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Biomedical Sensing, Imaging, and Tracking Technologies I

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Volume Number: 2676
Date Published: 24 April 1996

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MINOP: development of a miniaturized endoscopic operation system for neurosurgery
Author(s): Andreas E. Guber; Paul Wieneke
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ac magnetic trackers for biomedical application: now and in the near future
Author(s): Herschell F. Murry
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Laser opto-acoustic tomography for medical diagnostics: experiments with biological tissues
Author(s): Rinat O. Esenaliev; Alexander A. Oraevsky; Steven L. Jacques; Frank K. Tittel
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Optical tomography of rat brain
Author(s): Juergen Beuthan; Richard Freyer; Olaf Minet; Cuong Tran Luu; Uwe Hampel; Rolf-Dieter Naber; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Diagnosis of inflammatory rheumatic diseases with photon density waves
Author(s): Juergen Beuthan; Viravuth Prapavat; Rolf-Dieter Naber; Olaf Minet; Gerhard J. Mueller
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Tissue characterization with optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Author(s): Alexander R. Knuettel; S. Koch; Rainer Schork; Dirk Boecker M.D.
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Quantitative analysis of trabecular microstructure by optical processing of bone radiographs
Author(s): Isaac Leichter; Victor Neeman; Meir Leibergall; Boris Ostrovsky
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Computer-assisted surgical techniques evaluated with wound-healing-impaired animal model
Author(s): Lou Reinisch; Courtney West; Mike Rivas; Yash Patil; Robert H. Ossoff M.D.
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Laser optic-acoustic tomography for medical diagnostics: principles
Author(s): Alexander A. Oraevsky; Rinat O. Esenaliev; Steven L. Jacques; Frank K. Tittel
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Ultrasound-modulated optical tomography for dense turbid media
Author(s): Lihong V. Wang; Xuemei Zhao; Steven L. Jacques
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Application of image analysis in the myocardial biopsies of patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
Author(s): Emanuel Agapitos; Nikolaos Kavantzas; M. G. Bakouris; Kyriakos A. Kassis; J. Nanas; Z. Margari; P. Davaris
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Reconstructed x-ray image for one-dimensional translation of an area focal plane array
Author(s): Gary E. Halama; James A. McAdoo; Hong Liu
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Theoretical model for contrast-detail-detectability prediction in digital radiography
Author(s): Hong Liu; Laurie L. Fajardo M.D.; Robin Baxter
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New storage phosphor for x-ray microscopy for biological application
Author(s): Vyacheslav I. Kochubey; Konsuella E. Gyunsburg; Yuliya G. Sedova; Nina P. Zvezdova; D. I. Kochubey; I. P. Dolbnya; G. N. Kulipanov; V. V. Lyakh; Oleg A. Makarov; Valery F. Pindyurin
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Analysis of exhaled breath by laser detection
Author(s): Karla D. Thrall; James J. Toth; Steven W. Sharpe
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Simultaneous measurement of Cy5.5-labeled capture antibodies and Cy5-labeled antigens in a fiber optic biosensor: photobleaching and resonance energy transfer effects during fiber regeneration
Author(s): Randy R. Wadkins; Joel P. Golden; Frances S. Ligler
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Molecular assembly of multilayer enzyme on fiber optic surface: toward the development of chemiluminescence-based fiber optic biosensors
Author(s): Zhongping Chen; Harry Hong Gao; Jayant Kumar; Kenneth A. Marx; Sukant K. Tripathy; David L. Kaplan
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Real-time immunoassays using fiber optic long-period grating sensors
Author(s): Tuan A. Tran; Vikram Bhatia; Tiffanie D'Alberto; Kent A. Murphy; Richard O. Claus
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Diffraction method of vocal chord oscillation sensing
Author(s): Sergey Yu. Kuzmin; Valery V. Tuchin
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Broadband single-mode optical fiber surface plasma wave chemical sensor
Author(s): Andrew J.C. Tubb; Frank P. Payne; Roger Millington; C. R. Lowe
