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Investigative and Trial Image Processing
Editor(s): Leonid I. Rudin; Simon K. Bramble

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Volume Number: 2567
Date Published: 1 September 1995

Table of Contents
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Video and image quality
Author(s): Jim Aldridge
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Analysis of degradation of video images
Author(s): Kenro Kuroki; Naoki Saitoh; Hiroyoshi Konuma
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Image evolution approach for contrast enhancement
Author(s): Guillermo Sapiro; Vicent Casalles
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Adapted waveform analysis, wavelet packets, and local cosine libraries as a tool for image processing
Author(s): Ronald Raphael Coifman; Lionel J. Woog
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Image restoration scale space
Author(s): Luis Alvarez; L. Mazorra; F. Santana
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Automatic calibration and removal of distortion from scenes of structured environments
Author(s): Frederic Devernay; Olivier D. Faugeras
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Measure: an interactive tool for accurate forensic photo- and videogrammetry
Author(s): Stephen C. Jensen; Lenny I. Rudin
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Perspective invariant movie analysis for depth recovery
Author(s): Lionel Moisan
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Curvature and aggregate velocity for optical flow
Author(s): Gary A. Hewer; Charles Kenney; Wei Kuo; Lawrence A. Peterson
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Projective, affine, and metric measurements from video sequences
Author(s): Cyril Zeller; Olivier D. Faugeras
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Survey of state-of-the-art technology in remote concealed weapon detection
Author(s): Nicholas C. Currie; Fred J. Demma; David D. Ferris Jr.; Robert W. McMillan; Vincent C. Vannicola; Michael C. Wicks
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Observations on the effects of image processing functions on fingermark data in the Fourier domain
Author(s): Simon K. Bramble; Paola M. Fabrizi
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Fingerprint matching and reconstruction based on orientation information
Author(s): Zheng Lin; Yuchang Lu
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Computerized tool mark comparison
Author(s): Gavriel Feigin; Arie Aperman; Eliot Springer; Noam Jungmann
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Automatic comparison of striation marks and automatic classification of shoe prints
Author(s): Zeno J. Geradts; Jan Keijzer; Isaac Keereweer
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Real-time color image processing for forensic fiber investigations
Author(s): Nils Paulsson
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Image quantization by nonlinear smoothing
Author(s): Luis Alvarez; Julio Esclarin
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Image processing and 3D visualization in the interpretation of patterned injury of the skin
Author(s): William R. Oliver; Bruce R. Altschuler
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Scale space and affine invariant recognition of occluded shapes
Author(s): Thierry Cohignac; Jean-Michel Morel
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Use of color transformation for extraction of handwriting
Author(s): Jurrien Bijhold
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Similarity judgments serving eyewitness identification
Author(s): Avraham Levi; Noam Jungmann; Arie Aperman
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Early experience with a repository for patterned injury data
Author(s): David Stotts; John Smith; Kevin Jeffay; Prasun Dewan; Dana Smith; William R. Oliver
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Image restoration by constrained total variation minimization and variants
Author(s): Antonin Chambolle; Pierre-Louis Lions
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Helping the police with their inquiries
Author(s): Anthony J.G. Kitson
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Interactive searching of facial image databases
Author(s): Robert A. Nicholls; John W. Shepherd; Jean Shepherd
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Computerized feature systems for identifying suspects
Author(s): Eric Lee; Thom Whalen; Andrew McCarthy; John Sakalauskas; Cynthia Wotton
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