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Human Vision and Electronic Imaging

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Volume Number: 2657
Date Published: 22 April 1996

Table of Contents
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Managing color appearance in self-luminous displays
Author(s): Celeste M. Howard
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Spatiochromatic model of vision
Author(s): Ian R. Moorhead
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Failure of brightness and color constancy under prolonged Ganzfeld stimulation
Author(s): Holger Knau; Lothar Spillman
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Scene structure in the saturation component of color images
Author(s): Bruce A. Thomas; Robin N. Strickland
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Psychophysical methods for assessing visual comfort for a colored pattern of natural environment
Author(s): Ken Sagawa; Yutaka Shimizu
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Systematic color vision model: its applications to electronic imaging
Author(s): Yan Liu
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Violating expectations of color order
Author(s): Bil Burling; Walter R. Bender
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Texture analysis using Gabor wavelets
Author(s): Golshah A. Naghdy; Jian Wang; Philip O. Ogunbona
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Robust method for texture synthesis-by-analysis based on a multiscale Gabor scheme
Author(s): Rafael Fonolla Navarro; Javier Portilla
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Textures: an approach for new abstract description language
Author(s): Gabriele Asendorf; Thorsten Hermes
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Wavelets, blur, and the sources of variability in the amplitude spectra of natural scenes
Author(s): David J. Field; Bruno A. Olshausen; Nuala Brady
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Origins of scaling in natural images
Author(s): Daniel L. Ruderman
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Learning efficient linear codes for natural images: the roles of sparseness, overcompleteness, and statistical independence
Author(s): Bruno A. Olshausen; David J. Field
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Temporal properties of natural scenes
Author(s): J. H. van Hateren; A. van der Schaaf
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Color in natural images and its implications for visual adaptation
Author(s): Michael A. Webster; Alex R. Wade; John D. Mollon
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Detection of changes in the amplitude spectra of natural images is explained by a band-limited local-contrast model
Author(s): David J. Tolhurst; Yoav Tadmor; G. Arthurs
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Contrast of slightly complex patterns: computing the perceived contrast of Gabor patches
Author(s): Eli Peli
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Perceived structure of plaids implies variable combination of oriented filters in edge finding
Author(s): Mark A. Georgeson; Tim S. Meese
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Object detection in a noisy scene
Author(s): Albert J. Ahumada Jr.; Bettina L. Beard
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Multiscale retinocortical model of contrast processing
Author(s): Ian R. Moorhead; Nigel D. Haig
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Detection of compressively sampled gratings
Author(s): Frederick A. Kingdom; Stephane J. M. Rainville
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Visibility of simple features on complex backgrounds
Author(s): Adar Pelah
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Cognitive approach to human-centered systems design
Author(s): Robert M. Taylor
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Evaluation of virtual board as a hypermedia visual interface
Author(s): Karolj Skala; Branka Medved Rogina
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Investigation of pictorial image attributes in descriptive tasks
Author(s): Corinne Joergensen
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Face location and recognition
Author(s): Xiaoyu Zhang; Christine I. Podilchuk
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Visual exploration of large data sets
Author(s): Miron Livny; Raghu Ramakrishnan; Jussi Myllymaki
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Visual cues for data mining
Author(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz; David A. Rabenhorst; John A. Gerth; Edward B. Kalin
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Stereo-anomalous vision in a sample of young adults
Author(s): Lew B. Stelmach; Wa James Tam
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Algorithm for automated eye-strain reduction in real stereoscopic images and sequences
Author(s): Jeffrey S. McVeigh; Mel Siegel; Angel G. Jordan
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Rapid perceptual image description (RaPID) method
Author(s): Soren Bech; Roelof Hamberg; Marco Nijenhuis; Kees Teunissen; Henny Looren de Jong; Paul Houben; Sakti K. Pramanik
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Limiting human perception for image sequences
Author(s): Anthony John Maeder; Joachim Diederich; Ernst Niebur
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Human saccadic eye movements and tracking by active foveation in log polar space
Author(s): Fee-Lee Lim; Svetha Venkatesh; Geoffrey A. W. West
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Implementation of a foveated image coding system for image bandwidth reduction
Author(s): Philip Kortum; Wilson S. Geisler
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Image compression and decompression based on gazing area
Author(s): Norimichi Tsumura; Chizuko Endo; Hideaki Haneishi; Yoichi Miyake
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Optimization of JPEG color image coding using a human visual system model
Author(s): Stefan J. P. Westen; Reginald L. Lagendijk; Jan Biemond
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Visual thresholds for wavelet quantization error
Author(s): Andrew B. Watson; Gloria Y. Yang; Joshua A. Solomon; John D. Villasenor
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Visual masking near spatiotemporal edges
Author(s): Thom Carney; Stanley A. Klein; Quingmin J. Hu
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DCT coefficient distributions
Author(s): Stephen R. Smoot; Lawrence A. Rowe
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Rendering of color on scattering media
Author(s): Bjoern Kruse; Stefan Gustavson
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Halftone-independent calibration of black-and-white printers
Author(s): Keith T. Knox; Charles M. Hains; Gaurav Sharma
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Objective quality measure of halftone images based on optimal pixel assignment
Author(s): Nobuhito Matsushiro; Osamu Asada
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Mean-matching halftoning on a rotated quad-tree structure
Author(s): Ping Wah Wong
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Adaptive halftoning based on iterative convolutions
Author(s): Thomas Zeggel; Olof Bryngdahl
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Error diffusion with vivid color enhancement and noise reduction
Author(s): Joseph Shou-Pyng Shu
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Anisotropic diffusion of color images
Author(s): Guillermo Sapiro; Dario L. Ringach
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Bounds and algorithms for dither screens
Author(s): Craig Gotsman; Jan P. Allebach
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Spatiochromatic multiplexing: a color image representation for digital processing and compression
Author(s): Eugenio Martinez-Uriegas; Hewitt D. Crane; John D. Peters
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