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Lasers in Dentistry II
Editor(s): Harvey A. Wigdor D.D.S.; John D. B. Featherstone; Joel M. White D.D.S.; Joseph Neev

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Volume Number: 2672
Date Published: 23 April 1996

Table of Contents
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Effect of Nd:YAG collagen synthesis by human pulp fibroblasts
Author(s): Rahmat A. Barkhordar D.D.S.; Qaiser P. Ghani; Belma A. Enriquez; M. Zamir Hussain
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Holmium:YAG laser: effect on pulpal tissues and root surfaces
Author(s): Raleigh A. Holt; Robert E. Nordquist
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Effects of diverse laser parameters at 9.3 um on soft tissue and bone
Author(s): Petra B. B. Wilder-Smith; Anna-Marie A. Arrastia-Jitosho; Jennifer Dang; Lih-Huei L. Liaw; Michael J. Schell; Michael W. Berns
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Benefits of low-power lasers on oral soft tissue
Author(s): Carlos de Paula Eduardo; Silvia Cristina M Cecchini; Renata Christina Cecchini
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Temperature changes under Ho:YLF irradiation
Author(s): Denise Maria Zezell; Silvia Cristina M Cecchini; Marcos Pinotti; Carlos de Paula Eduardo
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Influence of second harmonic alexandrite-laser radiation on bacterial growth
Author(s): Thomas Hennig; Peter Rechmann D.D.S.; Thomas Pecnik; Hans-Peter Heinz; Ulrich Hadding
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Can the KTP laser change the cementum surface of healthy and diseased teeth providing an acceptable root surface for fibroblast attachment?
Author(s): Jason Michael Mailhot; Jerry J. Garnick D.D.S.
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Use of the carbon dioxide laser in guided tissue-regeneration wound healing in the beagle dog
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Rossmann D.D.S.; Ates Parlar D.D.S.; Khaled Atef Abdel-Ghaffar D.D.S.; Amr Moustafa El-Khouli; Michael Israel D.D.S.
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Visualization and quantification of healthy and carious dentin structure using confocal laser scanning microscopy
Author(s): Yuichi Kimura; Petra B. B. Wilder-Smith; Tatiana B. Krasieva; Anna-Marie A. Arrastia-Jitosho; Lih-Huei L. Liaw; Koukichi Matsumoto; Michael W. Berns
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Caries inhibition potential of Er:YAG and Er:YSGG laser radiation
Author(s): Daniel Fried; John D. B. Featherstone; Steven R. Visuri; Wolf D. Seka; Joseph T. Walsh Jr.
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Effect of pulse duration and repetition rate on CO2 laser inhibition of caries progression
Author(s): John D. B. Featherstone; Daniel Fried; Sandra M. McCormack; Wolf D. Seka
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Physical model approach to the design of laser irradiation regimens to improve resistance to dental caries
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Fox; Jer Hsu; William I. Higuchi; G. Lynn Powell; M. Otsuka
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Experimental caries treatment using the pulsed erbium laser
Author(s): Victor N. Balin; Alexey S. Guk; Sergey P. Kropotov; Dimitry Yu. Maday; Tatyana A. Kusovkova; Victor A. Serebryakov; Sergey V. Frolov
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Effects of argon laser curing on dentin shear bond strengths
Author(s): G. Lynn Powell; Richard J. Blankenau D.D.S.
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Effects of the pulsed fiberoptic-delivered Nd:YAG laser on dentin bonding
Author(s): Joel M. White D.D.S.; Harold E. Goodis D.D.S.; Paul Khosrovi D.D.S.; Chris M. Rose D.D.S.
