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Three-Dimensional Microscopy: Image Acquisition and Processing III

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Volume Number: 2655
Date Published: 10 April 1996

Table of Contents
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging in confocal microscopy: signal-to-noise considerations
Author(s): Kjell Carlsson
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Simulation of light attenuation within fluorescent microspheres used for liquid fraction separation recorded by a CSLM
Author(s): Anders Liljeborg
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Image processing in 3D standing-wave fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Vijay Krishnamurthi; Brent Bailey; Frederick Lanni
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Vectorial theory of confocal fluorescence
Author(s): Colin J. R. Sheppard; Peter Torok
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Measured and computed point spread functions for an indirect water immersion objective used in three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): Nickos S. Kontoyannis; Frederick Lanni
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New technique for real-time testing and alignment of high-NA lenses
Author(s): Michiel Mueller; G. J. Brakenhoff
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Effect of apodization on axial resolution with a high-aperture objective
Author(s): Min Gu
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Application of avalanche photodiodes to confocal and confocal florescence microscopy
Author(s): Thomas G. Brown; Stephen T. Kreger
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Micromachined confocal optical microscope
Author(s): David L. Dickensheets; Gordon S. Kino
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Semiconductor laser confocal and interference microscopy
Author(s): Tony Wilson; Rimas Juskaitis; Nigel P. Rea
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Confocal microscopy using optical fiber imaging bundles
Author(s): Rimas Juskaitis; Tony Wilson; T. F. Watson
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Aspects of color confocal microscopy
Author(s): Rimas Juskaitis; Tony Wilson
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Theory of finite-sized multiple-aperture arrays in direct-view microscopy
Author(s): Eithne M. McCabe; Adrian C. Ottewill; D. T. Fewer; Simon J. Hewlett; John Hegarty; Tony Wilson
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Fluorescence microtomography: multiangle image acquisition and 3D digital reconstruction
Author(s): Carol J. Cogswell; Kieran G. Larkin; Hanno U. Klemm
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Three-dimensional computed tomography using a double-axis fluorescence microscope
Author(s): Susumu Kikuchi; Kazuo Sonobe; Hidetoshi Yamada; Nagaaki Ohyama
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Volumetric Raman spectral imaging with a confocal Raman microscope: image modalities and applications
Author(s): Colin J. H. Brenan; Ian Warwick Hunter; Michael J. Korenberg
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Raman imaging microscopy: a novel chemical imaging technique
Author(s): Linda H. Kidder; Seth R. Goldstein; Ira W. Levin; E. Neil Lewis
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High-numerical-aperture reflecting microscope
Author(s): Richard J. Mammone; Xiaoyu Zhang
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Parametric blind deconvolution of fluorescence microscopy images: preliminary results
Author(s): Jose-Angel Conchello; Qinrong Yu
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ML-blind deconvolution algorithm: recent developments
Author(s): Santosh Bhattacharyya; Donald H. Szarowski; James N. Turner; Nathan J. O'Connor; Timothy J. Holmes
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Optical microscopy system for 3D dynamic imaging
Author(s): Randy Hudson; John Nathan Aarsvold; Chin-Tu Chen; Jie Chen; Peter Davies; Terry Disz; Ian Foster; Melvin Griem; Man Kam Kwong; Biquan Lin
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Fast regularization technique for expectation maximization algorithm for optical sectioning microscopy
Author(s): Jose-Angel Conchello; James G. McNally
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Two- and three-dimensional segmentation and measurement of particles in the analysis of microscopic digital images of biological samples
Author(s): Billy W. Loo Jr.; Bahram Parvin; Stephen S. Rothman
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3D reconstruction of the material surface shape from stereo images of electron micrographs
Author(s): Linyong Pang
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Nonfiducial shape-based registration of biological tissue
Author(s): Kevin N. Montgomery; Muriel D. Ross
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Microscopical quantification and functional simulation of pulmonary respiratory units
Author(s): Andres Kriete
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Imaging models for three-dimensional transmitted-light DIC microscopy
Author(s): Chrysanthe Preza; Donald L. Snyder; Jose-Angel Conchello
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Analytical modeling of spatial resolution curves in turbid media acquired with optical coherence tomography (OCT)
Author(s): Alexander R. Knuettel; Rainer Schork; Dirk Boecker M.D.
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New approach toward improved fluorescence imaging beyond confocal resolution
Author(s): G. J. Brakenhoff; Michiel Mueller
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Confocal imaging through a dielectric interface: aberration modeling
Author(s): Colin J. R. Sheppard; Peter Torok
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Constructive theory of formation and filtering optical images and Fraunhofer diffraction patterns of 3D opaque objects of constant thickness in coherent light
Author(s): Yuri V. Chugui
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3D widefield microscopy with two objective lenses: experimental verification of improved axial resolution
Author(s): Mats G. L. Gustafsson; David A. Agard; John W. Sedat
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CCDiode: an optimal detector for laser confocal microscopes
Author(s): James B. Pawley; Morley M. Blouke; James R. Janesick
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Phase-measuring laser feedback interferometry: applications to microscopy
Author(s): Ben Ovryn; James H. Andrews; Steven J. Eppell
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