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Optoelectronic and Electronic Sensors
Editor(s): Ryszard Jachowicz; Zdzislaw Jankiewicz

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Volume Number: 2634
Date Published: 30 June 1995

Table of Contents
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Integrated transducer systems
Author(s): Marek Syrzycki; M. Parameswaran; Glenn H. Chapman
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Accuracy analysis of resistance to frequency oscillating converter
Author(s): Marek Kikowski
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Synthesis of capacitance-tuned oscillation converters showing no interaction effect
Author(s): Leon Lasek; Andrzej Malcher
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Sensor circuits simulation using SPICE simulator
Author(s): Walerian Gruszczynski
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Fiber optic temperature sensors
Author(s): Ryszard Hypszer
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Modeling of optical fiber temperature sensors using blackbody radiation
Author(s): Ryszard Hypszer; Jerzy Plucinski
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Optical fibers for strain and temperature measurement based on OTDR
Author(s): Harri K. Kopola; Veijo Layori; Seppo M. Nissilae; Risto A. Myllylae; Henryk J. Wierzba
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Binary temperature optical sensor
Author(s): Jakub Tomaszewski; Henryk J. Wierzba
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Selected ceramic materials for pyroelectric sensors
Author(s): Andrzej Lozinski; Henryk J. Wierzba
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Application of distributed RC networks for realization of thick-film temperature transducers
Author(s): Jerzy Potencki
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Simulator of thermoelectric and thermoresistive sensors
Author(s): Jan Szmytkiewicz; Krzysztof Urbanski
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Temperature compensation of the pressure sensors as the solution of the optimalization task
Author(s): Janusz Zelezik
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Measurement of unsteady gas pressure in turbomachines
Author(s): Jan Cieplucha
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Shear force sensor: utilization of scaling and a neural network in measurements
Author(s): Teresa Zielinska
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Multiple hot film sensors for measurements of wall shear stress
Author(s): Antoni Smolny; Jaroslaw Blaszczak
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Ultrasonic sensor for fingerprints recognition
Author(s): Wieslaw Bicz; Zbigniew Gumienny; Mieczyslaw Pluta
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Optoelectronic sensor of two-dimensional angular displacements: idea and preliminary test results
Author(s): Jan Karol Jabczynski; Jacek Janucki; Wojciech Pawlak
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Experimental system for testing the optical fiber proximity sensor heads and for automated measurements with their applications
Author(s): Jerzy K. Gajda; Andrzej Niesterowicz
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Reflective fiber optic probe for surface finish survey
Author(s): Leszek Wawrzyniuk
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Optolocator: a system for ship models tracking
Author(s): Krzysztof Holejko; Jerzy Siuzdak
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Magnetoresistive permalloy sensors in measurement applications
Author(s): Slawomir Tumanski
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Miniature synchronous sensor of instantaneous angular velocity with immovable windings
Author(s): Stefan Kubisa
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Selective detection system of mechanical vibrations on microcontroller base
Author(s): Jerzy Hoja; Waldemar Tlaga
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Pneumatic sensor with oblique nozzle for length measurements: evaluation of metrological properties
Author(s): Andrzej Cellary; Czeslaw Janusz Jermak
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Intracranial pressure monitoring system with pneumatic capsule sensor
Author(s): Henryk M. Juniewicz; Miroslaw Werszko
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Achilles tendon reflex measuring system
Author(s): Janina Szebeszczyk; Joanna Straszecka
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Problems of processing reliability in noninvasive measurements of blood oxygen saturation
Author(s): Anna Cysewska-Sobusiak
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Specificity of software cooperating with an optoelectronic sensor in the pulse oximeter system
Author(s): Anna Cysewska-Sobusiak; Grzegorz Wiczynski; Tomasz Jedwabny
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Amperometric biosensors for determination of glucose, maltose, and sucrose
Author(s): Ignacy Zawicki; Marian Filipiak; Marta Jarzyna; Janina Laskowska
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Fiber optics turbidity sensor
Author(s): Krzysztof T. Perlicki; Maria Beblowska; Jerzy Kruszewski
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Surface acoustic wave transducer used for determination of the dew point in measurements of air relative humidity
Author(s): Jacek Golebiowski
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Sensor properties of copper phthalocyanine in layer structures of a surface acoustic wave (SAW) type
Author(s): Marian W. Urbanczyk; Aleksander Opilski; Wieslaw P. Jakubik
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Semiconductor-based thermoconductometric sensor for a helium content meter
Author(s): Andrzej Czajkowski; Zbigniew Kruszynski
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Analysis of technical conditions influencing properties of liquid components chemical sensors
Author(s): Wladislaw Torbicz
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Long-term stability of ion-sensitive field effect transistors: Si3N4, Al2O3, and Ta2O5 membranes drift
Author(s): Dorota Pijanowska; Wladislaw Torbicz; M. Konwicki
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