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Digital Video Compression: Algorithms and Technologies 1996
Editor(s): Vasudev Bhaskaran; Frans Sijstermans; Sethuraman Panchanathan

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Volume Number: 2668
Date Published: 22 March 1996

Table of Contents
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Video on phone lines: technology and applications
Author(s): T. Russell Hsing
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Emerging video compression technologies
Author(s): Avideh Zakhor
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Object-based coding through multigrid representation
Author(s): Xavier Marichal; Christophe De Vleeschouwer; Thierry Delmot; Benoit M. M. Macq
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Rate-distortion optimizations for motion estimation in low-bit-rate video coding
Author(s): Dzung T. Hoang; Philip M. Long; Jeffrey Scott Vitter
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Very low bit rate video coding using object-based mesh design and tracking
Author(s): Yucel Altunbasak; A. Murat Tekalp
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Visual content highlighting via automatic extraction of embedded captions on MPEG compressed video
Author(s): Boon-Lock Yeo; Bede Liu
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Scanline algorithms in compressed domain
Author(s): Bo Shen; Ishwar K. Sethi
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Spatial scalability in compressed domain
Author(s): Qingwen Hu; Sethuraman Panchanathan
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Overlapped motion-compensated wavelet and lapped orthogonal transforms for scalable HDTV coding
Author(s): Liangchi Hsu; K. R. Rao
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Image coding using parallel implementations of the embedded zerotree wavelet algorithm
Author(s): Charles D. Creusere
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Improving data caching for software MPEG video decompression
Author(s): Wu-chi Feng; Stuart Sechrest
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High-performance software-only H.261 video compression on PC
Author(s): Leonid Kasperovich
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Multiresolution motion estimation for the MPEG coder
Author(s): Giancarlo Calvagno; R. Rinaldo; Luciano M. Sbaiz
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Motion estimation techniques for a wavelet-based video coder
Author(s): Mrinal K. Mandal; Sethuraman Panchanathan
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Visual pattern-based motion estimation for video coding
Author(s): Sheng Zhong; Francis Chin
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Entropy measures for controlled coding
Author(s): Giridharan Iyengar; Andrew B. Lippman
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Novel architectures for implementing very high throughput variable-length decoders in HDTV systems
Author(s): Michael Bakhmutsky
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Adaptive depletion for improvement of MPEG video compression
Author(s): Daniel Tan; Svetha Venkatesh; Geoffrey A. W. West
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Cubic spline approximation of rate and distortion functions for MPEG video
Author(s): Liang-Jin Lin; Antonio Ortega; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Adaptive quantization scheme for MPEG video coders based on HVS (Human Visual System)
Author(s): Anwer Sultan; Haniph A. Latchman
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Preprocessing with motion information from MPEG encoder
Author(s): Yiu-fai Wong; Eric Viscito
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Hardware adaptation layer for MPEG video recording on a helical scan-based digital data recorder
Author(s): Ad C. de Ridder; S. Kindt; Emmanuel D. Frimout; Jan Biemond; Reginald L. Lagendijk
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MOVIE: a hardware building block for software-only real-time video processing
Author(s): Ronan Barzic; Christian Bouville; Francois Charot; Gwendal Le Fol; Pascal Lemonnier; Charles Wagner
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Associative massively parallel processor for video processing
Author(s): Argy Krikelis; T. Tawiah
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VLSI chip-set for affine-based video compression
Author(s): Omid Fatemi; Sethuraman Panchanathan
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New architectural approach for implementing multipredictive block-matching algorithms
Author(s): Yazid Nemouchi; Yves Mathieu; Christophe Havet
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Motion vector estimation using spatiotemporal prediction and its application to video coding
Author(s): Robert M. Armitano; Ronald W. Schafer; Frederick L. Kitson; Bhaskaran Vasudev
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Optimal motion vector accuracy for block-based motion-compensated video coders
Author(s): Jordi Ribas-Corbera; David L. Neuhoff
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Fast motion estimation algorithms for overlapped block motion compensation
Author(s): Rajesh Rajagopalan; Lurng-Kuo Liu; Wei Ding; Ephraim Feig
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Variable size block matching motion estimation with minimal error
Author(s): Graham R. Martin; Roger A. Packwood; Injong Rhee
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Affine warping using H.263 overlapped motion compensation with proper weighting coefficients
Author(s): Alessandro Neri; Stefania Colonnese
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Segmentation-based coding of motion fields for video compression
Author(s): Matthew S. Baker; Anthony John Maeder
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MPEG2Tool: a tool kit for the study of MPEG-2 video transport over ATM-based networks
Author(s): Wenjun Luo; Magda El Zarki
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Varying slice size to improve error tolerance of MPEG video
Author(s): Iain E. Garden Richardson; Martyn J. Riley
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Error concealment and early resynchronization techniques for MPEG-2 video streams damaged by transmission over ATM networks
Author(s): Carlos Lopez Fernandez; Andrea Basso; Jean-Pierre Hubaux
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Software-embedded data retrieval and error concealment scheme for MPEG-2 video sequences
Author(s): Corinne Le Buhan Jordan
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Joint encoder and channel rate control of VBR video over ATM networks
Author(s): Wei Ding; Bede Liu
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Transmission of H.263 video over wireless channels
Author(s): Hang Liu; Magda El Zarki
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Segmentation-based coding of stereoscopic image sequences
Author(s): Sriram Sethuraman; Mel Siegel; Angel G. Jordan
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Effective spatiotemporal interpolation algorithm for video pyramid coding
Author(s): Sadik D. Bayrakeri; Russell M. Mersereau
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Adaptive reference frame selection for generalized video signal coding
Author(s): Jeffrey S. McVeigh; Mel Siegel; Angel G. Jordan
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Perceptual quality measure using a spatiotemporal model of the human visual system
Author(s): Christian J. Van den Branden Lambrecht; Olivier Verscheure
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Performance comparison of loop filtering in generic MC/DPCM/DCT video coding
Author(s): Michael Yuen; Hong Ren Wu
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