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Passive Infrared Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere III
Editor(s): David K. Lynch; Eric P. Shettle

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Volume Number: 2578
Date Published: 27 December 1995

Table of Contents
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Defense meteorological satellite program capabilities through the end of this century and requirements for the converged DMSP NOAA system
Author(s): John Goyette; Leslie Belsma; John S. Bohlson; David L. Glackin
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Multispectral multiplatform satellite cloud and cloud environment retrievals for SERCAA
Author(s): Ronald G. Isaacs; Gary B. Gustafson; Robert P. d'Entremont; Jean-Luc Moncet
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Comparison of cloud amounts derived from two satellite retrieval techniques
Author(s): Steven A. Ackerman; Martina Kaestner; Karl Theodor Kriebel; H. Mannstein; S. Przybylak
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Potential uses of along-track scanning radiometer data for cloud parameter retrieval
Author(s): Philip D. Watts
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Cloud detection from ATSR images using a segmentation technique
Author(s): Dongseok Shin; John K. Pollard; Jan-Peter A. Muller
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Quantitative assessment on the value of 1.38-um imagery for the automated analysis of optically thin cirrus in daytime imagery
Author(s): Keith D. Hutchison; Nammi Choe
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Cloud type separation using local correlation between visible and infrared satellite images
Author(s): Jean-Luc Raffaelli; Genevieve M. Seze
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Subvisual cirrus: associations to the dynamic atmosphere and radiative effects
Author(s): Eric O. Schmidt; David K. Lynch
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Radiative properties of cirrus clouds observed during the European cloud radiation experiment '94 in Brittany by active and passive remote sensing observations
Author(s): Gerard Brogniez; Helene Chepfer; Yves Fouquart; Jean-Francois Gayet; Pierre H. Flamant; Rene Valentin; Jacques R. Pelon; Vincent Trouillet; Cyril Flamant; Franck Albers
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Soil-derived dust emission from arid areas: compared results from IR-channel satellite observation and by means of simulations
Author(s): Michel Legrand; Claude N'doume; Beatrice Marticorena; Gilles Bergametti; Yann Callot
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Retrieval of cloud optical depth and particle effective radius at high latitudes using visible and thermal satellite data
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Key
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Cirrus properties using ATSR and the potential of ATSR-2/AATSR
Author(s): Anthony J. Baran; S. J. Brown; David L. Mitchell; John S. Foot; A. Macke
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Retrieval of a microphysical index for semitransparent cirrus clouds from AVHRR data: ICE'89 campaign study
Author(s): V. Giraud; Frederic Parol; Jean-Claude Buriez; Yves Fouquart
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Studies of cloud ice water path and optical thickness during FIRE-II and ASTEX
Author(s): Sergey Y. Matrosov; Jack B. Snider
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Determination of polar stratospheric cloud properties utilizing observations from SAGE III and ILAS
Author(s): Larry W. Thomason; Michael C. Pitts
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Observations of clouds in the polar stratosphere and polar mesosphere from POAM II
Author(s): Eric P. Shettle; M. D. Fromm; D. Debrestian; John S. Hornstein; K. W. Hoppel; J. D. Lumpe; William J. Glaccum; John J. Olivero; Richard Michael Bevilacqua; S. S. Krigman
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Tropospheric concentrations of infrared absorbing molecules using a nadir-looking Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Cathy Clerbaux; Patrick Chazette; Gerard J. Megie
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Model studies and retrieval algorithm development for the MOPITT experiment
Author(s): Liwen Pan; David P. Edwards; John C. Gille; Paul L. Bailey; Laurie Ann Rokke; Clive D. Rodgers
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Satellite-derived vertical profiles of temperature and dew point for mesoscale weather forecast
Author(s): Thomas Masselink; P. Schluessel
