov; Igor Dmitrievich Zalevsky; Peter V. Bulaev
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Excited states in InAs self-assembled quantum dots
Author(s): Klaus Schmidt; Gilbert Medeiros-Ribeiro; M. Oestreich; Pierre M. Petroff
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Interfacial chemistry in ZnS/Si and ZnSe/Si superlattices
Author(s): En-Ge Wang
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Nonlinear effects in 2D electron gas in GaAs/GaAlAs heterostructures in millimeter range
Author(s): Andrey P. Chebotarev; Galina P. Chebotareva; Alexander P. Nikitin
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