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Advanced and Next-Generation Satellites
Editor(s): Hiroyuki Fujisada; Martin N. Sweeting

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Volume Number: 2583
Date Published: 15 December 1995

Table of Contents
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EOS-AM1: project update
Author(s): Steven P. Neeck; Christopher J. Scolese; Francesco Bordi
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Design and performance of ASTER instrument
Author(s): Hiroyuki Fujisada
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Preliminary design concept of ASTER ground data system
Author(s): Hiroshi Watanabe; Hiroyuki Fujisada; Isao Sato
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ASTER data acquisition scenario
Author(s): Yasushi Yamaguchi; Hiroji Tsu; Toru Kawakami; Hiroshi Watanabe; Anne B. Kahle; David A. Nichols; Andrew D. Morrison
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EOSDIS support for the advanced spaceborne thermal emission and reflection radiometer (ASTER)
Author(s): David A. Nichols; Matthew Schwaller; Moshe Pniel; Gary N. Geller
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Design and calibration features of the clouds and the earth's radiant energy system (CERES) instrument
Author(s): G. Louis Smith; Robert Benjamin Lee; Bruce R. Barkstrom; John E. Cooper; Leonard P. Kopia; Roland W. Lawrence
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Thermistor bolometer radiometer signal contamination due to parasitic heat diffusion
Author(s): Kory J. Priestley; J. Robert Mahan; Martial P.A. Haeffelin; Maxim Savransky; Tai K. Nguyen
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Numerical simulation of ground calibration of the CERES thermistor bolometer radiometers
Author(s): Kory J. Priestley; J. Robert Mahan; Tai K. Nguyen; Martial P.A. Haeffelin
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MISR instrument development and test status
Author(s): Carol J. Bruegge; Valerie G. Duval; Nadine Lu Chrien; Robert P. Korechoff
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Spectroradiometer focal-plane design considerations: lessons learned from MISR camera testing
Author(s): Robert P. Korechoff; David J. Diner; Daniel J. Preston; Carol J. Bruegge
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Performance characterization of the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) engineering model
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; James B. Young; Neil J. Therrien
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Unified approach to pre- and in-flight satellite-sensor absolute radiometric calibration
Author(s): Philip N. Slater; Stuart F. Biggar; James M. Palmer; Kurtis J. Thome
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Intercalibration of JERS1 OPS and SPOT3 HRV
Author(s): Magdeleine C. Dinguirard; Patrice J. Henry
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Initial examination of radar imagery of optical radiometric calibration sites
Author(s): Phil M. Teillet; Gunar Fedosejevs; D. Gauthier; Marc A. D'Iorio; B. Rivard; Paul Budkewitsch
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Absolute radiometric calibration facility
Author(s): Kees Smorenburg; A. L. G. van Valkenburg; Henri G.C. Werij
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ADEOS science program
Author(s): Haruhisa Shimoda
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Advanced visible near-infrared radiometer (AVNIR)
Author(s): Yoshifumi Yasuoka; Masao Naka; Yuji Miyachi
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Improved limb atmospheric spectrometer (ILAS) project: ILAS instrument, performance, and validation plan
Author(s): Yasuhiro Sasano; Makoto Suzuki; Tatsuya Yokota; Hiroshi Kanzawa
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Expectation and problems for the scientific use of OCTS on ADEOS
Author(s): Tsutomu Takashima
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Plan for the experiment with the retroreflector in space (RIS) on ADEOS
Author(s): Nobuo Sugimoto; Atsushi Minato; Ichiro Matsui; Yasuhiro Sasano; Toshikasu Itabe; Tetsuo Aoki; Masao Takabe; Norihisa Hiromoto; Hiroo Kunimori
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Application of spaceborne scatterometer to study typhoon, tropical hydrologic balance, and El Nino
Author(s): W. Timothy Liu
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Design of the ADEOS/TOMS instrument for ozone-trend assessment
Author(s): Arlin J. Krueger; Glen Jaross; Ulli G. Hartmann
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Instrument development at the European Space Agency for future earth observation missions
Author(s): Roland Meynart
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PRIRODA module: the optical sensors for remote sensing in Italy
Author(s): Neon A. Armand; Vsevolod V. Efremenko; Luca Pantani; Ivan Pippi
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IASI instrument overview
Author(s): Francois Cayla; Pascale Javelle
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Multiband chirp transform spectrometer for the microwave remote sensing of middle atmospheric trace gases
Author(s): Paul Hartogh; Klaus Osterschek
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ASAR airborne SAR simulator
Author(s): Paul Snoeij; Henk Pouwels; Peter J. Koomen; Peter Hoogeboom
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Airborne polar experiment (APE): tests and qualification of the scientific instrumentation installed on the stratospheric platform M-55 aircraft
Author(s): Giuseppe De Rossi; Massimo Puccini; Giuseppe Puccetti