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MIR station atmospheric chemistry investigations: numerical simulation of the future space experiments
Author(s): Yuriy M. Timofeyev
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Validation of FASE (FASCODE for the Environment) and MODTRAN3: updates and comparisons with clear-sky measurements
Author(s): Hilary E. Snell; Gail P. Anderson; Jinxue Wang; Jean-Luc Moncet; James H. Chetwynd Jr.; Stephen J. English
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Regularized inverse algorithms for temperature and absorbing constituent profiles from radiance spectra
Author(s): Umberto Amato; Italia De Feis; Carmine Serio
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Radiative transfer model in a cloudy atmosphere: a comparison with airborne cumulus measurement
Author(s): Claire Malherbe; Pierre Simoneau; A. Boischot; Gerard Durand; Joel Deschamps; G. Gregoire
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Specular scattering in cirrus clouds
Author(s): Joseph G. Shanks; David K. Lynch
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Improved diurnal interpolation of the earth radiation budget observations using ISCCP data
Author(s): Martial P.A. Haeffelin; Robert S. Kandel; Claudia J. Stubenrauch
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Relationships between Meteosat-2 water-vapor radiances and large-scale climatic features
Author(s): L. Picon; Genevieve M. Seze; Michel Desbois; C. Huet
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Discretized Mie formalism for plane wave scattering by dielectric objects with nonseparable geometries
Author(s): Karsten Schmidt; Tom Rother
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MSTI-III passive infrared and visible remote sensing of clouds and the atmosphere
Author(s): Anthony J. Ratkowski; H. Vernon Baker; J.-L. Boulay; William Jeffrey; J. Hood; F. Planchon; Joseph G. Shanks
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Development and qualification of the conveyable thermal infrared field radiometer CLIMAT
Author(s): Christophe M. Pietras; Martial P.A. Haeffelin; Michel Legrand; Gerard Brogniez; Nader Khalil Abuhassan; Jean Pierre Buis
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Bolometric detector for OH observation
Author(s): Piet A. J. de Korte; Martin J.M.E. de Nivelle; Jan J. Wijnbergen
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Instrumental aspects of a satellite-based Fabry-Perot equipped with a high-Tc bolometer for detection of stratospheric OH
Author(s): Jan J. Wijnbergen; Piet A. J. de Korte; Martin J.M.E. de Nivelle
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Panoramic photometry complex for cloud detection
Author(s): V. P. Galileiskii; A. M. Morozov; V. K. Oshlakov
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Database application system to select and manipulate height distributions of optical parameters of aerosols
Author(s): Gunther Klein; Bringfried M. Pflug
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Specular reflection from atmospheric nonspherical particles
Author(s): V. P. Galileiskii; Anatolii I. Grishin; A. M. Morozov; A. S. Kolevatov; V. K. Oshlakov; A. I. Petrov
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Operator of effective dielectric permittivity for medium with nonpoint particles
Author(s): Leon Arsenovic Apresyan
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Possibility of retrieving non-LTE rotational-vibrational populations of CO2 molecules and kinetic temperature from high-resolution limb radiance measurements in the IR CO2 bands
Author(s): Alexandre G. Ishov; Alexander A. Kutepov; Hermann Oelhaf
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Verifying short-wave in-flight calibration of the ScaRaB/meteor radiation budget scanner
Author(s): Frederic Raison; Robert S. Kandel
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Correction of thin cirrus effects in the 0.4- to 1.0-um region using the 1.375-um cirrus-detecting channel
Author(s): Bo-Cai Gao; Yoram J. Kaufman
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Development of an automated classification scheme for detection of polar stratospheric clouds over Antarctica using AVHRR imagery
Author(s): Patricia S. Foschi; Kathy L. Pagan; Oswaldo Garcia; Deborah K. Smith; Steven E. Gaines; R. Stephen Hipskind
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Infrared absorption cross section data needed for the satellite remote sensing of CFC-14
Author(s): Vassilii Nemtchinov; Prasad Varanasi
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