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Fabrication, Testing, and Reliability of Semiconductor Lasers

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Volume Number: 2683
Date Published: 10 April 1996

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Dual-wavelength laser by selective intermixing of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
Author(s): Decai Sun; K. J. Beernink; Robert L. Thornton; David W. Treat
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Effect of p-dopant positioning in low-threshold, InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs, MQW GRINSCH lasers with GaAs etch-stop layer for multiwavelength applications
Author(s): Michael M. Dion; P. Levesque; Zbigniew R. Wasilewski; Mahmoud Fallahi; F. Chatenoud; Robin L. Williams; S. J. Rolfe
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Vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers come of age
Author(s): Robert A. Morgan; John A. Lehman; Mary K. Hibbs-Brenner
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Advanced epitaxial growth and device processing techniques for ultrahigh-speed (>40 GHz) directly modulated semiconductor lasers
Author(s): John D. Ralston; Eric C. Larkins; K. Eisele; S. Weisser; Susann Buerkner; A. Schoenfelder; Juergen Daleiden; Konrad Czotscher; Ignacio Esquivias; Joachim Fleissner; R. E. Sah; Martin Maier; Willy Benz; Josef Rosenzweig
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Plastic-molded package of AlGaInP laser apparatus
Author(s): Hsing Chen; Rong-Yih Hwang; Jung-Tsung Hsu; Biing-Jye Lee
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Physics and materials issues behind the lifetime problem in semiconductor lasers and light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Pierre M. Petroff
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InGaAs/Ga(Al)As and Al-free 980-nm pump laser diodes: electro-optical properties and reliability issues
Author(s): Jacques Wallon; S. Bianic; B. Bauduin; Pascal Y. Devoldere
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Power penalty due to timing jitter for lasers modulated without prebias
Author(s): Niloy K. Dutta
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Life tests of Nichia AlGaN/InGaN/GaN blue-light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Christopher J. Helms; Niel H. Berg; Daniel L. Barton; Marek Osinski
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Use of VCSEL arrays for parallel optical interconnects
Author(s): Michael S. Lebby; Craig A. Gaw; Wenbin Jiang; Philip A. Kiely; Chan Long Shieh; Paul R. Claisse; Jamal Ramdani; Davis H. Hartman; Daniel B. Schwartz; Jerry Grula
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VCSEL optical subassembly for avionics fiber optic modules
Author(s): Harold E. Hager; Eric Y. Chan; Mark W. Beranek; Chi-Shain Hong
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Reliability of proton-implanted VCSELs for data communications
Author(s): James K. Guenter; Robert A. Hawthorne III; D. N. Granville; Mary K. Hibbs-Brenner; Robert A. Morgan
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Life-testing oxide-confined VCSELs: too good to last?
Author(s): Kevin L. Lear; Sean P. Kilcoyne; Richard P. Schneider Jr.; J. A. Nevers
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Analysis of VCSEL degradation modes
Author(s): Robert W. Herrick; Michael Y. Cheng; James M. Beck; Pierre M. Petroff; Jeff W. Scott; Matthew G. Peters; Gerald D. Robinson; Larry A. Coldren; Robert A. Morgan; Mary K. Hibbs-Brenner
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High-power diode lasers based on InGaAsP spacer and waveguide layers with AlGaAs cladding layers
Author(s): Goetz Erbert; Frank Bugge; Arne Knauer; Juergen Sebastian; Klaus Vogel; Marcus Weyers
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High-power laser diodes at wavelength 1.06 um grown by MOCVD
Author(s): Alexander A. Chelny; Igor Dmitrievich Zalevsky; Peter V. Bulaev; M. Sh. Kobyakova
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Optical mirror facet strength of cw-operated separate confinement heterostructure laser diodes
Author(s): Nikolay I. Katsavets; Daniil A. Livshits; Ilya S. Tarasov
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