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Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems III

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Volume Number: 2653
Date Published: 10 April 1996

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Time-multiplexed color autostereoscopic display
Author(s): John R. Moore; Neil A. Dodgson; Adrian R. L. Travis; Stewart R. Lang
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Prototype magnified and collimated autostereoscopic displays
Author(s): Jesse B. Eichenlaub
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Multiview 3D LCD
Author(s): Cees van Berkel; David W. Parker; Anthony R. Franklin
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Autostereoscopy in industry
Author(s): Jesse B. Eichenlaub; Mark E. Katafiaz
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Eye-position tracking stereoscopic display using image-shifting optics
Author(s): Hiroshi Imai; Masao Imai; Yukio Ogura; Keiichi Kubota
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Autostereoscopic display system
Author(s): Philip V. Harman
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Autostereoscopic display using holographic optical elements
Author(s): David J. Trayner; Edwina Orr
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Single-lens stereoscopy: a historical and technical overview
Author(s): William J. Carter; Michael A. Weissman
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Disparity and distortion-free stereoscopic fiberscope
Author(s): Tomohiko Hattori; Toshihisa Nakamura; Jun Suzuki; Masaru Kurio; Mitsutoshi Yaegashi; Sadayuki Sakuma
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Approaches to stereoscopic video based on spatiotemporal interpolation
Author(s): Baxter J. Garcia
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New television with 2D/3D image conversion technologies
Author(s): Toshiyuki Okino; Haruhiko Murata; Kenji Taima; Toshiya Iinuma; Kazunobu Oketani
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Stereo vision and telepresence
Author(s): Jean Claude Bordas; Philippe Fuchs; Dominique Ernadotte
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Telerobotic control with stereoscopic augmented reality
Author(s): Anu Rastogi; Paul Milgram; David Drascic; Julius J. Grodski
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Perceptual issues in augmented reality
Author(s): David Drascic; Paul Milgram
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Marking spatial parts within stereoscopic video images
Author(s): Constance Belz; Klaus Boehm; Thanh Duong; Volker Kuehn; Martin Weber
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Geometry of binocular imaging III: wide-angle and fish-eye lenses
Author(s): Victor S. Grinberg; Mel Siegel
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Parallax scanning using a single lens
Author(s): Christopher A. Mayhew; Aron Bacs Jr.
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Personal perceptual and cognitive property for 3D recognition
Author(s): Takeshi Matozaki; Akihiko Tanisita
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Predicting remote view performance for tasks with different visual information content
Author(s): Curtis S. Ikehara; Robert E. Cole; John O. Merritt
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Disparity estimation with object-contour information for synthesizing intermediate view images
Author(s): Takeo Azuma; Kenya Uomori; Atsushi Morimura
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Derivation of 21/2D image models from one-dimensional x-ray image sensors
Author(s): J. Paul Owain Evans; Simon X. Godber; Max Robinson
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Expert system for neurosurgical treatment planning
Author(s): Andrew Y. S. Cheng; Sally S. Y. Chung; John C. K. Kwok
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New hardware and software for stereo graphics and video
Author(s): Michael R. Starks
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3D video standards conversion
Author(s): Andrew J. Woods; Tom Docherty; Rolf Koch
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Universal electronic stereoscopic display
Author(s): Lenny Lipton; Jeff Halnon
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Deep image: 3D in art and science
Author(s): Ray Zone
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Electronic Mimosa
Author(s): Sanjay Gupta; Meera S. Datta; Vivek Rana; Shailesh Grover
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Off-axial HMD optical system consisting of aspherical surfaces without rotational symmetry
Author(s): Hiroaki Hoshi; Naosato Taniguchi; Hideki Morishima; Takeshi Akiyama; Shouichi Yamazaki; Atsushi Okuyama
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Use of force feedback to enhance graphical user interfaces
Author(s): Louis B. Rosenberg; Scott Brave
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Evaluating visual and auditory enhancements to a virtual object- manipulation task
Author(s): Kenneth Nemire
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Physiological approach to optimal stereographic game programming: a technical guide
Author(s): William L. Martens; Robert McRuer; C. Timothy Childs; Erik Viirree
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Improved temporal response in virtual environments through system hardware and software reorganization
Author(s): Richard H. Jacoby; Bernard Dov Adelstein; Stephen R. Ellis
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Framework for integrating sound into virtual environment interfaces
Author(s): Hesham Fouad; James K. Hahn
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VR + AI= intelligent environments: a synergistic approach to engineering design support
Author(s): Rudolph P. Darken; Christian J. Darken
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Frontiers in user interface design: wearable computers
Author(s): Michael R. Clark
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Sculpting 3D worlds with music: advanced texturing techniques
Author(s): Christian Greuel; Mark T. Bolas; Niko Bolas; Ian E. McDowall
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Validation and verification of a virtual environment for training naval submarine officers
Author(s): David L. Zeltzer; Nicholas J. Pioch
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Engineering applications of virtual reality
Author(s): James R. Smith; Robert V. Grimes; Tony A. Plant
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Stereo Texture Facades
Author(s): Ian E. McDowall; Mark T. Bolas
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