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Document Recognition III
Editor(s): Luc M. Vincent; Jonathan J. Hull

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Volume Number: 2660
Date Published: 7 March 1996

Table of Contents
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Document image decoding in the UC Berkeley Digital Library
Author(s): Gary E. Kopec
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Document-specific character template estimation
Author(s): Gary E. Kopec; Mauricio Lomelin
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Unified approach toward text recognition
Author(s): Tao Hong; Jonathan J. Hull; Sargur N. Srihari
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Progress in recognizing typeset mathematics
Author(s): Richard J. Fateman; Taku A. Tokuyasu
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Character recognition in a Japanese text recognition system
Author(s): Tao Hong; Geetha Srikantan; V. C. Zandy; Chi Fang; Sargur N. Srihari
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Morphological approach to character recognition in machine-printed Persian words
Author(s): Bijan Timsari; Hamid Fahimi
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Word-level recognition of multifont Arabic text using a feature vector matching approach
Author(s): Erik J. Erlandson; John M. Trenkle; Robert C. Vogt III
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Extraction of text-related features for condensing image documents
Author(s): Dan S. Bloomberg; Francine R. Chen
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Wavelet features for similarity-based retrieval of logo images
Author(s): Mysore Y. Jaisimha
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Document recognition: an attribute grammar approach
Author(s): Mahesh Viswanathan; Edward Green; Mukkai Krishnamoorthy
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Using domain knowledge to derive the logical structure of documents
Author(s): Debashish Niyogi; Sargur N. Srihari
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Textured reductions for document image analysis
Author(s): Dan S. Bloomberg
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Genetic approach to the analysis of complex text formatting
Author(s): Jiangying Zhou; Daniel P. Lopresti; Jeffrey Zhou
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Extraction of text lines and text blocks on document images based on statistical modeling
Author(s): Su S. Chen; Robert M. Haralick; Ihsin T. Phillips
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Graph-based table recognition system
Author(s): M. Armon Rahgozar; Robert Cooperman
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Cognitive and artificial representations in handwriting recognition
Author(s): Andrew P. Lenaghan; Ron Malyan
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Addressee recognition for automated fax mail distribution
Author(s): Teruo Akiyama
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Holistic lexicon reduction for handwritten word recognition
Author(s): Sriganesh Madhvanath; Venu Govindaraju
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Model for selectively increasing learning sample number in character recognition
Author(s): Norihiro Hagita; Minako Sawaki; Ken'ichiro Ishii
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Reading handprinted addresses on IRS tax forms
Author(s): Vemulapati Ramanaprasad; Yong-Chul Shin; Sargur N. Srihari
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Integrated segmentation and recognition of connected handwritten characters with recurrent neural network
Author(s): Seong-Whan Lee; Eung-Jae Lee
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Efficient chain-code-based image manipulation for handwritten word recognition
Author(s): Gyeonghwan Kim; Venu Govindaraju
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Document image restoration using binary morphological filters
Author(s): Jisheng Liang; Robert M. Haralick; Ihsin T. Phillips
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Character segmentation and thresholding in low-contrast scene images
Author(s): Lowell LeRoy Winger; M. Ed Jernigan; John A. Robinson
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Model-based restoration of document images for OCR
Author(s): Mysore Y. Jaisimha; Eve A. Riskin; Richard E. Ladner; Werner Stuetzle
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Intelligent form removal with character stroke preservation
Author(s): Michael D. Garris
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Assessment of image quality to predict readability of documents
Author(s): Venu Govindaraju; Sargur N. Srihari
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Evaluation of document image skew estimation techniques
Author(s): Andrew D. Bagdanov; Junichi Kanai
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Selective sampling and edge enhancement in bar code laser scanning
Author(s): Stephen J. Shellhammer; David P. Goren; Theo Pavlidis
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Recognition and processing of logic diagrams
Author(s): Ahmed M. Darwish; Ahmed R. Bashandy
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Character recognition of Japanese newspaper headlines with graphical designs
Author(s): Minako Sawaki; Norihiro Hagita
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Document zone classification using sizes of connected components
Author(s): Jisheng Liang; Ihsin T. Phillips; Jaekyu Ha; Robert M. Haralick
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Choquet fuzzy integral in handwritten word recognition
Author(s): Paul D. Gader; Magdi A. Mohamed
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