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Integrated Optics and Microstructures III
Editor(s): Massood Tabib-Azar

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Volume Number: 2686
Date Published: 25 March 1996

Table of Contents
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Silicon integrated optic devices and micromechanical sensors based on ARROW
Author(s): Arokia Nathan; Kamel Benaissa
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All-silicon waveguides and bulk-etched alignment structures on (110) silicon for integrated micro-opto-mechanical systems
Author(s): Steven W. Smith; Mehran Mehregany; Francis L. Merat; David A. Smith
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Geodesic lenses as pressure gauges
Author(s): O. K. Mawardi; E. Blanchard; Massood Tabib-Azar
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Integrated ATR-leaky waveguide-mode sensor head fabricated by laser beam etching
Author(s): Stefan Nischwitz; Tomas R. Sterkenburgh; Hilmar Franke
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Integrated optic sensor for measuring aflatoxin-B1 in corn
Author(s): Anthony A. Boiarski; James R. Busch; R. S. Brody; Richard W. Ridgway; Wolf P. Altman; C. Golden
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Integrated optic devices using micromachined metal membranes
Author(s): Gregory A. Magel
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Use of near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) to characterize optical channel waveguide structures
Author(s): David H. Naghski; Susan M. Lindsay; C. D. Poweleit; Gregory N. De Brabander; Vijaya Subramaniam; Howard E. Jackson; Joseph T. Boyd
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Combined split-cell and linear position-sensing diodes
Author(s): Evan D. Green; Ernie B. Evans
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Magnetron plasma etching of SiC for microstructures
Author(s): Glenn Beheim; Carl Salupo
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Deposition of oxide thin films on silicon using organic self-assembled monolayers
Author(s): Mark R. DeGuire; Hyunjung Shin; R. J.C. Collins; Monika Agarwal; Chaim N. Sukenik; Arthur H. Heuer
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Optical microspectrometer in SiON slab waveguides
Author(s): Dietmar Sander; M.-O. Duecker; O. Blume; Joerg Mueller
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Low-cost manufacturing techniques for passive-integrated optical devices
Author(s): Richard W. Ridgway; Vincent D. McGinniss; Paul G. Andrus; James R. Busch
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Optical constants of thin-film gallium sulfide layers
Author(s): Phillip Jenkins; Meg L. Tuma; David H. Naghski; Andrew MacInnes
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Novel integrated optical I/O couplers on MCMs using MEMS techniques
Author(s): Seungug Koh; Chong Hyuk Ahn
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Fiber optics temperature sensor
Author(s): Takeo Sawarati; Phil Gaubis; Brenton L. Mattes; Clark Charnetski
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Improvement of the theoretical minimum detectable angle of the optical beam deflection method
Author(s): Augusto Garcia-Valenzuela; J. Gardner; Massood Tabib-Azar
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Optical fiber with a liquid H2O core
Author(s): Peter Dress; Hilmar Franke
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Self-aligning pinhole system
Author(s): Evan D. Green; Alejandro D. Farinas; Andrew H. Cordes; Timothy Day
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End-fire coupling between a buried waveguide structure and a Si photodetector
Author(s): Bjarke Rose; Otto Leistiko
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