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Lidar Techniques for Remote Sensing II
Editor(s): Christian Werner

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Volume Number: 2581
Date Published: 15 December 1995

Table of Contents
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Laser rangefinder for the near-earth asteroid rendezvous (NEAR) mission
Author(s): Timothy D. Cole; Mark T. Boies; Ashruf S. El-Dinary; R. Alan Reiter; Daniel E. Rodriguez; Robert J. Heins; Binh Q. Le; Robert C. Moore; Michael G. Grote; Charles Culpepper; Lee Stillman
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Dual color modulo satellite ranging operating a synchro-scan streak camera
Author(s): Stefan Riepl; Ulrich Schreiber; Matthias Groeschl
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Integrating lidar capabilities into satellite laser ranging operation
Author(s): Ulrich Schreiber; Roger Mayer; Stefan Riepl; Karl-Heinz Haufe
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Measurement of gelbstoff in seawater from aircraft and on board research vessels using fluorescence techniques
Author(s): Rainer Reuter; Rainer Willkomm; J. Krieger; W. Milchers; Svetlana V. Patsayeva; Theo Hengstermann
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Representativity of the spaceborne lidar sounding of the upper sea layer
Author(s): Gennadii G. Matvienko; Grigorii P. Kokhanenko; Margarita M. Krekova; Ioganes E. Penner; Vitalii S. Shammanaev
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Observations of aerosol and clouds with LITE
Author(s): David M. Winker; Michael P. McCormick
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Calculations of polarized multiple scattered return signals of a space-based multichannel lidar and the retrieval of the extinction coefficient and the particle size distribution based on random sea
Author(s): Ulrich G. Oppel; Martin Kerscher; Heike Krasting
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Potential contributions of a backscatter lidar to climatological studies
Author(s): Matthias Wiegner; Albert Ansmann; Claudia Kahler; Jorg Ackermann; Ulla Wandinger
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Ground-based LITE correlative measurements in September 1994 at Siberian Lidar Station
Author(s): Vladimir V. Zuev; V. D. Burlakov; Mikhail V. Grishaev; A. V. El'nikov; Valerii N. Marichev; V. L. Pravdin
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Discriminants in a backscatter lidar
Author(s): Christian Werner; Bruno Valentinov Kaul; Ulrich G. Oppel
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Ground support and testing instrumentation complex for the Russian spaceborne lidar Balkan-1
Author(s): Yuri S. Balin; I. V. Znamenskii; Vladimir E. Mel'nikov; Alexander A. Tikhomirov
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Modular and mobile multipurpose lidar system for observation of tropospheric and stratospheric aerosols
Author(s): Juergen Shaefer; Otto Schrems; Georg Beyerle; Bernd Hofer; Wolfgang Mildner; Felix A Theopold; Wilhelm Lahmann; Klaus C. H. Weitkamp; Manfred Steinbach
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Relevance of multiple scattering for spaceborne lidar returns
Author(s): Matthias Wiegner
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Polarization structure of lidar returns from water droplet clouds
Author(s): Bruno Valentinov Kaul; Christian Werner; H. Herrmann
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Diode-pumped solid state laser for spaceborne water vapor DIAL
Author(s): Osamu Uchino; Tomohiro Nagai; Toshifumi Fujimoto; Chikao Nagasawa; Makoto Abo; Takashi Moriyama; Takashi Nakajima; Naoaki Murate; Kenji Tatsumi; Yoshihito Hirano
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Spaceborne CO2 laser doppler wind lidar ALADIN: mission and instrument concept
Author(s): Ulrich A. Johann; Rainer Treichel; Frederic Safa; Paul M. Schwarzenberger
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ALADIN: an atmosphere laser doppler wind lidar instrument for wind velocity measurements from space
Author(s): Rodolphe Krawczyk; Jean-Bernard Ghibaudo; Jean-Yves Labandibar; David V. Willetts; M. Vaughan; Guy N. Pearson; Michael R. Harris; Pierre H. Flamant; P. Salamitou; Alain M. Dabas; Remi Charasse; Thierry Midavaine; Michel Royer; H. Heimel
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Laser transmitter study for spaceborne doppler wind lidar
Author(s): Steven Wallace; Paul M. Schwarzenberger; B. A.C. Grant
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Signal processing strategy for ALADIN
Author(s): Juergen Streicher
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Doppler lidar on the space station
Author(s): Christian Werner; B. Brand; E. F. Jochim
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Calibration of an inertial reference system (IRS) using the ground return of a doppler lidar
Author(s): Stephan Rahm; P. Knott; Engelbert Nagel
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Measurements of wind velocity by CW coherent lidar using sector conical scanning
Author(s): Viktor A. Banakh; Natalia N. Kerkis; Igor N. Smalikho; Friedrich Koepp; Christian Werner
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Turbulent energy dissipation rate measurements by coherent lidar
Author(s): Viktor A. Banakh; Natalia N. Kerkis; Igor N. Smalikho; Friedrich Koepp; Christian Werner
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Simulation for atmospheric water vapor measurements from spaceborne DIAL
Author(s): Chikao Nagasawa; Makoto Abo; Tetsuri Sugisaki; Osamu Uchino
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UV laser approach to doppler tropospheric wind sounding from a satellite
Author(s): Jack A. McKay; Thomas D. Wilkerson; Donald F. Heller; John C. Walling
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