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Multimedia Computing and Networking 1996
Editor(s): Martin Freeman; Paul Jardetzky; Harrick M. Vin

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Volume Number: 2667
Date Published: 25 March 1996

Table of Contents
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Scalable hierarchical video storage architecture
Author(s): Phillip Lougher; Robert Lougher; William D. Shepherd; David W. Pegler
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Design issues and caching strategies for CD-ROM-based multimedia storage
Author(s): Vijnan Shastri; V. Rajaraman; H. S. Jamadagni; P. Venkat-Rangan; Srihari Sampath-Kumar
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Block allocation in video servers for availability and throughput
Author(s): William H. Tetzlaff; Robert Flynn
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Interoperable ITV systems based on MHEG
Author(s): Helmut Cossmann; Carsten Griwodz; G. Grassel; M. Puhlhofer; M. Schreiber; Ralf Steinmetz; Hartmut Wittig; L. Wolf
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Toward an active network architecture
Author(s): David L. Tennenhouse; David J. Wetherall
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Multimedia wireless networking
Author(s): Rajeev Jain; Abeer Alwan; Mario Gerla; Leonard Kleinrock; John D. Villasenor; Ben Belzer; Walter Boring; Stephen Molloy; Sean Nazareth; Marcio Siqueira; Joel Short; Jack Tsai
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Case for wireless overlay networks
Author(s): Randy H. Katz; Eric A. Brewer
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Multimedia information processing in the SWAN mobile networked computing system
Author(s): Prathima Agrawal; Eoin Hyden; Paul Krzyzanowsji; Mani B. Srivastava; John Trotter
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Asymptotically reliable transport of multimedia/graphics over wireless channels
Author(s): Richard Y. Han; David G. Messerschmitt
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ACTIVE M3: an authoring system for active multimedia mail
Author(s): Juergen Schirmer; Thomas Kirste
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Maintaining temporal consistency of multimedia documents using constraint networks
Author(s): Nabil Layaida; Loay Sabry-Ismail
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Multimedia document retrieval system using partially ordered/partially reliable transport service
Author(s): Phillip T. Conrad; Edward Golden; Paul D. Amer; Rahmi Marasli
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System architecture for supporting event-based interaction and information access
Author(s): Richard S. Drew; David Morris; Peter M. Dew; Christine Leigh
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High-speed network for delivery of education-on-demand
Author(s): Carlos Cordero; Dale Harris; Jeff Hsieh
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Bounding application-to-application delays for multimedia traffic in FDDI-based communication systems
Author(s): Fang Feng; Wei Zhao; Amit Kumar
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Framework for experimenting with QoS for multimedia services
Author(s): Deming Chen; Regis Colwell; Herschel Gelman; Panos K. Chrysanthis; Daniel Mosse
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Quality of service support for networked multimedia workstations
Author(s): Peter James Reynolds; H. W. Peter Beadle
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Frame rate of motion picture and its influence on speech perception
Author(s): Kaoru Nakazono
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Error concealment algorithm for wavelet-coded images over packet-switched networks
Author(s): Hung-ju Lee; Jyh-Charn S. Liu; Andrew K. Chan; Charles K. Chui
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Presentation processing support for adaptive multimedia applications
Author(s): Edward J. Posnak; Harrick M. Vin; R. Greg Lavender
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Continuous media filters for heterogeneous internetworking
Author(s): Nicholas Yeadon; Francisco J. Garcia; David Hutchinson; William D. Shepherd
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Progressive imaging on the Internet via WWW browser using adaptive block truncation coding
Author(s): Jae Dong Kim; Sang-Tae Choi; Jong-Seong Koh; Soon Hong Kwon
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Multipage document images on the Internet
Author(s): Les Niles; Gary E. Kopec; Larry Masinter
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Interactive personalized newspaper on the WWW
Author(s): Tomonari Kamba; Krishna Bharat
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Multiparty videoconferencing using IP multicast
Author(s): Yuan-Chi Chang; Zon-Yin Shae; Marc H. Willebeek-LeMair
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Integrating multimedia streams into a distributed computing system
Author(s): B. J. Murphy; Glenford E. Mapp
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Effect of video server topology on contingency capacity requirements
Author(s): Martin G. Kienzle; Asit Dan; Dinkar Sitaram; William H. Tetzlaff
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Fiber channel storage interface for video-on-demand servers
Author(s): Shenze Chen; Manu Thapar
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Real-time multistream routing over integrated services networks
Author(s): Robert Simon; Taieb Znati; Robert J. Sclabassi
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Generalized interval caching policy for mixed interactive and long video workloads
Author(s): Asit Dan; Dinkar Sitaram
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Internet stream synchronization using Concord
Author(s): Cormac J. Sreenan; B. Narendran; Prathima Agrawal; Narayanan Shivakumar
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Placement of multimedia blocks on zoned disks
Author(s): Renu Tewari; Richard P. King; Dilip D. Kandlur; Daniel M. Dias
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Design of a variable bit rate continuous media file server for an ATM network
Author(s): Gerald Neufeld; Dwight Makaroff; Norman Hutchinson
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Cost analysis for VBR video servers
Author(s): Edward Chang; Avideh Zakhor
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Retrieval techniques for compressed video streams
Author(s): Deepak R. Kenchammana-Hosekote; Jaideep Srivastava
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High-performance video server for broadband network environment
Author(s): Manoj Kumar; Jack L. Kouloheris; Mary J. McHugh; Sneha Kasera
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Architecture toward efficient OS support for distributed multimedia
Author(s): David K. Y. Yau; Simon S. Lam
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Buffering mechanism for multimedia client applications
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Tsuda; Akira Nakamura
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Statistical multiplexing of VBR MPEG sources under credit-based flow control
Author(s): Siavash Khorsandi; Alberto Leon-Garcia
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Zooming Web browser
Author(s): Benjamin B. Bederson; James D. Hollan; Jason B. Stewart; David Rogers; Allison Druin; David Vick
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