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Advances in Laser and Light Spectroscopy to Diagnose Cancer and Other Diseases III: Optical Biopsy
Editor(s): Robert R. Alfano; Abraham Katzir

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Volume Number: 2679
Date Published: 5 April 1996

Table of Contents
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Use of intrinsic fluorescent signals for characterizing tissue metabolic states in health and disease
Author(s): Britton Chance
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Fluorescent photon migration theory for turbid biological media
Author(s): Amir H. Gandjbakhche; Robert F. Bonner; Israel Gannot; Jay R. Knutson; Reza Navai; Ralph J. Nossal; George H. Weiss
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Laser-induced fluorescence detection of dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus
Author(s): Masoud Panjehpour; Bergein F. Overholt M.D.; Tuan Vo-Dinh; Donna H. Edwards; Paul F. Buckley III; Joseph F. DeCosta; Rodger C. Haggitt M.D.
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Detection of colon malignancy using differential normalized fluorescence
Author(s): Tuan Vo-Dinh; Masoud Panjehpour; Bergein F. Overholt M.D.; Paul F. Buckley III; Donna H. Edwards
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Autofluorescence detection of oxidized LDL in monocytes: a novel risk factor for the assessment of atherosclerosis?
Author(s): Tami N. Fink; Alexander A. Oraevsky; Frank K. Tittel; Sharon L. Thomsen M.D.; Steven L. Jacques
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Autofluorescence spectroscopy of normal and malignant tissues: both in-vivo and ex-vivo measurements in the upper aero-digestive tract and lung tissues
Author(s): Ousama M. A'Amar; Dominique Lignon; O. Menard; Henri Begorre; Francois H. Guillemin; Edouard Yvroud
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Optical spectroscopy of benign and malignant breast tissues
Author(s): Yuanlong Yang; Alvin Katz; Edward J. Celmer M.D.; Margaret Zurawska-Szczepaniak; Robert R. Alfano
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Detection and characterization of chemical-induced abnormal tissue and rat tumors at different stages using fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Wei R. Chen; Baha Jassemnejad; Jason Crull; Edward T. Knobbe; Robert E. Nordquist
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Analysis of normal and diseased colon mucosa using ultraviolet resonance Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Nada N. Boustany; Ramasamy Manoharan; Ramachandra R. Dasari; Michael S. Feld
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Tissue fluorescence based on electromagnetic inelastic scattering theory
Author(s): Ourania Panou-Diamanti; Nikolaos K. Uzunoglou; Dimitrios Koutsouris
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Measurements of scattering and absorption in mammalian cell suspensions
Author(s): Judith R. Mourant; James P. Freyer; Tamara M. Johnson
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Determination of the cervical transformation zone using elastic-scattering spectroscopy
Author(s): Irving J. Bigio; Tamara M. Johnson; Judith R. Mourant; Bruce J. Tromberg; Yona Tadir M.D.; Mathias K. Fehr; Henrik Nilsson; Vicki C. Darrow
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Effects of sample preparation on the optical properties of breast tissue
Author(s): Fay A. Marks
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Phosphorescence and fluorescence spectra from breast tissue
Author(s): Gui Chen Tang; Edward J. Celmer M.D.; Robert R. Alfano
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Micro-optical properties of tissue
Author(s): Gitesh Kumar; Joseph M. Schmitt
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Optical biopsy fiber-based fluorescence spectroscopy instrumentation
Author(s): Alvin Katz; Singaravelu Ganesan; Yuanlong Yang; Gui Chen Tang; Yury Budansky; Edward J. Celmer M.D.; Howard E. Savage; Stimson P. Schantz M.D.; Robert R. Alfano
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Monte Carlo simulations incorporating Mie calculations of light transport in tissue phantoms: examination of photon sampling volumes for endoscopically compatible fiber optic probes
Author(s): Judith R. Mourant; Andreas H. Hielscher; Irving J. Bigio
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Vertical cavity surface-emitting laser scanning cytometer for high-speed analysis of cells
Author(s): Paul Lee Gourley; Anthony E. McDonald; Mark F. Gourley M.D.
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Enhancement of the fluorescence cancer diagnostic method of tissues using diffuse reflectance and the analysis of oxygenation state
Author(s): Niclolay N. Zhadin; Yuanlong Yang; Singaravelu Ganesan; Nathan Ockman; Robert R. Alfano
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Biologic fluorescence decay characteristics: determination by Laguerre expansion technique
Author(s): Wendy J. Snyder; Jean-Michel I. Maarek; Thanassis Papaioannou; Vasilis Z. Marmarelis; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.
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Fluorescent yield and lifetime imaging in tissues and other scattering media
Author(s): Dilip Y. Paithankar; Alvin U. Chen; Eva Marie Sevick-Muraca
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Spatial distribution of tissue fluorescence
Author(s): Ivan S. Melnik; Sergiy M. Dets; Nikolay A. Denisov; Alexander M. Ovcharuk; Alexander Y. Joffe
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Novel spectral bioimaging system as an imaging oximeter in intact rat brain
Author(s): Dirk G. Soenksen; Thomas J. Sick; Yuval Garini
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Autofluorescence from tissue as a marker for carcinoma
Author(s): Singaravelu Ganesan; V. Masilamani; J. U. Nambi; Gowri Nambi; D. Koteeswaran
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Gated frequency-resolved optical imaging with an optical parametric amplifier for medical applications
Author(s): Stewart M. Cameron; David F. Bliss; M. W. Kimmel
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Influence of keratin on native cellular fluorescence of human skin
Author(s): Rick A. Davis; Howard E. Savage; Peter G. Sacks; Robert R. Alfano; Stimson P. Schantz M.D.
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Noninvasive topographical investigation of functional parameters in the human skin
Author(s): Manfred D. Kessler; Alfons Krug; Jens Hoeper
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Effect of physiological factors and other analytes on the determination of glucose concentration in vivo by optical absorption and scattering meaurements
Author(s): Jianan Y. Qu; Brian C. Wilson
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Assessment of different excitation wavelengths for photodetecting neoplastic urothelial lesions by laser-induced autofluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Maurice Anidjar M.D.; Oliver Cussenot; Sigrid Avrillier; Dominique Ettori; Pierre Teillac; Alain Le Duc
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