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Laser-Tissue Interaction and Tissue Optics
Editor(s): Guy P. Delacretaz; Rudolf W. Steiner; Lars Othar Svaasand; Hansjoerg Albrecht; Thomas H. Meier

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Volume Number: 2624
Date Published: 10 January 1996

Table of Contents
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Laser Action in dye-infused biological tissue
Author(s): Lihong V. Wang; Da Liu; Nancy He; Steven L. Jacques; Sharon L. Thomsen M.D.
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Tissue treatment under water with simultaneously fiber-guided erbium and holmium laser radiation
Author(s): Hans Surya Pratisto; Martin Frenz; Flurin Koenz; Michael Ith; Heinz P. Weber; Hans Joerg Altermatt
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Laser thermokeratoplasty: determination of biomechanical properties of the cornea
Author(s): Juergen Kampmeier; Ralf Brinkmann; Reginald Birngruber
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Zona pellucida drilling by a 1.48-um laser: influence on the biomechanics of the hatching process
Author(s): Klaus Rink; Laurent Descloux; Guy P. Delacretaz; Alfred Senn; Dorotha Nocera; Marc Germond
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Laser-generated acoustic wave studies on tattoo pigment
Author(s): Lorna M. Paterson; Mark Russell Dickinson; Terence A. King
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Holmium laser ablation of cartilage: effects of delivery fiber angle of incidence
Author(s): Thomas Asshauer; Thorsten Oberthur; Thomas Jansen; Bruno E. Gerber; Guy P. Delacretaz
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Thermal stress in cartilage under holmium laser irradiation
Author(s): Marc Bressem; Dirk H. Meyer; Hans-Jochen Foth
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Starting mechanisms of bubble formation induced by Ho:Tm:YAG laser in water
Author(s): Flurin Koenz; Martin Frenz; Hans Surya Pratisto; Heinz P. Weber; Alexander S. Silenok; Vitali I. Konov
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Laser-induced microbubble formation at a fiber tip in absorbing media: experiments and theory
Author(s): Guenther Paltauf; Martin Frenz; Heinz Schmidt-Kloiber
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Characterization of laser-induced pressure transients by means of piezoelectric PVDF films
Author(s): Stefan Lohmann; Andreas Olmes; Holger Lubatschowski; Wolfgang Ertmer
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Acoustic wave monitoring during laser ablation of tissue
Author(s): Alexander A. Karabutov; Natalia B. Podymova; Vladilen S. Letokhov
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Damage to microvessels during pused laser treatment of port-wine stains
Author(s): Lars Othar Svaasand; Elisanne Janne Fiskerstrand; Lill Tove Norvang Nilsen; E. K. S. Stopps; J. Stuart Nelson M.D.; Michael W. Berns
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Laser shock-wave lithotripsy: numerical modeling of destruction process of human calculi
Author(s): M. V. Lorits; Alexander G. Murzin; Il'ya B. Vitrishchak; Vladimir V. Vorontsov
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Thermal measurements in a soft tissue model during irradiation by a high-power semiconductor diode laser
Author(s): Paula D. Youell; Mark Russell Dickinson; Terence A. King
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Specific heat capacities of human and animal tissues
Author(s): K. Giering; I. Lamprecht; Olaf Minet
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Epidermal melanin absorption in human skin
Author(s): Lill Tove Norvang Nilsen; Elisanne Janne Fiskerstrand; J. Stuart Nelson M.D.; Michael W. Berns; Lars Othar Svaasand
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Comparison between reflectance spectra obtained with an integrating sphere and a fiber optic collection system
Author(s): Lill Tove Norvang Nilsen; Elisanne Janne Fiskerstrand; Karsten Koenig; B. Bakken; D. Grini; O. Standahl; Thomas E. Milner; Michael W. Berns; J. Stuart Nelson M.D.; Lars Othar Svaasand
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Identification of spectroscopic and optical parameters of whole blood depending on its concentration and layer thickness
Author(s): Alexandre Yu. Douplik; Victor B. Loschenov
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Growth dynamics of light-induced thrombi in microvessels
Author(s): Nikolai N. Petrishchev; Alexander Kondratyev; Irene Mikhailova
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Characterization of laser-tissue interaction processes by low-boiling emitted substances
Author(s): Hans-Juergen Weigmann; Juergen Lademann; Ulrike Serfling; W. Lehnert; Wolfram Sterry; H. Meffert
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Characterization of laser tissue interaction processes by laser spectroscopic measurements
Author(s): Juergen Lademann; Hans-Juergen Weigmann; Heike Audring; Wolfram Sterry; H. Meffert
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Detection of hydrocarbon chlorides in the laser plume during laser treatment of tissue in medicine by an ion mobility drift sensor
Author(s): Juergen Lademann; Hans-Dieter Liess; Juergen W. Leonhardt; W. Rohrbeck; H. Bensch; Hans-Juergen Weigmann
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Development of procedures for the identification of human papilloma virus DNA fragments in laser plume
Author(s): Wolfgang Woellmer; Tom Meder; Uta Jappe; Gerd Gross; Sabine Riethdorf; Lutz Riethdorf; Christina Kuhler-Obbarius; Thomas Loening
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Laser sources at 2 um and 3 um
Author(s): Enzo Nava; Luciano Garifo; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Gianluca Valentini; Angelo Ferrario
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Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) originating from laser-treated porcine tissue
Author(s): Martin Spleiss; Lothar W. Weber; Thomas H. Meier
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Investigations of pulsed laser tissue ablation by short-time exposure video recording and image processing
Author(s): Bernd Treffler; Thomas H. Meier; Marc Sauter; Lothar W. Weber
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Concepts of risk assesment of complex chemical mixtures in laser pyrolysis fumes
Author(s): Lothar W. Weber; Thomas H. Meier
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Comparative investigation of pyrolysis products due to laser and rf surgery with regard to the latest device development
Author(s): Kai Desinger; Wolfgang Waesche; Hansjoerg Albrecht
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Evaluation of potential health hazards caused by laser and rf surgery
Author(s): Hansjoerg Albrecht; Wolfgang Waesche
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Investigation of the distribution of aerosols and VOC in plume produced during laser treatment under OR conditions
Author(s): Wolfgang Waesche; Hansjoerg Albrecht
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Direct measurement of fluence rate in the human brain
Author(s): Ivan S. Melnik; Tatyana V. Rusina; Nikolay A. Denisov; Sergiy M. Dets; Rudolf W. Steiner; Vladimir D. Rozumenko
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Computational demands for laser/tissue interaction modeling
Author(s): L. F. Romero; A. Rodriguez; Mario A. Trelles; O. R. Trelles
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Genotoxity of pyrolysis products originating from laser-treated porcine tissues
Author(s): Bernd Stocker; Ulla Plappert; Lothar W. Weber; Theodor M. Fliedner; Bernd Treffler; Thomas H. Meier
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Optimization of tissue interaction in electrosurgery
Author(s): Helmut Wurzer; Rainer Maeckel; Juergen Lademann; Hans-Juergen Weigmann; Heike Audring; Hans-Dieter Liess
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