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Mainstream sensor unit for closed-circle anesthetic gas monitoring
Author(s): Stephan Junger; Norbert O. Lutter; Johannes Schwider; Dieter Goettler; Norbert Weber; Edmund Burte
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Sensor materials for an intravascular fiber optic nitric oxide sensor
Author(s): Babs R. Soller; Bhairavi R. Parikh; Russell F. Stahl
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Potential for a silicon probe in a Raman spectroscopic general-nesthetic sensor
Author(s): Julie R. Parnell; Paul Yager
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Detection of triglycerides using immobilized enzymes in food and biological samples
Author(s): Ashish Raichur; Abiodun Lesi; Henrik Pedersen
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Development of a genosensor for Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Author(s): Narayana R. Isola; Jean Pierre Alarie; Guy D. Griffin; Tuan Vo-Dinh
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Differential NIR technique for tissue diagnosis
Author(s): Liu Zheng; Hyo Sang Lee
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Design and characterization of a fiber optic respiratory plethysmograph (FORP)
Author(s): Andreas T. Augousti; Ali Raza; Martin Graves
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Novel method and system for anesthetization monitoring
Author(s): Mingwei Shu; Xuedong Chi; Zhicheng Luo
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Special investigation of somatotropin for different pH
Author(s): Virginia Otero de Joshi; Herminia Gil; Silvia Contreras; Narahari V. Joshi; Luis Hernandez
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Surface second-harmonic generation (SSHG): a new scheme for immunoassay
Author(s): Liqun Yang; Daniel McStay; Peter J. Quinn
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Unbiased feature selection through successive elimination of poor performers for EEG classification
Author(s): Khalid J. Siddiqui
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Optical arrays and pattern recognition in the design of an artificial nose
Author(s): Todd A. Dickinson; Suneet Chadha; David R. Walt; Joel White; John S. Kauer
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Electronic speckle pattern interferometry: new applications in biophysics
Author(s): Astrid Aksnes Dyrseth
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Evaluation methods for retrieving information from interferograms of biomedical objects
Author(s): Halina Podbielska M.D.; Matthias Rottenkolber
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Multiwavelength pulse oximetry in the measurement of hemoglobin fractions
Author(s): Bernd Manzke; Johannes Schwider; Norbert O. Lutter; Kai Engelhardt; Wilhelm Stork
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New laser system for highly sensitive clinical pulse oximetry
Author(s): Mostafa Hamza; Mohammad Hamza
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System for fast measurement of in-vivo tissue fluorescence spectra under multiple wavelength excitations
Author(s): Haishan Zeng; Calum E. MacAulay; Branko Palcic
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Nd:YAG/Er:YAG dual heads with three-wavelength laser system for dentistry
Author(s): Gilwon Yoon; Hong Sig Kim; Taemin Hong; Won Ky Kim; Alexandre M. Zabaznov; Alexandre I. Abramovitch; Vladimir B. Tsvetkov; Ivan Alexandrov Shcherbakov
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Tissue viability assessment via laser-based fluorescence monitor
Author(s): Craig H. Curtis; Nasser Peyghambarian; Eustace L. Dereniak; Edward Frink
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Applications of tunable diode laser spectroscopy for the detection of exhaled endogenous gases: CO, NH3, CH4, N20, and CO2
Author(s): Andrian I. Kouznetsov; Eugene V. Stepanov
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Quantitative analysis of coherent detection in a turbid medium
Author(s): Charles A. DiMarzio; Scott C. Lindberg
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Optical parametric oscillators for medical applications
Author(s): Lawrie A. W. Gloster; Paul S. Golding; Terence A. King
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Modeling of 2-um Tm:Ho:ZBLAN diode-pumped cw double-clad fiber lasers
Author(s): Stuart D. Jackson; Terence A. King
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