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Three-Dimensional and Unconventional Imaging for Industrial Inspection and Metrology
Editor(s): Michael R. Descour; Kevin G. Harding; Donald J. Svetkoff

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Volume Number: 2599
Date Published: 19 January 1996

Table of Contents
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New highly efficient binary codes for structured light methods
Author(s): Hansjoerg Gaertner; Peter Lehle; Hans J. Tiziani
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Real-time computation of depth from defocus
Author(s): Masahiro Watanabe; Shree K. Nayar; Minori N. Noguchi
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Applications of noncontacting surface measurement in micromechanics
Author(s): Alistair J.C. Brown
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Measuring corrosion using field-shifting moire interferometry
Author(s): Mark A. Michniewicz
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Absolute and relative range measurement with a single optical system
Author(s): Jacques Lewandowski; Lyne Desjardins
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Polarization phase-based method for material classification and object recognition in computer vision
Author(s): Hua Chen; Lawrence B. Wolff
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Novel passive-ranging method using pixel dither
Author(s): Guangjie Fu; Shenghua Huang; Guoping Zhang; Yongping Shen; Jiaxiong Ye
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Real-time polarization laser radar
Author(s): Sergey N. Savenkov; Borys M. Kolisnychenko; Valeri V. Marienko
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Automatically planning the inspection of three-dimensional objects using stereo computer vision
Author(s): A. David Marshall; D. R. Roberts
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Imaging geometry and error sensitivity in triangulation-based optical receivers
Author(s): Donald B.T. Kilgus; Donald J. Svetkoff
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Online 3D sensor for accurate measurement of complex surface areas and volume
Author(s): Faycal Benayad-Cherif; Steven J. Gordon; David Stoops
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Three-dimensional line-scan imaging system for robotic measurement
Author(s): Richard S. Petty; Simon X. Godber; J. Paul Owain Evans; McDonald Robinson
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Three-dimensional imaging of engineering surfaces
Author(s): E. Mainsah; Weiping P. Dong; Kenneth J. Stout
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Inspection machine using laser scanning for chip-mounted circuit boards
Author(s): Koichi Kawata; Nobuhiro Araki; Hiroto Toba; Takumi Seto; Kazutoshi Ikegaya; Yukifumi Tsuda; Kunio Sannomiya
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Optical system of an industrial 3D laser scanner for solder paste inspection
Author(s): Jef L. Horijon; Willem D. van Amstel; Fred C. M. Couweleers; Wilco C.A. Ligthart
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Sensor and control electronics for an industrial 3D laser scanner
Author(s): Ronald J. Asjes; Kees S. Kooijman; Olaf T.J. Vermeulen; Rene Duijve
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3D line-scan imaging with orthogonal symmetry
Author(s): Donald J. Svetkoff; Donald B.T. Kilgus; Robert C. Boman
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Measurement of surface scratches on aircraft structures
Author(s): Dennis P. Sarr
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Determination of the roughness-profile amplitude and wavelength: a facet model approach
Author(s): Mohammad A. Younes
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3D laser measurements on scattering and translucent surfaces
Author(s): Kevin G. Harding; Donald J. Svetkoff
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3D microscope using diffraction grating
Author(s): Thomas DeWitt; Douglas A. Lyon
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Intelligent acquisition routines (IAR) in surface microtopography
Author(s): E. Mainsah; Kenneth J. Stout
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Holographic microinterferometric technique for measurements of laser diode cavity deformations
Author(s): Ludmila E. Batay; Andrei N. Kuzmin; Gennadii I. Ryabtsev
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Range finder based on laser space encoding
Author(s): Liying Wu; Jian Zhang; Shuyin Li; Huijuan Yuan; Jianying Fan
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Application of hyperspectral-imaging spectrometer systems to industrial inspection
Author(s): Charles T. Willoughby; Mark A. Folkman; Miguel A. Figueroa
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Intensified multispectral imaging using tunable filtering
Author(s): Mark A. Sartor; Clifford C. Hoyt
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Adaptive filtering and Hadamard transform imaging spectroscopy with an acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF)
Author(s): John F. Turner II; Patrick J. Treado
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Four-color pyrometry for metal emissivity characterization
Author(s): Mark F. Hopkins
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Potential for the application of airborne hyperspectral remote-sensing techniques to industrial inspection
Author(s): Stephen K. Babey; Clifford D. Anger
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Object-oriented visual-inspection tool for ultrafine-pitch SMD components
Author(s): Ismail Fidan; Larry Ruff; Stephen Derby
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Automatic measurement of cusps in 2.5D dental images
Author(s): Mattias Wolf; Dietrich W. Paulus; Heinrich Niemann
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Massively parallel implementation of simulated annealing algorithms for image processing
Author(s): Kurosh Madani; Nabil Mesbah
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Thermal-wave methods for nondestructive inspection and process control
Author(s): Laurence M. Flath; Steven M. Shepard
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Intensity measurement of automotive headlamps using a photometric vision system
Author(s): Balvant Patel; Jose Cruz; David L. Perry; Frederic G. Himebaugh
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Optical sensors and controls for improved basic oxygen furnace operations
Author(s): Sarah W. Allendorf; Elizabeth A. Fuchs; David K. Ottesen; Phil Stelts; Kathy Chen; Michel P. Bonin; Nick Rymarchyk; Joe Aland; Gary L. Hubbard; Robert Hurt
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Surface BRDF and texture of bricks
Author(s): Marigo Stavridi; Bram van Ginneken; Jan J. Koenderink
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MTF as a figure of merit in visual surface inspection
Author(s): Jyrki Laitinen; Ilkka Moring
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Soil characteristics estimation from multispectral and multipolarization radar remote-sensing data
Author(s): Gennady P. Kulemin; Andrei A. Kurekin; Vladimir V. Lukin; Alexander A. Zelensky
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Optical integrated testing instrument for pipe interior-parameter measurement and inspection
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Bo Liu; Liying Wu; Liankui Sun; Hai Gong
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Polarization-based peak detection in laser triangulation-range sensors
Author(s): Jim Clark; Emanuele Trucco
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