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Geographic Information Systems, Photogrammetry, and Geological/Geophysical Remote Sensing
Editor(s): Joan B. Lurie; James J. Pearson; Eugenio Zilioli

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Volume Number: 2587
Date Published: 17 November 1995

Table of Contents
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Geologic mapping in Victoria Land, Antarctica, based on multispectral satellite data
Author(s): Ruggero Casacchia; Rosamaria Salvatori; A. Petrangeli
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Investigation of FUYO-1 (JERS) OPS-SWIR bands for mineral exploration
Author(s): Michael Berger; Hermann J. Kaufmann
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Adaptive segmentation of remotely sensed images based on stochastic models
Author(s): Jamshid Dehmeshki; Mohammad Farhang Daemi; R. E. Marston; Paul Mather; Zhen Shou Sun
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Extraction of soil dielectric properties from AIRSAR and SIR-C imagery
Author(s): G. R. Taylor; A. H. Mah; Fred A. Kruse; Kathryn S. Kierein-Young; Robert D. Hewson; B. A. Bennett
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Different space imagery analysis for lineament detection: a comparison between Landsat-TM and ERS-1 data (Bradanic Trough, southern Italy)
Author(s): Massimo Antoninetti; Rosa Loizzo; M. Pappalepore; Monica Pepe; P. Pieri
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Detection of recent faulting and evaluation of the vertical offsets from numerical analysis of SAR-ERS-1 images: the example of the Atacama fault zone in northern Chile
Author(s): Catherine Mering; Jean Chorowicz; Jean-Claude Vicente; Cherif Chalah; Gaelle Rafalli
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Multilevel approach to the geomorphological setting of an alluvial plain in the Alpine environment
Author(s): Nancy Ann Minciotti; Pietro Alessandro Brivio; Eugenio Zilioli
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Hyperspectral digital imagery collection experiment (HYDICE)
Author(s): Peter A. Mitchell
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Ownership of remotely sensed data appearing in databases and liability of database providers
Author(s): Jon L. Roberts
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Imagery atlas: a structure of expert software designed to improve the accessibility of remote-sensed satellite imagery
Author(s): Richard P. Genet
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Surfing for spectra: hyperspectral data archiving and dissemination on the Internet
Author(s): Bruce W. Evans; David M. Hull
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Object-oriented frame approach to image processing and data management in the multisensory remote sensing
Author(s): Alexander A. Stepanov; Yury V. Visilter; Yuri V. Morzeev; Sergey Yu. Zheltov
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Practical issues for transform coding of multispectral imagery
Author(s): John A. Saghri; Andrew G. Tescher; John T. Reagan
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New predictive coding approach for multispectral imagery compression
Author(s): Jungwoo Lee
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Selection and model-based recognition of control features for the automated resection of satellite imagery
Author(s): James J. Pearson; Walter J. Mueller; James A. Olson
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Model supported positioning
Author(s): John H. Hinchman; Walter J. Mueller
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Digital signal processing algorithms for infrared space interferometry
Author(s): P. L. Mantovani; G. Simonetti; A. Franchetti-Rosada
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Probability density function of image tails interference in the detection of moving objects: generalized Rice's representation
Author(s): Cheng-Youn Lu; Harrison E. Rowe
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Hyperspectral camera system: acquisition and analysis
Author(s): Gavin J. Brelstaff; Alejandro Parraga; Tomasz Troscianko; Derek Carr
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