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Microelectronic Manufacturing Yield, Reliability, and Failure Analysis
Editor(s): Gopal Rao; Massimo Piccoli

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Volume Number: 2635
Date Published: 22 September 1995

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Process equipment particle control for yield improvement
Author(s): Kiyoshi Mori; Nam Nguyen; JoAnn Kantapit
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Yield improvement by wafer edge engineering
Author(s): Fred N. Hause; Daniel Kadoch; Dilip Wadhwani
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Reduction of post develop residue using optimal developer chemistry and develop/rinse processes
Author(s): George P. Mirth
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TiW particle control for VLSI manufacturing
Author(s): Fang Hong Gn; Chuin Boon Yeap; He Ming Li; E. Z. Liu; Heng Lai Chew
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Die cost analysis through defect reduction for wafer fab equipment
Author(s): Vinay Binjrajka; Chander Jethani; Steven A. Brown
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Meeting advanced pattern inspection system requirements for 0.25-um technology and beyond
Author(s): Brian M. Trafas; Marylyn Hoy Bennett; M. Godwin
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Manufacturing reliability and yield optimization of GaAs MMICs
Author(s): Andre Mitonneau; Edwige Guillemet; Jean-Louis Deviller; Pierre Baudet
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Particle contamination within the tungsten etch back chamber
Author(s): Po-Tao Chu; Kuang-Hui Chang; Tzu-Min Peng; Chao-Hsin Chang; Shih-Why Yen; Ting-hwang Lin; Chaur-Rong Chang
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Modeling of defect size distribution in yield forecasting
Author(s): Zhi-Min Ling; Juan Rosal; YungTao Lin; Ying Shiau
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Comparison of simulated and experimental CD-limited yield for a submicron i-line process
Author(s): Edward W. Charrier; Christopher J. Progler; Chris A. Mack
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Negative bias-temperature instability study of silicon oxide and its impact on PMOS reliability
Author(s): Joseph Xie; Michael J. McBride; Jeff C. Haines
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Correlation between space charge created by Fowler-Nordheim electron injections and charge to breakdown (QBD) of gate oxides in MOS capacitors: modeling and experiment
Author(s): J. Oualid; E. Ciantar; J. M. Moragues; Bruno Sagnes; Philippe Boivin; G. Blaise
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Mismatch drift failure of long channel n-MOSFETs caused by substrate hot-electron effect
Author(s): Wei Xia; David Hannaman
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Linewidth influence on electromigration tests at wafer level on TiN/AlCu/TiN/Ti metal lines
Author(s): Francois Giroux; H. Roede; C. Gounelle; P. Mortini; Gerard Ghibaudo
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Highly reliable CVD-stacked oxynitride gate dielectric fabricated by in-situ rapid thermal multiprocessing
Author(s): Jason Yan; L. K. Han; Dim-Lee Kwong
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Laser heterostructures reliability analysis by recombination parameter of cleaved <110> surfaces
Author(s): Mikhail I. Sverdlov; Ludmila T. Anisimova; Natalja N. Ovchinnikova; Vladimir J. Philipchenko; Serguej N. Yakorev
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Role of SOG and oxynitride passivation in the field inversion of CMOS circuits
Author(s): Said Ghneim; Jim Fulford
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Prevention of auto-doping-induced threshold voltage shifts
Author(s): Tony T. Phan; Jerry T. Healey; William R. Kent
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Temperature and current density distributions in via structures with inhomogenous step coverages
Author(s): Kirsten Weide; Jens Ullmann
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Effects of various RIE process-induced damages on MOSFET characteristics
Author(s): Byoung Woon Min; L. K. Han; Atul B. Joshi; R. Mann; L. Chung; Dim-Lee Kwong
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Solving production process challenges with wafer-level reliability techniques
Author(s): J. Shideler; Joseph Reedholm; C.B. Chuck Yarling
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Advanced FIB applications for product analysis
Author(s): Andrew Birnie; Andrew Beaumont; Chris Dodd; Grant McNeil
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Validating IC early-failure simulation
Author(s): Mohamod S. Moosa; Kelvin F. Poole; Michael L. Grams
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Radiation damages in semiconductors tested by exoelectron spectroscopy
Author(s): Yuri Dekhtyar
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Process design for manufacturability of GaAs MESFET integrated circuit using statistical experimental design techniques
Author(s): Jian S. Wang; C. C. Teng; J. R. Middleton; Peter J. Apostolakis; Milton Feng
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Fine pitch thermosonic wire bonding: analysis of state-of-the-art manufacturing capability
Author(s): Daniel Cavasin
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In-situ Si wafer temperature measuring using pulse modulated infrared laser interferometric thermometry for CVD film deposition
Author(s): Ryo Kurosaki; Jun Kikuchi; Yasuo Kobayashi; Yasuhiko Chinzei; Shuzo Fujimura; Yasuhiro Horiike
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Material processing and advanced well structures using high-energy implantation for EPI replacement
Author(s): Dirk Wristers; Chris Eiting; Wes Morris; Dim-Lee Kwong; Jim Fulford
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Degradation of thin Si02 sidewall spacers during selective epitaxial growth for the fabrication of raised source/drain MOSFETs
Author(s): Sreenath Unnikrishnan; Byeong Y. Kim; Chun-Lin Wang; Yun-Kang Wu; Dim-Lee Kwong; Al F. Tasch
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Process-induced damage to SRAM poly-load resistance during photoresist ashing in H2O plasma
Author(s): Kuang-Hui Chang; Y. C. Huang; Ting-Huang Lin; Chaur-Rong Chang
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Manufacturing challenges for sub-half micron technologies
Author(s): Fu-Tai Liou
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