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Solid State Sensor Arrays and CCD Cameras
Editor(s): Constantine N. Anagnostopoulos; Morley M. Blouke; Michael P. Lesser

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Volume Number: 2654
Date Published: 25 March 1996

Table of Contents
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2k x 2k three side buttable thinned CCD for VLT
Author(s): Christophe Gaillard; Roger Prost; Pierre Degoue
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Characterization of a CID-38 charge injection device
Author(s): Brian S. Backer; Zoran Ninkov; Massimiliano Corba
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SIOO2A: a three side buttable 2048 x 4096 CCD image sensor
Author(s): Morley M. Blouke; Taner Dosluoglu; Richard A. German; S. T. Elliott; James R. Janesick; Richard Reed; Richard J. Stover
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High-resolution trilinear color TDI CCD image sensor
Author(s): M. Suhail Agwani; James Miller
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Benzocyclobutene as planarization resin for charge-coupled devices
Author(s): Donald J. Perettie; Michael J. Radler; J. L. Smith
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Determination of charge handling capability of a deep depletion charge coupled device based on a three-dimensional numerical simulation
Author(s): Man Ho Kim
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Wide-dynamic-range APS star tracker
Author(s): Orly Yadid-Pecht; Christopher C. Clark; Bedabrata Pain; Craig O. Staller; Eric R. Fossum
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Image sensing with programmable offset pixels for increased dynamic range of more than 150 dB
Author(s): Oliver Vietze; Peter Seitz
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Increasing the dynamic range of an array of light sensors using a new thin-film circuit
Author(s): Dietmar Horst; Holger Scherr; Ernst H. Lueder
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Sensor for optical flow measurement based on differencing in space and time
Author(s): Guy Meynants; Bart Dierickx; Danny Scheffer; Alexander I. Krymsky
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Detection of 1-100 keV x rays from high-intensity 500-fs laser-produced plasmas using charge-coupled devices
Author(s): James Dunn; Bruce KF Young; Alan D. Conder; Richard E. Stewart
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X-ray solid state image device on the base of Me- a-As2Se3-Si structures
Author(s): Sergei A. Malkov; Andrei M. Andriesh; Victor I. Verlan
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Three-dimensional model of heat diffusion processes in linear multielement IR receiver
Author(s): Sergey N. Kulish; Vladimir Illich Ponomarev; Michael A. Basarab
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Enabling technologies for a family of digital cameras
Author(s): Kenneth A. Parulski; Peter H. Jameson
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Megapixel resolution PC digital still camera
Author(s): Wen-Hsin Chan; Chi-Fu Chou
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Evaluation system for a digital still camera
Author(s): Sheng-Yuan Lin; Wen-Hsin Chan
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Fast-frame-rate cameras using a progressive/interlace combinational scan CCD
Author(s): Toshi Hori
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Series of CCD cameras for low-light-level applications
Author(s): Michal L. Peri; Daniel W. Weaver; Tom P. Ambrose; Dan Hirpara; Susan Gallagher; Andrew M. Hall; Gregg Bone
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40-MHz analog signal processor (with CDS/H) for high-definition motion-still video systems
Author(s): Ram Kannegundla; David M. Boisvert
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Noise in images digitized from photographic film
Author(s): Richard V. Kollarits
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CCD controller requirements for ground-based optical astronomy
Author(s): Robert W. Leach
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New design for the UCO/Lick Observatory CCD guide camera
Author(s): Mingzhi Wei; Richard J. Stover
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Wide-field CCD imager for the 6.5-m MMT telescope
Author(s): Brian A. McLeod; Daniel G. Fabricant; John C. Geary; Andrew H. Szentgyorgyi
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Recent CCD development activities at the University of Hawaii
Author(s): Satoshi Miyazaki; Gerard Anthony Luppino; Mark R. Metzger
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CCD cameras for the Italian national telescope Galileo
Author(s): Fabio Bortoletto; Carlotta Bonoli; Maurizio D'Alessandro; D. Fantinel; Giancarlo Farisato; Giovanni Bonanno; Pietro Bruno; Rosario Cosentino; G. Bregoli; Maurizio Comari
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High-performance dual-speed CCD camera system for scientific imaging
Author(s): Raymond W. Simpson
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Quantum efficiency characterization of scientific CCDs
Author(s): Michael P. Lesser; Bradley McCarthy
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Ultraviolet digital imaging for nuclear safeguards
Author(s): E. Michael Attas; G. R. Burton; J. Dennis Chen; Lars Hildingsson; A. Nilsson; O. Trepte; Gary J. Young
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CCD technology applied to laser cladding
Author(s): Fabrice Meriaudeau; Eric Renier; Frederic Truchetet
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Preliminary results with a CID-based photon counting system
Author(s): Massimiliano Corba; Zoran Ninkov; Brian S. Backer; Minming Wu; Robert W. Slawson
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Noise measurement technique for document scanners
Author(s): Xiaofan Feng; John T. Newell; Roger Triplett
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Ultrahigh-sensitivity new super-HARP camera
Author(s): Misao Kubota; Tsutomu Kato; Shiro Suzuki; Hirotaka Maruyama; Kenkichi Tanioka; Kenji Sameshima; Tatsuo Makishima; Kazutaka Tsuji; Tadaaki Hirai
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Megarad and scientific CIDs
Author(s): Joseph Carbone; Jeffrey J. Zarnowski; Matthew A. Pace; Steven Czebiniak; Richard Carta Sr.
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Scientific CMOS CID imagers
Author(s): Jeffrey J. Zarnowski; Joseph Carbone; Matthew A. Pace
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INT prime focus mosaic camera
Author(s): Derek J. Ives; Simon M. Tulloch; John Churchill
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Low-noise instrumentation CCD cameras and a high-resolution mammogram system
Author(s): Hans R. Bucher
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Progress in voltage and current mode on-chip analog-to-digital converters for CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Roger Panicacci; Bedabrata Pain; Zhimin Zhou; Junichi Nakamura; Eric R. Fossum
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Programmable multiresolution CMOS active pixel sensor
Author(s): Roger Panicacci; Sabrina E. Kemeny; Larry Henry Matthies; Bedabrata Pain; Eric R. Fossum
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