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Micromachining and Microfabrication Process Technology
Editor(s): Karen W. Markus

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Volume Number: 2639
Date Published: 19 September 1995

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Batch-dissolved wafer process for low-cost sensor applications
Author(s): Steve T. Cho
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Fabrication of bulk silicon holding structures for mounting of optical fibers in v-grooves
Author(s): Carola Strandman; Ylva Baecklund
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Low-doped etch stopping for micromechanical device production
Author(s): David B. Murfett; Malcolm R. Haskard; Alan J. Marriage
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Examination of glass-silicon and glass-glass bonding techniques for microfluidic systems
Author(s): Norman F. Raley; J. Courtney Davidson; Joseph W. Balch
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Patterned eutectic bonding with Al/Ge thin films for MEMS
Author(s): Paul M. Zavracky; Bao Vu
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MEMS infrastructure: the multiuser MEMS processes (MUMPs)
Author(s): Karen W. Markus; David A. Koester; Allen Cowen; Ramu Mahadevan; Vijayakumar R. Dhuler; D. Roberson; L. Smith
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Material and processing issues for the monolithic integration of microelectronics with surface-micromachined polysilicon sensors and actuators
Author(s): James H. Smith; Stephen Montague; Jeffry J. Sniegowski
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SOI-based micromechanical process
Author(s): Paul Greiff
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Microchannel heat exchangers for advanced climate control
Author(s): Peter M. Martin; Wendy D. Bennett; John W. Johnston
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Fabrication issues in micromachined tunable optical filters
Author(s): James F. Klemic; J. Marcos Sirota; Mehran Mehregany
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Deep x-ray lithography for micromechanics
Author(s): Todd R. Christenson; Henry Guckel
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Injection molding of LIGA and LIGA-similar microstructures using filled and unfilled thermoplastics
Author(s): Robert Ruprecht; Walter Bacher; Juergen H. Hausselt; Volker Piotter
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Electroplated nickel mold insert for LIGA
Author(s): Vikas Galhotra; Venkat Sangishetty; Evan Ma; Kevin W. Kelly
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Laser LIGA: a cost-saving process for flexible production of microstructures
Author(s): Michael Abraham; Johannes Arnold; Wolfgang Ehrfeld; K. Hesch; Hildegard Moebius; Thomas Paatzsch; Christian L. Schutz
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Surface microcomponents fabricated by UV depth lithography and electroplating
Author(s): Bernd Loechel; Andreas Maciossek
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Novel silicon fabrication process for high-aspect-ratio micromachined parts
Author(s): James G. Fleming; Carole Craig Barron
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Laser vibrometer system to examine the dynamic modal analysis of resonant micromechanical structures
Author(s): David Wood; James S. Burdess; R. Pitcher; Alun J. Harris; Jane L. Cruickshank
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Design techniques for surface-micromachining MEMS processes
Author(s): John H. Comtois; Victor M. Bright
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Advanced silicon etching using high-density plasmas
Author(s): Jy K. Bhardwaj; Huma Ashraf
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Dry micromachining of high-aspect-ratio Si for microsensors
Author(s): Stella W. Pang
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Development of a deep silicon plasma etching process for sensor application
Author(s): Yuan-Xiong Li; Reinoud F. Wolffenbuttel
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Micromachining and focused ion beam etching of Si for accelerometers
Author(s): David F. Moore; S. C. Burgess; H.-S. Chiang; H. Klaubert; N. Shibaike; T. Kiriyama
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Microstructuring by excimer laser
Author(s): Erol C. Harvey; Phil T. Rumsby; Malcolm C. Gower; Jason L. Remnant
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Micromolded structures for integrated optical sensors
Author(s): Lothar U. Kempen; Rino E. Kunz; Michael T. Gale
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Combined TMAH and HF sacrificial layer etching technique for surface micromachined devices
Author(s): Thomas Lisec; Martin Kreutzer; Beatrice Wenk; Bernd Wagner
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Novel low-stress SiO2-xFx film deposited by room-temperture liquid-phase deposition method
Author(s): Ching-Fa Yeh; Shyue-Shyh Lin
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Study on mechanical characteristics of PZT thin film for sensors and actuators
Author(s): Shyuichi Wakabayashi; Hiromi Totani; Minoru Sakata; Masaaki Ikeda; Hiroshi Goto; Masashi Takeuchi; Tsuneji Yada
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Tunneling tip protection for a bulk micromachined accelerometer
Author(s): Paul M. Zavracky; Bob McClelland; Jianchao Wang; Frank T. Hartley
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Deposition of thick zinc oxide films with a high resistivity
Author(s): Norbert Schwesinger; Heike Bartsch; Frank Moeller
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Mechanical loss measurements of vacuum-operated, single-crystal silicon microresonators
Author(s): Robert E. Mihailovich; Noel C. MacDonald
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Characterization of electroformed nickel microstructures
Author(s): Qian Shi; Shih-Chia Chang; Michael W. Putty; David B. Hicks
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Novel high-power Nd:YLF laser for CVD-diamond micromachining
Author(s): Ronald D. Schaeffer
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Infrastructure considerations for the emerging MEMS markets
Author(s): Steven T. Walsh; Walid El Nadi; Robert Boylan; Divjot S. Narang; Robert O'Neil Warrington; Alan Jung
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Etching technology and applications for through-the-wafer silicon etching
Author(s): David R. Craven; Keven Yu; Tam Pandhumsoporn
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Out-of-plane microstructures using stress engineering of thin films
Author(s): Chia-Lun Tsai; Albert K. Henning
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Projection displays and MEMS: timely convergence for a bright future
Author(s): Larry J. Hornbeck
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Recent trends in silicon micromachining technology
Author(s): John H. Jerman
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