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Machine Vision Applications, Architectures, and Systems Integration IV
Editor(s): Bruce G. Batchelor; Susan Snell Solomon; Frederick M. Waltz

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Volume Number: 2597
Date Published: 3 October 1995

Table of Contents
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Ethical, environmental and social issues for machine vision in manufacturing industry
Author(s): Bruce G. Batchelor; Paul F. Whelan
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Computer vision on the World Wide Web
Author(s): A. David Marshall
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Lighting and imaging for automated blister package inspection
Author(s): James Ray McClellan
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System for inspection of package seal integrity
Author(s): Terry G. Gibson
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Successful machine vision for the pharmaceutical industry
Author(s): Steve L. Scott
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Approach to quality control of texture web materials
Author(s): Dragana P. Brzakovic; Nenad S. Vujovic; A. Liakopoulos
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High-speed image procesing using the TMS320C40 parallel DSP chip
Author(s): Mark Graves; David Riddoch; Bruce G. Batchelor
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Application of SKIPSM to binary correlation
Author(s): Frederick M. Waltz
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Extending the SKIPSM binary skeletonization implementation
Author(s): Ahti A. Hujanen; Frederick M. Waltz
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Object classification by using textural and geometric classificators
Author(s): Dirk Foertsch; Uwe Weller
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SKIPSM implementations: morphology and much, much more
Author(s): Frederick M. Waltz
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Reliable flaw classifiers for machine vision-based quality control
Author(s): Johannes P.F. D'Haeyer
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Multiple image reconstitution with lens correction
Author(s): Daniel O'Donovan; Pascal O'Connor
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Texture segmentation using visual nonlinearity
Author(s): Xianming Xie; Nong Sang; Tianxu Zhang; Guoyou Wang
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Advantages of using the PCI Bus Master approach for image handling and processing
Author(s): John Fierke
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Redundant Hough transform for invariant pattern recognition in machine vision systems
Author(s): Sergey Ju. Markov; Michael A. Popov
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Determination of geometric stability of glass substrates using machine vision
Author(s): John W. V. Miller; Behrouz N. Shabestari; R. Sweney
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High-speed 3D inspection system for solder bumps
Author(s): Hiroyuki Tsukahara; Youji Nishiyama; Fumiyuki Takahashi; Takashi Fuse; Moritoshi Ando; Tohru Nishino
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Optimizing the performance of near-perfect defect detection machines
Author(s): Wolfgang Poelzleitner
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Implementation of optoelectronic preprocessor using BPEJTC for autonomous tracking system
Author(s): Soo-Yong Hwang; Kwang-Hoon Cha; Eun-Soo Kim
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Automatic measurement of pinion-type gear profile using computer vision
Author(s): Shou-Bin Liu; Xing Ai
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Hypertext/Prolog user interface for a flexible inspection cell
Author(s): Eric C. Griffiths; Bruce G. Batchelor; Michael W. Daley; Andrew C. Jones
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Implementing full backtracking facilities for Prolog-based image processing
Author(s): Andrew C. Jones; Bruce G. Batchelor
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Robot vision system programmed in Prolog
Author(s): Bruce G. Batchelor; Ralf Hack
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Using Gnu C to develop PC-based vision systems
Author(s): John W. V. Miller; Malayappan Shridhar; Behrouz N. Shabestari
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Use of linescan cameras and a DSP processing system for high-speed wood inspection
Author(s): Edward Young
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Object-oriented graphical tool for automated laser soldering
Author(s): Ismail Fidan
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Experiences with the use of computer-aided design of image acquisition for surface inspection
Author(s): Jari Miettinen; Ari K. Harkonen; Ilkka Moring
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Artificial retina chip with a 256 x 256 array of n-MOS variable sensitivity photodetector cells
Author(s): Eiichi Funatsu; Yoshikazu Nitta; Yasunari Miyake; Takashi Toyoda; Kunihiko Hara; Hirofumi Yagi; Jun Ohta; Kazuo Kyuma
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Object-oriented frame approach for improved interfaces design for image processing systems
Author(s): Yuri V. Vizilter; Yuri V. Morzeev; Alexander A. Stepanov; Sergey Yu. Zheltov
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Automatic plaque assay for the pharmaceutical industry using machine vision
Author(s): Joseph Wilder; Augustine Tsai; J. M. Festa
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Error concealment using multiresolution motion estimation
Author(s): Augustine Tsai; Stephen M. Wiener; Joseph Wilder
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Neural network classification technique and machine vision for bread crumb grain evaluation
Author(s): Inna Y. Zayas; O. K. Chung; M. Caley
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Computational geometry for real time tracking
Author(s): Robert R. Goldberg
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