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Osteointegration of KrF laser diamondlike carbon films deposited on Ti6Al4V alloy
Author(s): Tatjana Dostalova M.D.; Miroslav Jelinek; Lucia Himmlova
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Laser ablation of dental hard tissue: from explosive ablation to plasma-mediated ablation
Author(s): Wolf D. Seka; John D. B. Featherstone; Daniel Fried; Steven R. Visuri; Joseph T. Walsh
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Effects of cavity preparation using a nanosecond-pulsed Nd:YAG laser on tooth/restoration interface
Author(s): Alan Nguyen; Petra B. B. Wilder-Smith; Stephanie Lin; Anna-Marie A. Arrastia-Jitosho; Michael W. Berns
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Midinfrared ablation of dentin with the Vanderbilt FEL
Author(s): David M. Harris; Lou Reinisch; Glenn S. Edwards; Michael J. Yessik; Shahid Ashrafi; Joseph Santos-Sacchi
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SEM investigations of the cementum surface after irradiation with a frequency-doubled alexandrite laser
Author(s): Peter Rechmann D.D.S.; Thomas Hennig
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Ablation in teeth with the free-electron laser around the absorption peak of hydroxyapatite (9.5 um) and between 6.0 and 7.5 um
Author(s): Manfred Ostertag; Rudolf Walker; Heiner Weber; Lex van der Meer; Jim T. McKinley; Norman H. Tolk; Benedikt J. Jean M.D.
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Influence of Er:YAG laser ablation on cavity surface and cavity shape
Author(s): Helena Jelinkova; Tatjana Dostalova M.D.; Otakar Krejsa M.D.; Karel Hamal; Jiri Kubelka; Stanislav Prochazka
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Nd:YAG laser transmission through enamel and dentin
Author(s): Joel M. White D.D.S.
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Ultrashort-pulse laser system for hard dental tissue procedures
Author(s): Joseph Neev; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Michael D. Feit; Michael D. Perry; Alexander M. Rubenchik; Brent C. Stuart
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Dental tissue processing with ultrashort-pulse laser
Author(s): Alexander M. Rubenchik; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Michael D. Feit; Stephen M. Lane; Richard A. London; Michael D. Perry; Brent C. Stuart; Joseph Neev
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Hydrodynamic model for ultrashort-pulse albation of hard dental tissue
Author(s): Richard A. London; David S. Bailey; David A. Young; W. Edward Alley; Michael D. Feit; Alexander M. Rubenchik; Joseph Neev
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Unique aspects of laser energy deposition in the fs pulse regime
Author(s): Michael D. Feit; Alexander M. Rubenchik; Bruce W. Shore
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Scanning electron microscopy and ablation rates of hard dental tissue using 350-fs and 1-ns laser pulses
Author(s): Joseph Neev; Daniel S. Huynh; Claudiu C. Dan; Joel M. White D.D.S.; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Michael D. Feit; Dennis L. Matthews; Michael D. Perry; Alexander M. Rubenchik; Brent C. Stuart
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Thermal and noise level characteristics of hard dental tissue ablation with 350-fs pulse laser
Author(s): Joseph Neev; Daniel S. Huynh; William A. Carrasco; Petra B. B. Wilder-Smith; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Michael D. Feit; Michael D. Perry; Alexander M. Rubenchik; Brent C. Stuart
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Er:Yag laser: the promising procedure for caries treatment
Author(s): Isao Ishikawa; Akira Aoki; Hisashi Watanabe; Yoshinori Ando; Toshimoto Yamada; Masayuki Otsuki; Junji Tagami
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Surface hardness comparison of resins polymerized by argon, xenon, and conventional light sources
Author(s): Richard J. Blankenau D.D.S.; Scott Pace; G. Lynn Powell; Terry Wilwerding
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Novel laser Doppler flowmeter for pulpal blood flow measurements
Author(s): De Yu Zang; James E. Millerd; Petra B. B. Wilder-Smith; Anna-Marie A. Arrastia-Jitosho
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Is there a niche for arthroscopic laser surgery of the temporomandibular joint?
Author(s): Michael Nuebler-Moritz; Peter Hering; Uli Bachmaier; Robert Schiessl; Josef Rueschoff; Joerg Meister
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