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Cassini radar: instrument description and performance status
Author(s): W. T. K. Johnson; Eastwood Im; Leonardo Borgarelli; Enrico Zampolini Faustini
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OMEGA IR spectral imager for Mars 96 mission
Author(s): Pascal Puget; J.-L. Beney; Jean-Pierre Bibring; Yves Langevin; Alain Semery; Alain Soufflot
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Atmospheric infrared sounder (AIRS) on the earth observing system
Author(s): Hartmut H. Aumann; Christopher R. Miller
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Microwave limb sounder on EOS-CHEM for atmospheric chemistry and global change investigations
Author(s): Dennis A. Flower; Joe W. Waters; Lucien Froidevaux; Robert F. Jarnot; Gary K. Lau; Herbert M. Pickett; William G. Read; Peter H. Siegel
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SOLSTICE technique for measuring long-term solar variability
Author(s): Gary J. Rottman; Thomas N. Woods
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Development of a regional environmental system for the support of mission to planet earth
Author(s): Nick Short Jr.; Patrick L. Coronado; Fran Stetina; Robert L. Mahoney; Eugene H. Shaffer; Keith Wichmann
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NASA's EOSDIS: options for data providers
Author(s): Siri Jodha Singh Khalsa; John E. Ujhazy
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Computing system to support software development, testing, and product quality assurance for an earth observing system instrument: a case study
Author(s): Shahin Samadi; Edward J. Masuoka
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Optimization of a spaceborne sensor for the determination of cloud speed and height with a numerical simulation system
Author(s): Norbert Reulke; Ralf Reulke; Herbert Jahn
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Delay/Doppler compensation: a new concept for radar altimetry
Author(s): R. Keith Raney
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12,000-pixel monolithic linear sensor for high-resolution push-broom earth observation satellites
Author(s): Y. Cazaux; D. Subiela; Gilles C. Boucharlat
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Development of CMOS active pixel image sensors suitable for space applications--some preliminary results
Author(s): Johannes Solhusvik; Carlo Bellitto; Cyril Cavadore; A. Bourricaud; Jean A. Farre
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Experience in satellite Doppler positioning using an evolutionary approach
Author(s): Pedro P.B. de Oliveira; Rubens Cruz Gatto
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Long-range strategy for remote sensing: an integrated supersystem
Author(s): David L. Glackin; Joseph K. Dodd
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Kestrel: a low-cost scatterometer mission to provide global marine winds
Author(s): Tomas Svitek; Richard B. Olsen; Marlon R. Lewis; Mark Pastrone
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Cost-engineering modeling to support rapid concept development of an advanced infrared satellite system
Author(s): Kevin Dean Bell; Philip A. Dafesh; L. A. Hsu; A. S. Tsuda
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Environmental data system for Brazilian data collection satellite
Author(s): Maria de Fatima Mattiello Francisco; Rubens Cruz Gatto
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Acousto-optical spectrometer for spaceborne application
Author(s): Markus Klumb; Johannes Frerick; Jochen M. M. Horn; Rudolf T. Schieder; Gisbert F. Winnewisser
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DARWIN: a cheap four-channels remote-sensing instrument
Author(s): Danilo Mollicone; Riccardo Valentini; Giuseppe De Rossi; Fausto Vitiello; Enrico Zini
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Novel architecture for data management and control for small satellite
Author(s): Giorgio Adami; D. Fossati; M. Turri
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Space-qualified GPS receiver and MIMU for an autonomous on-board guidance and navigation package
Author(s): B. Garavelli; L. Marradi; A. Morgan
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Small satellites: cost methodologies and remote sensing issues
Author(s): Robert L. Abramson; David A. Bearden; David L. Glackin
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MightySat II.1 Fourier-transform hyperspectral imager payload performance
Author(s): Leonard John Otten III; R. Glenn Sellar; Bruce Rafert
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Design concepts for OLME experiment on board FASat-Alfa microsatellite
Author(s): Alvaro Valenzuela; Fernando Mujica
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Development of a compact low-mass wide-angle CCD camera for earth observation
Author(s): Nicholas R. Waltham; G. M. Newton; Kate A. Lidiard; P. Paynter; J. King
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Near-infrared focal-plane arrays for SCIAMACHY
Author(s): Ruud W. M. Hoogeveen; Hugo J. Spruijt; Bart Broers; Avri Selig
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General outlines of the POLDER experiment
Author(s): Anne Lifermann; Jean-Louis Counil; Jean-Michel Martinuzzi; Jacqueline Perbos
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Land remote-sensing mission design process: EOS-AM2--a case study
Author(s): Francesco Bordi; Steven P. Neeck; Christopher J. Scolese; William E. Stoney; Raynor L. Taylor; P. Westmeyer
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